What is Backlink and What are the Benefits for Your Site?

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A backlink is a very important part of your search engine optimization strategy. The ranking and traffic of your site may have a good boost if you have a good number of good links from other sites.

Normally, natural links are best for your site. In this article, I am writing about some basics of it. So, let’s begin

What is a Backlink?

When a website gives a link to another website, a backlink is created. Let’s understand it with an example. Suppose, if I give a link to Canva in this article, it means Canva gets a backlink from my site.

This is basically part of off-page SEO. And Off-Page SEO is really important to give a boost to your site. But your main focus should be to create good quality content.

Because nothing is beneficial for the long term if the content is not good and relevant.

A backlink from one website to another

Basically, there are two types of backlinks.

  • Do-Follow – Pass Link juice.
  • No-Follow – Doesn’t pass link juice.

While giving a link to any site, you can decide whether you want a Do-Follow or No-follow. If you want to give a No-Follow, you need to add the No-Follow attribute.

And if you want to give a Do-Follow, it is by default. There is no need to add the do-follow attribute separately

Benefits of Backlinks

You may get multiple benefits from it. Here are some of the benefits.

  • You get referral traffic. If you have a good number of good backlinks, it will help you to get traffic to your site.
  • Improves ranking of your site on Google.
  • It helps in Crawling and indexing your site.
  • It also helps you to build up your networking.
  • Improve the Authority of your site. If you have links from high authority sites, it will be beneficial for your site.
  • Helpful to spread awareness of your website and brand.

How to Create Backlinks

Now the main important point is how to get it. Normally, if you have good-quality content on your site, you get links naturally.

However, there are multiple ways to create backlinks for your site. Here are a few ways to get it from another site.

  • You can do Guest Posting and paste your site link. But you have to choose a platform or site wisely for guest posting.
  • You can create comment backlinks. You can comments and paste links to your site.
  • You can approach other site owners and request them to give you links. You can select some good sites and approach them.
  • You can publish Images and infographics. Pinterest is one of the best examples of image links.
  • If you have good networking, you can request them also.
  • I have good quality content on your site, you get links naturally. Nothing is better than publishing good-quality content.

The above are only some of the ways. There are many other ways also. But here I would like to put a suggestion also. You should avoid spamming and bad tactics.


You should also audit and review your site periodically. Maybe you have some bad backlinks on your site and you are not aware. It may impact the spam score of your site. If you have a huge number of bad links, and affecting your site, you should take corrective action.

But take corrective action carefully. So, that it doesn’t impact your site and ranking negatively. You should observe your site that you have too many good or too many bad backlinks.

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