Traffic on Your Blog: How to Promote Your Blog? 5 Tips

traffic on your blog

After writing and publishing blog posts, it is also important that it reaches the maximum number of readers. You need to spend some time promoting your blog to generate more and more traffic on your blog.

Lots of bloggers struggle to get traffic to their blogs. Especially new bloggers struggle for traffic. In the starting phase of blogging, it is very rare that your blog post ranks on search engines.

You may promote your blogs through social media, Q&A sites, search engine optimization, and other options.

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Here are the following options that may help you to get traffic on your blog site:

1- On-Page SEO

After writing quality content, On-Page Search Engine Optimisation may be the second most important thing to get traffic on your blog. You should optimize your blog and or post so that your post can rank better in search engines like Google, and Bing.

You give your best in writing Titles, Meta descriptions, Subheadings, Keywords, Image optimization, and paragraphs, and make your content the best possible.

2- Off-Page SEO

Off-Page Search Engine Optimization is equally important to promote your website and a good amount of traffic to your blog. Some people may say that backlinks are not important but I don’t think it is true.

Somewhere quality backlinks work for your blog and give a movement. I am not saying that you just put all your efforts to get so many backlinks and doing other kinds of stuff.

I am saying just make a balance in efforts and give some time to those actions which are beneficial for your site and good too. You should focus on natural backlinks to get traffic to your blog site.

3- Social Media

Use of Social Media like Twitter, Facebook, etc. Sometimes we don’t care about social media and that is not a good practice. Social media is full of power and you can use some social media platforms to get good traffic on your blog.

Why I am saying to use some social media? Because if you would be focused. If you will try to use so many platforms at once, it would consume a lot of time and it may be not good for you. Your focus should be to get engaged with your audience and drive a good amount of traffic to your blog site.

4- Create Useful Content

You should never forget that user satisfaction is everything. The content you publish on your blog is the main parameter that visitors are going to judge you. If you will publish the best quality and useful content, people will like it.

Analyze your target audience and understand what they want to read, and what are their problems. When you will publish content that solves your user’s problem or provide useful content, it will automatically be beneficial to increase traffic to your blog.

5- Email Marketing

Email marketing is another efficient way to get traffic to your blog. Do you know that when people visit your site, only a very few percent of people come back to your site?

Most of the visitors do not come back. And email marketing can be one of the best tools to get more returning visitors to your site. You can add a new letter subscription on your site and ask to subscribe.

The simple formula is if your email list is mong, traffic is going to be up. But you need to work on it and use it in an effective way. So that you can use it in an optimized way. Constant Contact and Mailchimp are some popular email marketing tools.

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Without having a targeted audience on your blog is just like you are doing everything but getting nothing. You do a lot of hard work to develop your blog but it is also important that you have enough traffic on your blog.

When you will have satisfactory traffic on your blog then you will be able to achieve your target purpose or you can say you will achieve your goals.

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