Where Can You Start Online Blogging? For Beginners

Start Online Blogging b
Start Online Blogging

If you are searching, for where can you start online blogging, this article may be helpful for you. Nowadays, starting a blog is not tough. You can start your own blog within a few minutes of time. If you have any passion or expertise in a subject or niche, blogging may be a better idea for you. Because you can share your expertise and knowledge with the world and people can get benefit from your knowledge.

However, it is not mandatory that you have expertise in something then you should start online blogging. Anyone can start blogging. But of course, you need to know about the subject or topic that you want to write about.

In this article, I would write about where you can start your online blogging, the requirements for blogging, including some other important aspects of it. So, let’s start with platforms for online blogging.

Platforms for Online Blogging

Because blogging is all about sharing written content with the world through a particular website or blog. You should write and share content that is useful and correct for your audience and can add some value to your readers.

There are multiple platforms where you can start online blogging. You can start a self-hosted website on WordPress.org. Or you can use any free blogging platform of your choice. Here is a list of some blogging platforms:






Personally, I would recommend WordPress.org. But in this case, you need to do some expenses from the start. Because this will be your self-hosted website or blog. And you need to have a domain name and hosting service.

However, it is up to you which platform you choose. The above list is not the only blogging platform. There are many other blogging platforms also. You may consider it as per your choice and suitability.

WordPress is one of the most popular and secure platforms to start a blog. If you start a blog on WordPress.org, you should be aware of – Domain name, Hosting, WordPress theme, plugins, etc. Because these are the most important ingredient to start online blogging.

You can buy any hosting of your choice. There are multiple hosting providers like Bluehost, Hostinger, SiteGround, Cloudways, WP Engine, Kinsta, Hostgator, Etc. In the starting phase, generally, you don’t have so much traffic, in that case, you can prefer a shared hosting plan. Because a shared hosting plan may be cost-effective in comparison to dedicated hosting.

Apart from hosting you, have to buy a domain name. A domain name is basically the name of your site Algowords and .com is an extension. You should prefer a top-level domain and you should keep your name short, easy, and simple. So that your readers can remember it easily and can pronounce it also.

As you can see my website domain name – is algowords. It is very easy to speak, and easy to write, and pronounce. And most important anyone can remember algowords.com very easily without any problem.

The third most important thing is the WordPress theme. Your site’s structure and design are very important factors to attract your readers and engage with them. When you install WordPress, you have several free WordPress themes that you can install. The free theme has some limited features .

Apart from a free WordPress theme, there are many premium themes available that come with many different features and benefits. And if you ask my opinion, I would always recommend using a premium theme. With the premium theme, you can give your site an awesome structure and design.

Conclusion – Start Online Blogging

See, starting a blog is not challenging. You can start it on any platform but the most important is learning. This field is very dynamic and Google also updates many algorithms from time to time. And if you starting a blog, be ready to learn.

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