Why You Want to Quit Blogging? Do You Have Strong Reasons?

Why you want to quit blogging

Quit blogging, this thought may come to mind any time. If you are also one of them who are planning to stop blogging then this post is especially for you. However, this post may be helpful for any blogger.

Writing and publishing good content on regular basis is not an easy task. It required time, knowledge, writing skills, and many other things. But blogging may be a good career option. It has a lot of opportunities.


I will suggest, that you ask some of the following questions from yourself and answer honestly:

  • Why did you start blogging? What is your goal from blogging?
  • Why You want to quit blogging?
  • Are you not seeing any progress?
  • What is your actual problem in your blog?
  • Can you solve your problem?
  • How much time you give to your blog on a daily or weekly basis?

After that, you analyze your current situation and your progress. You may notice that you have many good things in your blog. Make a note of:

  • Good points of your Blog
  • Your Strength
  • Your Weakness
  • Problems in your Blog

Quit blogging may be your decision. But if you will analyze all the facts, figures and opportunities properly then you may get a more clear picture of your blogging career. However, there may be your limitation and reasons to quit.

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What Are the Main Reasons to Quit Blogging?

Most of the blogger quit it because they don’t get the expected results from the blogging. Goals may be different for different bloggers. Some people blog for money. Some blog for fame.

And some people blog because of passion, hobby, interest etc. There may be many reasons for your blogging.

Like the above, there may be many reasons to quit blogging. There may be some of the following main reasons to quit:

1- No Traffic or Less Traffic

No or Less traffic in blogging
No or Less Traffic

One of the main reasons to quit blogging is No Traffic or Less Traffic. After working hard, if you don’t get any traffic or very little traffic then disappointment may come to mind. Many bloggers quit blogging after a few months because they don’t see any significant traffic on their blogs.

If you are not getting expected traffic on your blog then you should not quit your blogging immediately. You should work on it. Find out the reasons for low traffic. What are the main reasons, which are affecting traffic on your blog?

Try to resolve all the problems one by one and promote your blog. You may also take the help of experts to resolve the issues.

2- No Income or Less Income

No or Less Income in Blogging
No or Less Income

No income or very less income is also one of the main reasons to quit blogging. Many blogger give up blogging because they don’t see any significant income. Especially those bloggers whose main objective of blogging is earning money.

There is nothing wrong with it. However, your first priority should be producing good content for your users. Workout on your monetization strategy. What are your monitory sources – Affiliate marketing or Google AdSense or anything else?

Compare all the aspects of the monetization sources. Which one is better for your blog and how you can optimize your income? You should analyze and improve it.

3- No Interest and or Knowledge

Interest and knowledge in blogging
Interest and knowledge

Lack of interest and low knowledge of niche may also disappoint you. If you don’t have interest and good knowledge of your topic then you may feel bore after writing a few posts. It is important that you select your niche with care.

Because your niche is going to play a very important role in the success of your blog. Suppose, you have good knowledge of computers and technology. You have a good interest in it. But you are writing about travel, which you don’t like.

It is possible that you feel bore while writing a post on travel. However, if you will write on computers and technology then you will have more interest.

4- Expect Success Overnight

Success overnight in blogging
Success overnight in blogging

“Success overnight”, everyone wants it. But is it possible? Especially in a blogging career, success is not available overnight. If you want to be a successful blogger then you have to give so much time and effort.

Exception may be available in the world. However, you are expecting success too soon then blogging may not be the right career for you. Success comes in this field after consistent works for many months and years.

How You Can Improve Your Success Ratio in Blogging?

Improvement and success is always possible in blogging. When, first time I read about Mr. Amit Agrawal, Labnol.org, he inspired me a lot. If you are not getting any growth and success of your blog, then try to improve it.

Increase your efforts, inputs, and most importantly, work in the right direction. Because if you are not working in the right direction then your efforts may be wasted. Here are a few tips which may help you to improve the performance of your blog:

Original Content

Always be original. Always try to produce original content only. If you want to be a successful blogger then it is a must factor. If you are a blogger, who publishes copy content then you should stop it.

If don’t have good knowledge and command over the topic, then try to learn as much as possible. Read books and related blogs. it will increase your knowledge and skills.

Copy ContentsOriginal Contents

For log term career in blogging, original content is very important. Search engines also prefer and give a higher ranking to original content.

Unique Content

Second most important, be unique. Be creative and try to produce and publish unique content. Why Google and other search engine give ranking to your blog? There should be something unique and solution to the user’s query.

Common ContentUnique Contents

Self Motivation

Motivation in Blogging
Self Motivation

Either we talk about personal life or professional life, everywhere we need motivation. Every profession has ups and downs. We need motivation in blogging also.

If you get no Income – You may be disappointed

No traffic or less traffic, fall down in traffic – You may be disappointed

Any security issue – Again disappointment

Any other problem – again may be disappointed

Disappointment comes at any time. So, You have to be well prepared. You have to keep yourself motivated every time. You can listen to music. Do yoga, exercise, and meditation. You can also celebrate your small success in blogging.


Consistency is one of the major factors in a blogging career. You need to publish content on regular basis. If you don’t write and publish good content on regular basis then possible you don’t get the expected growth of your blog.

Post RegularlyPost Occasionally

Search Engine Optimization

Workout your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy. Audit your site and find out the errors and possibilities for improvements. Check your technical SEO, On-Page SEO, and Off-Page SEO. What is the status of your site?


Only On-Page SEO?

On-Page and Technical SEO?

On Page, Off-Page and Technical SEO?

Improve your site as much as possible. It will help you to rank your site in search engines.

Social Media and Promotion

As I said earlier in this post that most people quit blogging because of no traffic. You can promote your blog through social media effectively.

Inactive on Social MediaActive on Social Media

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and many other social media platforms are available. You can give a boost to your blog and generate traffic through social media.


The success of your blog depends on many factors. Some factors may be in your control and some may not be your control. For example, writing and publishing good content is in your control. However, there is a huge competition in blogging and you can’t control it.

I will not suggest to quit blogging. It is a very good field and has a lot of opportunities. Improvement and continuous improvement may be the key to the growth of your blog. enhance your skills and knowledge.