Why Should You Write Short Paragraphs in Your Blog Post?

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Why write short paragraphs

Here, I will discuss why writing short paragraphs in your article is beneficial. When I started my writing journey, I used to write so many lines in one paragraph. Or you can say I used to write multiple big paragraphs.

But somewhere I was not convinced by lengthy paragraphs. But slowly and gradually when I started using short paragraphs, I found it better and more satisfactory.

I also read some experts and started knowing that almost every one of them was recommending writing shorter paragraphs in blog posts. Personally, as a reader, I also feel that short sections are much better.

Here are some of the following reasons for using shorter paragraphs in the blog post.

Short Paragraphs Are Easy to Read

I am sure you want that your audience is satisfied with your writing. And you would not like to make your writing complicated. There are multiple things you need to do to make your article easy to read.

short paragraphs easy to understand
Easy to read for the audience

And using short paragraphs is one of them. To realize this practically, just pick two paragraphs (one big paragraph and one short). And you will realize that a short paragraph is easier to read than a big one.

A big paragraph looks huge and needs to be more focused. However, the paragraph having 2 to 3 lines or 4 looks light. And it plays an important role to make it easy to read.

Short Paragraphs Are Easy to Understand

Most of the audience wants to read fast and complete the article quickly. And it is important that your audience get is easy to understand. First, shorter paragraphs make it interesting to go through.

short paragraph easy to understand
Short paragraphs are easy is read

When readers read a short paragraph, their mentality is that it will not take so much time. However, in the case of reading big para, it creates an image that will take a lot of time to read. Readers need to focus on each line very carefully.

However, a short paragraph is easy to focus on and get to understand. And there is good logic behind it. If you have 2 to 3 lines in a paragraph to read, you will have good attention to it.

And your attention makes your understanding better for the paragraph. That’s why having short paragraphs in your blog post makes it good.

Readers Attention

I have felt it personally also. When a paragraph has a few lines like 2 lines or 3 to 4 lines, it catches my attention. However, An article having a big paragraph like a bunch of 15 lines or 20 lines, makes it boring for me.

One thing I want to clarify is that I am not saying that a big paragraph is not good. There are many kinds of writers and they have their own writing styles. Even there are people who are writing bigger paragraphs and their articles are good enough.

White Space and Readability

If you are using more white space in your writing, that’s great. If not, I would recommend that you should do it. White space makes your content looks better and more attractive.

short paragraph vs white space
More white space is effective

When you open an article having big paragraphs only. You will feel like the article is lengthy. However, when you open a paragraph which is having only shorter paragraphs, looks like the article is not as big as the first one.

The quality of your article depends on many factors. And using writing short paragraphs might play an important role.


Everything is time. And readers want to know everything quickly on the internet. Competition is huge and attracting readers on the internet is quite not easy. And if you are able to attract readers to your site is good enough. You can also take the help of tools like Grammarly to check grammatical mistakes, etc.

But the real challenge starts when a visitor starts reading your content on the internet. The main important thing is how much time visitors spend time on your site.

For this, your article must be attractive, informative, engaging, and good enough to make your visitor spend more time on it. If I share my opinion, writing shorter paragraph are somewhere better for blog posts.

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