What is Micro Niche Blogging and How to Start it?

ou Micro Niche Blogging hai
Micro Niche

Before we go into details of micro niche blogging, first we should know the meaning of niche. Niche means topic. When you do blogging on a particular topic, it is called niche blogging.

Basically, you can divide blogging into three categories:

  • Multi Niche Blogging
  • Niche Blogging
  • Micro Niche Blogging

When you publish content related to multiple topics on your site, it is called multi-niche blogging. For example, If I publish content related to digital marketing, technology, the internet, etc on this website, it will be multi-niche blogging.

And if I publish content related to a particular topic like digital marketing, it will be called niche blogging.

Micro niche means a small topic or micro topic. When I will publish content related to a micro topic or a small topic, it will be micro niche blogging. For example, If I only publish content related to Google Adsense only.

Let’s take another example

Suppose, you are publishing content related to health, environment, and Tree Plantation, on your site. In this case, you are doing multi niche blogging.

And in case you are writing only about one topic, it will be niche blogging. For example, you are writing about only health or the environment.

But in case you have chosen a micro topic like Weight Loss, it will be micro niche blogging.

I hope, now it is clear what is micro niche blogging.

How to Start Micro Niche Blogging?

You can start micro niche blogging very easily. There are multiple blogging platforms to start a blog. But if you can invest some money, I would recommend you WordPress.org.

You can follow these steps to start micro niche blogging.

  • First of all, select your Micro Niche.
  • Select Domain name
  • Select Blogging Platform.
  • Create your Site.
  • Research your topic in Detail.
  • Do Keyword research.
  • Write good quality articles on your niche and publish.
  • Submit to search engines webmasters.
  • Promote your blog through social media and other good platforms.

If the content quality of your blog is good and unique, it is easy to rank in search engines. However, now the competition is everywhere, you may need to do some research to find out less competitive micro-niches and keywords.

You can also monetize your site through affiliate marketing, Google AdSense, etc.

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