WordPress Theme: Ultimate Guide to Select a Perfect Theme

WordPress theme selection
WordPress theme selection

If you are reading this blog then maybe you are a blogger or want to start a site. And you are in the search of a good WordPress Theme. There are more than 10000 WordPress themes available. I don’t think you or I can’t search and read out all the themes in detail. It is possible but we have to spend a lot of time on it and practically it is not a good idea.

But in this article, I will discuss some important tips that may be helpful to find a good WordPress theme for your site. First of all, make a list of your requirements. Which kind of website or blog do you want to create?

What features and benefits do you need in your websites? What is your budget for purchasing a theme? This will help you a lot to get a good theme within your budget. Here are some following important points that you may consider while selecting a theme. It may help you to select a good WordPress Theme for your site.

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1- Free or Premium WordPress Theme

There are so many paid and free themes available. You can use anyone for your purpose. But the question is why paid them if you have the option of the free theme? Here are some reasons, why you should use a paid theme.

  • Free themes come with limited features in comparison to paid themes.
  • A paid theme provides you with better customization, design, layout options, templates, etc.
  • Normally, you don’t get any customer support in the free theme. However, you have customer support in a pro theme.

If you are just launching a new blog or website, you can start with a free theme. But after some time you should purchase a paid theme. But if you are using a good WordPress theme from the start then it is very good.

Newspaper Themes, Astra, Divi, etc are some popular themes. You can choose anyone who full-fill your requirements, expectation, and goals. You can explore some good themes on Envato Market.

2- Easy to Customize

You should choose a WordPress theme that provides you with easy customization options. Complicated and confusing options may consume lots of time. Maybe you don’t get satisfactory customization it is tough to implement.

Available, blocks, templates, and other options should be easy to access. It will save you a lot of time. You will also be able to design your site well. There are multiple good WordPress theme available that have good interface and customization options.

3- Support Important Plugins

There are some important basic and advanced plugins related to SEO, Security, Contact page, etc. which you may need to use. Make sure that your WordPress theme is compatible with all important plugins.

If your theme is not compatible with all important plugins then may you would not be able to use the particular plugins. You may need these plugins to enhance your site performance and site structure.

4- You Should Choose a Responsive WordPress Theme

Most important point is that your WordPress theme should be responsive. It should be responsive to all devices like mobiles, tablets, desktops, etc. Your site should adjust according to the device the user use.

You don’t know that your user will see your website on which device? Users will see your site on a mobile, tablet, or on desktop? If your site is responsive then your site will display on all devices well. So before you select a WordPress theme, make sure yu are buying a responsive theme for your site.

5- Light Weight and Fast Loading WordPress Theme

The theme should be lightweight and fast-loading. Make sure that you are having a good theme in terms of loading speed. Normally, your users will not like slow sites. However, there are many other factors that may affect speed of your site. If the speed of your site is slow then ranking of your site may affect negatively and your users may also get annoyed.

Yet, when you select a theme, it should be light weight and fast theme. You can do a comparative study of some theme and take suggestions of some successful bloggers or experts also.

6- Compatible with WordPress Standard

Your theme should be compatible with WordPress. It should be according to the standard of WordPress. WordPress is updated on a frequent basis. Your theme should also be updated from time to time also. Newspaper, Divi, Astra, genesis, are some example of popular themes.

7- Good Customer Care

Ensure that you are taking a theme which provide a customer also. If you face any error or problem in your site structure, or other problem related to the theme then should resolve it quickly. If you don’t have good customer care and a quick response from them then it is not good.

Before selecting the theme you should also check its review and customer feedback. Normally, you don’t get any customer support in a free theme. Customer support is very important factor and you must consider this point while purchasing a WordPress theme for your blog.


A good site design and simplicity are very important for you. You must spend some time for research before purchasing a WordPress theme for yourself. A one-time purchase of a good theme can be a big game-changer for you. Always select a theme according to your requirement and which is can give good performance.

All themes don’t provide the same kind of features and customization options. If you are making an eCommerce site, or a simple blog, the theme should be as per the site’s requirements. You can shortlist 4 to 5 theme as per your requirement and analyse their features and benefits before you finally select on.

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