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About Site Health in WordPress
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Site Health in WordPress is an amazing tool. And you can use this tool to monitor your website’s health and improve it. It provides you with multiple information, configuration, critical issues, performance, etc of your site.

You can monitor those details and find out the reason behind the issues if any. If your site has any security issues, you can even check on the Site Health page.

You should always be aware of the health of your website. There might be some security, performance or configuration-related issue. And should not forget to resolve them on a priority basis.

So that your website runs smoothly and gets the best results on your site. Site Health is an evergreen tool that I know for WordPress.

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So, let’s go into some details of site health in WordPress.

How to Use Site Health in WordPress

You can access the site health tool from your WordPress dashboard. You log in to your dashboard and click or hover on Tool on the left sidebar menu.

Now you will have the option of Site Health, you just need to click on it. After it, you will be redirected to the Site health page.

Site Health in WordPress
Tools>Site Health

On the top of the page, you have a round circle. It will show the overall health status of your site. As you can see in the below sample image.

It is showing green in color and overall health is good. This color will depend on the overall health of your site.

Below the round circle, there are two tabs.

  • Status
  • Info

Let’s discuss it one by one.

Site Health Status

The site health status in WordPress shows you critical information about your site’s WordPress configuration and items. And these are mainly the information that requires your attention.

It mainly shows the details about the following:

  • Security
  • Performance
  • Passed Test

The site health status page shows you all the recommendations that required your attention. You can check the available recommendation from time to time, and improve them.

Site Health Status
Check Site Health Status

The site health in WordPress also shows you the passed tests report on the site health status page. You can just click on passed tests and all the passed tests of items will be available.

If you want to see more details, you can click on the drop-down arrow of the item.

Passed tests will be shown like:

Your version of WordPress is up to date.

Your Plugins are up to date.

Required and recommended modules are installed.

And many other passed tests will be available. Majorly these passed tests are related to performance and security. The site health in WordPress is very useful to check the above.

Site Health Info

The second tab on the site health page is Info. This page mainly shows you the configuration of your WordPress site. If you want to import the information from this page you can do that also.

Site Health Info
Check Site Health Info

You just need to click on Copy site info to clipboard. A list of all the information on the page will be copied and you can paste and save it somewhere else to use.

The site health info page mainly provides the details of the following areas.

  • WordPress
  • Directories and Sizes
  • Active Theme
  • Active Plugins
  • Media Handling
  • Server
  • Database
  • WordPress Constants
  • Filesystems Permission

There are many major details that you can check from the site health in WordPress. You can monitor your site health on regular basis through the site health tools without using any third-party tool.


You can check critical issues, performance issues, and recommendations as well from the site health in WordPress. Basically, the site health feature was introduced in the 5.2 version of WordPress.

And I guess many people are getting the benefits of this tool including me. If you have not used this tool, you should go through it.

There is a chance that you also like this tool.

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