Traffic on Blog: How to Promote Your Blog?

How to promote your blog

After writing and publishing blog posts, it is also important that it reaches to maximum readers. You need to spend some time promoting your blog to generate more and more traffic to your blog post.

Lots of bloggers struggle to get traffic on their blogs. Especially new bloggers struggle for traffic. In the starting phase of blogging, it is very rare that your blog post rank on search engines.


You may promote your blogs through social media, Q&A sites, search engine optimization and other options.

Here are following options which may help you to get traffic on your blogs:

1- On Page Search Engine Optimisation

2- Off Page Search Engine Optimization

3- Use of Social Media like Twitter, Facebook etc

4- Writing post on Questions & Answers sites

5- Create Good Quality Back-links

6- Submit your site on Local directories

7- Personal Networking

8- Join Forum And Community Related to Your Feilds

9- Write and Publish Free E-books on your site

10- You may provide free online courses to increase traffic on your site.

11- Send Newsletter to your readers when they subscribe for it.

12- You can write Guest Posts on some website which allow for it.

13- Use share button on your site, so that readers can share your blog posts.

14- Try to get opportunity and speak at Seminars and Events. It will increase your fan following and traffic on your website.

15- Try to reply on comments of your readers and engage with your readers.

16- You may create a YouTube Channels.

17- You can do live-streaming and online tutorials. It will also help you to engage with your audience and increase traffic.