What is Meta Description and Why is it Important For You?

Intro of Meta Description

Meta Description is one of the most important sections of a Meta Tag. And you should not miss it while writing any blog posts. You should write your description as best as possible. It is an important factor for SEO.

When you search anything in Google, it displays three parts of the content in the search results. These are URL, Meta Title, and Meta Description. It is also called Snippet. Google display multiple contents on the page.

Users click on the particular results that they like and go through the content. But why do users click on particular content? How do they decide which one is better for them? Here, Title and Description play a very important role.

After reading the title and or description, users click on a particular result. If you write your title and description better, relevant, related to the content, and attractive, users might click on your content.

What is Meta Description?

The Meta Description is basically, a short description of your content. It is a very important part of the snippet. Whenever you write your post, you should always write the description.

It is important for SEO. The click of users on your result also depends on the Meta description. Normally, after reading the title of the content, users read the description on the search result page. If they like it, they click on your site.

A sample image is given below.

Write Meta Description
How to Write Meta Description

Below are some important points that you should follow while writing your description:

  • Write your description related to your content. It should be a brief detail of your content. Avoid jargon words in the description and keep it simple. So, that a maximum number of users can understand it quickly.
  • Keep your description below 160 letters. If you are using any SEO plugin like Yoast or Rank Math etc, you can check the length of your description quickly.
  • Include your focus keyword in the meta description. It is important for SEO.

If your Meta tag including your Meta Description is written well, you have a good chance of ranking. However, the ranking of your site on Google depends on many factors.


The meta description is a very important part of the meta tag. You should not publish any of your blog posts without adding a description. Ranking on top in Google without a description is near impossible.

You can add SEO plugins like Yoast or Rank math for the SEO of your site. These plugins are popular and will be helpful to do SEO of your site. You just click on the snippet button and three boxes will open.

  • Meta URL
  • Meta Title
  • Meta URL

You can write your Meta description in the description box. It will also show the length of your description. So, there is no problem with length also, you can check and fix it easily.

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