Why Website is not Showing in Google Search- 4 Reasons

Website is not showing in Google ou

There may be multiple reasons that your WordPress website is not showing in Google searches. In this article, I am discussing the 4 most common reasons. If you want to get organic traffic from Google searches, it is important that your site is visible in search results.

First of all, you need to find out the reasons, why it is not showing in Google search. Might be you are not doing what needs to do. Mostly, the new site owners may face this problem.

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There are some basics and important points that you should not forget to check. Let’s start one by one.

1- Website is not Submitted to Google Search Console

Have you submitted your site to Google Search Console? This is one of the basic and important factors, that you must not forget. Check it, if you have not added it to the Google search console, your site might not be visible.

You just need to submit your site on the Google search console. You should also submit a sitemap to Google. This tool is very helpful to improve your site’s performance. You can do many more things from the Google search console like:

  • Measure your site performance.
  • Track search traffic.
  • You can fix errors and issues.

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2- Search Engine Visibility Setting

Second and most important, you need to check your search engine visibility setting. You can check it through Setting>Reading Settings>Search Engine Visibility.

If your search engine visibility option is ticked like in the above image, the Search engine may not index your site. Because you have discouraged search engines from indexing your site.

So, to get visibility of your site in Google, you need to untick the search engine visibility option. Because you have to allow Google to crawl and index your site.

You should not forget to untick the search engine visibility option when your site is ready.

3- The Website is Blocked by Google

This is also one of the most common reasons for a website not showing in Google searches. You need to check about manual action. If there is manual action from Google on your site, your site may be removed temporarily or permanently from Google.

It may happen for the complete website or particular page and post also. This may be one of the reasons, the site is not showing in Google searches.

4- The Website is Not Indexed by Google

Maybe your website is not showing in Google search because Google has not indexed your site. It may happen if your site is brand new. Sometimes, Google may take some time to crawl and index your site.

There may be some technical problems also so Google has not indexed your website. You should check that you have not blocked Google from indexing your site.

You should check your robot.txt file. If you have blocked Google, Your site will not get indexed.

So, be sure that you are not blocking Search engines. But if don’t want to get indexed on some of your pages and post, you may block search engines for particular posts or pages.


Might be you are expecting huge traffic from Google searches. But if your site is not showing in Google search, it is not going to happen. So, you should cross-check all possible reasons that you are not blocking Google.

If only some of your posts and pages are not showing in Google, you can submit a request for indexing. You can also read How to Index Blog Post faster in Google?

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