What is Multi-Niche Blog? is it Better than Single-Niche?

Multi-niche blog h
Multi-niche blog

When a blogger publishes blogs related to multiple topics on a single site or you can say when a blogger covers a broader niche on a single site, that blog is called a multi-niche blog. For example, someone is writing about Technology, Health, Career, and mobile on a single blog. This will come in the category of a multi-niche blog.

But when a blog is covering micro niche topics or a very small topic, it is called a single-niche blog or micro-niche blog. Here are some examples of single niche or micro niche: Affiliate marketing, SEO, Used car, Mobile, Social Media, Weight loss, etc.

In my opinion, both are having their own importance and their own pros and cons. But of course, the majority of experts will suggest you run a single niche blog or micro niche site. But the growth of any blog depends on multiple factors. If you do efforts in the right direction and maintain consistency, you can make any blog successful.

Let’s understand the importance of a single niche blog with an example. Suppose someone has a problem with his heart. Do you think he should go to a general doctor or to a heart specialist? I guess you would say he should go to the heart specialist. Why? Because a heart specialist is an expert on that problem.

Multi-niche blog and single niche blog
Single-Niche Blog

Let’s see another example: Suppose you want to know something about Search engine optimization. And you have two options.

  • First: There is one blog, where the blogger is writing about so many topics like earning money online, Search engine optimization, motoring, mobile, job, toys, Entertainment, sports, news, etc.
  • Second: There is a second blog where the blogger is writing about only search engine optimization.

What do you think? Which one would you like more? I guess you would prefer to go on the second blog. Because the second one sounds better than the first. And looks like the blogger/writer has good expertise in search engine optimization and that’s why writing about one topic.

Normally, it happens. When you write on a multi-niche blog, you need to give time to cover multiple topics on a single site. And in the case of a single niche blog, your all-time is about only one niche. And there is an opportunity to research better and produce better quality content for your audience. Single-Niche blogs may be beneficial in the following ways:

  • Single-Niche blogs may be easier to rank in comparison to multi-niche blogs.
  • Single-Niche blogs are more SEO-friendly.
  • Single-topic blogs look more trustworthy.
  • You have your total focus on a single niche.
  • Better monetization opportunity.
  • As much time your spend on a particular niche, your expertise also improves.
  • Better brand value about a particular niche.
Benefits of single niche blog
Single Niche blog’s benefits*

However, multi-niche blogs have their own importance and there are so many blogs that are covering multiple topics on a single site and they are successful also. There are so many multi-niche blogs/websites which are working well and ranking well also.

The audience will like a single niche or multi-niche blog, which may also depend on their search intent also. And as I above said, both kinds of blogs are important and may be successful. If you are dedicated and can cover multiple topics, you can rock on the muti-niche blog also.

Conclusion – Multi-Niche Blog

If you are starting a new blog, I would suggest you start it on a single niche. Because you will have enough time to research and learn your niche very well. And you write better quality content.

But in case, if you focus on so many niches, it might get complicated to research and learn all the topics. In the starting phase of your blogging journey, somewhere it might be tough to handle multiple niches on a single topic. However, it totally depends on your choice and decisions.

Whatever, blog you start, you should it with full passion and dedication. There is a lot of scope in blogging and you can learn a lot in this field. For success in this field, learning is very important. And there are many platforms like YouTube, Google, Etc, where you can find a lot of content to learn.

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