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Question Hub
Google Question Hub

Question Hub is a fantastic tool for content creators and bloggers. This tool is developed by Google. Google is the most popular search engine in the world. Most of the time if we look for some information, we search it on Google.

One of the main objectives of Google is to organize information and provide the best search results to its users. User satisfaction is one of the core objectives of Google. That’s why Google wants to show best to best search results to users.

Google found that there are many questions users ask in Google, but the content is not available there. Google wants to provide the answers to those questions also. That’s why Google created this amazing tool to fill the content gap.

What is Question Hub?

Question Hub is a tool developed by Google. Google directly collects unanswered questions from its users and organizes them in the question hub. Creators like us use this tool and create the content for these unanswered questions.

A huge population of the world uses Google for their searches. And there are a lot of questions available for that answer not available. That’s why Google developed Question Hub

Overview of Question Hub
Overview of Google Question Hub

If I talk about Question Hub in simple language, then

  • It collect unanswerd questions from the users.
  • Show the questions to creators through question hub.
  • Creators create the content for those questions and submit there answer in this tool.

This tool is very useful for creators and Google as well.

Benefits of Question Hub
Benefits of Google Question Hub

You can signup for this tool through the Gmail account. You can find the questions on your selected topics. And you can create good content and submit your answer.

If you submit relevant and good-quality content, you may also see a boost in your site ranking.

After signing up for the question hub, you will have the option to choose topics. When you will select the topics, Google will show you the questions related to these topics.

Questions in Question Hub
Add Questions

You can check and submit your answer. You can add more questions on your particular topics. And you can also remove the question from your list that you want.

There is Starred option in your left side menu of the Question hub. You can mark star to some of your questions that you may answer. You can and remove questions from starred option.

There are many topics available in this tool. You can choose single and multiple topics as well. If you are a blogger or content creator and having a site, you can use this tool very well. You can add or remove the topics later also.


Sometimes, we creators search for some ideas and or questions to write articles on them. And sometimes we get the idea or topics to write and sometimes not. Questions hub is a tool that may help you in this kind of situation also.

Because here questions are already available and we need to answer them only. You can find a lot of topics to write the articles on.

And the main points, these are the questions that are not answered yet. If you want to check the performance of your submitted answer then you can also connect this question hub account with your Google Search Console Account.

And you can track the performance of your submitted answer. There is an option of the settings also. From the settings area, you can add more sites to the question hub. You can select the Language and the Country.

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