Why Should You Target Long Tail Keywords? For Beginners

Long tail keywords placement
SEO with Long Tail

Long Tail keywords strategy is one of the best strategies for bloggers. Especially for beginners who have started their blogging journey. Because of low competition, you can establish your blog easily in comparison to the Short Tail keywords.

Short tail keywords normally have high completion and high search volume. But Long Tail keywords have low competition because of low search volume.

I understand that you might be thinking of low search volume. But suppose you have written two articles.

The first article is on Short Tail Keywords like – “Best Hosting

The second article is on the Long Tail keyword – “How to Purchase Best Hosting

What if you are not getting organic traffic because of the high competition in the first article? And what if you are getting good traffic on your second article because of low competition?

I know search volume may be low for long-tail keywords but chances are better to get traffic.

You can target good traffic by targeting long-tail keywords. Especially, if your blog is not established well. or You have started your blog.

Long Tail Keywords

Long Tail keywords consist of three or more words. And the Short tail keywords consist of less than three words. Examples:

“WordPress Hosting” – Short Tail Keywords

“How to Purchase WordPress Hosting” – Long Tail Keyword

There are several tools and methods that you can use for your keyword research for long-tail keywords. Below are some examples:

  • Google Auto Suggestion
  • Google keyword Planner
  • Any Good Tool like Ubbersuggest.

If you are a beginner, you can use free methods like Google Autosuggestion, to save your money.

By using long-tail keywords, you can reach your target audience easily. It has high conversion rates also because you are targeting visitors who are searching the same terms.

Normally, you may have the following benefits of using Long Tail keywords.

  • Easy to rank on long tail keywords.
  • Low competition
  • High Conversion rates because of the target audience.
  • Organic Traffic
  • Reach to the target audience.
  • Long tail keywords strategy is best for beginners.

Let’s have more clarity on long-tail keywords. Suppose a user wants to know “how to track broken links from Google Analytics “. Users are searching in Google with the same keywords.

Now there are two articles. The first article’s focus keyword is “Track broken links from Google Analytics

And the second article is on Google Analytics.

So, what do you think? which article’s keyword is more accurate? Track broken links from Google Analytics is more accurate terms and chances are get rank. It is a clear example of a Long-tail keyword.

In the second article, there is not enough clarity. It is all about Google analytics. But the user is searching for a specific topic of Google Analytics.


If you are a beginner or even an experienced blogger also, targeting Long tail keywords may be beneficial for you. Google always would like to show the exact result, that the users in searching Google.

User satisfaction is a top priority for Google and wants to show the best search results to the users.

Even, though the search volume may be low for Long-tail it may be a good source of organic traffic. Because of more accurate results, the conversion rates are also high.

Competition is also not high like in shot tail keywords. You can use a good free or paid tool to analyze and research keywords.

I hope this article was beneficial and provided you satisfactory explanation.

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