What is TubeBuddy and How to use it to Grow Your Channel?

Tubebuddy tool

If you are a YouTuber and you have tried many ways to grow your channel but still you have not achieved satisfactory growth then this article is for you. Because In this article I am going to write about an exclusive tool TubeBuddy that can be a game changer for your YouTube channel growth.

This is a wonderful tool and is loaded with many features. If you already running a YouTube channel or going to start a channel on YouTube, you must try TubeBuddy. According to many successful YouTubers and experts, this is one of the best tools for YouTube publishers.

In this article, I will cover – What is TubeBuddy, How does it Work, its Features and pricing of it, and some other important aspect also. After reading this article, you will have a complete overview of this essential tool.

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What is TubeBuddy?

TubeBuddy is a YouTube SEO tool and browser extension which was launched in 2014. You can download its extension on your browser and can directly integrate it with your YouTube channel. Once you download this extension, you can directly access the dashboard from your YouTube channel dashboard and use its features.

You can download the TubeBuddy Extension from its website on your browser directly and register for it. With the help of this tool, you can do topic research, YouTube SEO, Data analysis, and many more things.

You can install the extension on your browser for free and integrate it with your channel. If you want to increase views, and subscribers, and want to grow your channel, you should use this tool.

Features of TubeBuddy

This tool is loaded with many features. Its free version has some limited features only. However, apart from its free version, there are four types of plans available – Pro, Star, Legend, and Enterprise.

Tubebuddy features

Legend plan has maximum features. However, you can start with its free version or Pro plan also. Here are some of the features of TubeBuddy.

  • Scheduled Publish
  • Card Template
  • Playlist Actions
  • Thumbnail Generator
  • Video Topic Planner
  • Advance Video Embed
  • Quick Edit Toolbar
  • Bulk Copy Card, Bulk Copy End Screen, Bulk Delete Card
  • Auto Translator
  • Best Practice Audit
  • SEO Studio
  • Search Positions
  • Tag List, Tag Ranking, Tag Sorter, View and Copy Video Tags
  • Publish to Facebook
  • Milestones
  • Best Time to Publish
  • Competitor Score Card, Competitor Upload Alert

Apart from the above, there are many other features also available. For a better understanding of plans and features, you can visit its website TubeBuddy.com and explore it. Before choosing the plan you must check which one is the best suitable plan for you and within your budget.

Pricing of TubeBuddy

As I above said, there are four types of plans available. Pro, Star, Legend, and Enterprise. Its most popular plan is Star. Let’s have a look at the pricing of this amazing tool.

Tubebuddy pricing structure
Tubebuddy pricing

Pro: This plan is basically for those who are starting their YouTube journey. It starts from $2.80 per month.

Star: The target audience of this plan is those creators who are looking to achieve maximum efficiency. And want to save time also. This plan starts from $9.20 per month.

Legend: This plan is for those creators who are looking for the maximum competitive edge. And want to take data-driven decisions. This plan starts from $21.20 per month.

Enterprise: This is the highest-level plan of TubeBuddy. Basically, this plan is suitable for the agency level and for those who want to use unlimited TubeBuddy tools.


As you can see above, it TubeBuddy is full of multiple features like Scheduled Publish, Auto Translator, SEO Studio, etc. This is an exclusive tool in my knowledge for YouTube publishers. If you have a YouTube channel, I can guess that you have certain goals and expectations to fulfill.

And it is very important that your channel grow and that you achieve your goals. I wish you the best of luck. I hope this knowledge of this tool was helpful to you. If you like this article, please share it with others also.

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