Why People Blog? What Are the Top 8 Reasons for Blogging?

People blog
Top Reasons of Blogging

Why do people blog? It is a very important question for every blogger. In my opinion, every blogger should know the ultimate aim of blogging. You can get monetary benefits and non-monetary benefits from the blog.

Some people blog only because they want to earn money. Some people blog for different reasons. it may be due to hobbies and passion. Some write a blog because they want to help and educate people.

I know some bloggers who started their blogging as a hobby but are now professional bloggers.

In my opinion, here are some top reasons why people blog. However, there may be possibilities of more reasons also.

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1- To Educate People

If you will research the time of a few years ago, you will find that earning money was not the primary goal of blogging. Educating the people was one of the primary goals at that time.

However, at the current time also, there is n number of bloggers who write a blog to provide a good source of information. Some people blog only to educate people.

Some people may have a specific kind of knowledge and they want that other people should also know it. Normally, this kind of blogger writes related to their specific domain.

2- To Earn Money

There are many famous bloggers who are earning handsome money from blogging. But they have done hard and continuous work for many years to achieve success.

There is nothing wrong if you have your main goal to earn money from the blog. Yes, there are a lot of opportunities and you can earn a lot.

But it is not so much easy. You need a lot of patience. You have to publish good-quality content on regular basis. There are many technical aspects and other related works which you may have to take care of.

3- Hobby and Passion

This is one of the main and core reasons why people start a blog. Today also, many people blog only because of their hobbies and passion only.

They just write and write because they like it. They love it. The main objective of this kind of blogger is only to produce good content only.

4- For Branding

Branding is also one of the main reasons to write a blog. In the current scenario, a large segment of the population of world is using the internet. Reaching the readers through the blog on the internet is easy.

Corporate houses and even individual bloggers find blogging a great platform for branding products and services. Individuals also write reviews of products and services of different companies.

5- To Share Knowledge & Expertise

Some people have a lot of knowledge and they share it through blogging. Having good and correct knowledge is not easy. Sometimes it needs a lot of research and study to have a good kind of knowledge.

Some people blog only because they want to share good knowledge with other people. They know that knowledge is precious and it may be useful for another person.

6- To Become Famous and Get Recognition

Labnol.org is a famous blog on the internet. The founder of the blogs is inspiring many new and old bloggers.

There may be many bloggers who want to become famous bloggers. Everyone wants to become famous and successful. In the blogging career, success and recognition are possible.

7- To Build Networking

Blogging is a great platform to increase your networking. Some people blog and want to connect with like-minded people. When you blog on a specific topic then the people who like the topics and ideas want to connect with you.

Here like-minded people also like to share their knowledge and ideas. And the main important thing is they inspire people.

8- To Support Others

One day I had a problem with my laptop. I searched for it on the internet. I found that there are so many results regarding the topic. There are many people who write a blog to solve problems. They write to help people.

Maybe you have seen blogs like Improvement tips, Blogs related to relations, and many more problems. The main objective of this kind of blog is to help people.


The blogging field is good and full of opportunities and success. But there is success and failure both available. You have to be very focused and consistent. First of all, you should find out your reason to write and publish a blog.

It will give you direction and inspiration to move ahead. You will be aware that what is your topic and what kind of content you should write.

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