What is WordPress Media Library? Step by Step Guide

WordPress Media Library

Without adding an image or any other media I can’t imagine publishing any blog post. WordPress Media Library is a powerful feature of WordPress and it makes this work easy.

To understand the importance of media, one day I took two blog posts. One post was written without adding an image or video. Another post was written including some images and video as well.

I read both the blog post and I felt that the second blog was looking so interesting because of the images and video. It really a fact that adding images, videos, and or other media makes the content more interesting to the audiences.

It is always accepted that an image is more powerful than words. We should not miss adding images and or other media files while writing a blog post.

What is WordPress Media Library?

WordPress Media Library is collection of all the media files which you upload to your WordPress website. Either your publish your blog or keep in draft , your all the media file will show in Media Library.

You can upload media files like Image, Video, PDFs, Audio, and Documents to your Site. You can also view and edit your WordPress Media files.

There are two ways to uploads the media file:

1- You can upload a media file to the page and post directly. Media files will automatically be stored in the library.

2- You can upload your media file in the WordPress Media Library directly. and you can add a file into the post or page from the media library.

Both options are quick and easy.

View WordPress Media Library

To view your WordPress Media library, you just click on Media in the left sidebar. now you will see the screen of your media library. Here you will notice some options. There is the option of Add New. By clicking on it you can add a new media file to the library.

You can view your media file in two ways.

  • List view
  • Grid view

You can see both the icons on the screen. When you will click on the first option, you will see a list view of your media files and when you will click on the second grid view option then you will see a grid view of your media files.

You will also notice that there are two drop-down options on the screen of WordPress Media Library. You can use these two options to filter your media files. Media files can be filtered by type of file and date.

If you want to find any specific file from your media library then you can use Search Bar also. You can see it on the screen of your media library.

Add Media File to WordPress Media Library

If you want to add new media file to the media library then just click on the Media on the left sidebar. You will have the option of add new. Just click add new button. Now you will see the option of:

add new image wordpress media library
add media file – WordPress media library

Drop files to upload


Select files

You can drag and drop your media file directly to the media library or you can select a file from your system and add the file to the media library.

View and Edit an Image in WordPress Media Library

If you want to edit an image from your media library, select the image from the library which you want to edit. You will see the option of the edit button below the image.

edit Image media library
Edit image media library – WordPress

After clicking on edit button, there will be options of:

  • Crop
  • Rotate Left
  • Rotate Right
  • Flip vertical
  • Flip Horizontal

You can do which option you want to use. Right hand side there would another option also that is Scale Image. If you want to change the width and or height of your image then you can use this option.

View and Edit Attachment details of image

you can view your file attachment details by clicking on the image. When you will select and click an image, you will see a window. This window will show you following details:

  • Uploaded on
  • Uploaded By
  • File name
  • File type
  • File size
  • Dimensions
attachment details WordPress media library
image attachment details

and exactly below these details you will see some more details which you can edit or fill.

  • Alternative text
  • Title
  • Caption
  • Description
  • File URL

You should write alternative text of your image, title of the image, caption and description.


Media file very important part of your content. it is something which makes our content better and interesting to read. Readers easily catch and understand. I think you should always have images and or other media files related to content in your blog posts.

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