5 Tips To Stay Safe on Social Media – Let’s Protect Yourself

stay safe on social media f
stay safe on social media

Like me, Most people use social media platforms to be connected with their friends, and family. Some use it for commercial business purposes or for some other good reasons.

But there is some set of people on social media whose agendas are only to harm people in any manner. And you need to stay safe on social media from these harmful spammers and hackers.

You need to be so alert while using social media and be careful while posting content and connecting to unknown people.

It is not safe when you blindly trust an unknown person or accept a friend request from a person you don’t know. You should also be able to recognize suspicious and fake things on social media and you should avoid or block them.

In this guide, I am going to discuss 5 pro tips that may be helpful to stay safe on social media. Apart from these 5 pro tips that I am going to discuss in detail, you should consider these points also:

  • Log out from your social account whenever you replace your computer or mobile device. You should also do it when you hand over your device to your near and dear.
  • Avoid clicking on suspicious or unknown links.
  • Use antivirus on your device
  • Avoid sharing sensitive information or documents on social media.
  • Be alert while using social media.
  • Optimize your account that can keep you safe.
  • Be cautious when you get friend requests from an unknown person.
  • Do not provide your personal information to an unknown person online.
  • Avoid the temptation of getting free stuff or being rich quickly.
  • Use a different password for each social media account.

Now let’s start with those 5 pro tips that I want to share with you in detail to stay safe on social media.

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1- Review Your Account Regularly

Whatever social media platform you are using, you must review your account on regular basis to stay safe on social media. You should check that there is no activity from your account that was not done by you.

If you find that there are some activities showing in your account which is not done by you, you need to get alerted.

There might be something wrong with your account, and you should find out the reasons behind those unknown activities. Does someone hack your account or something else?

Reviewing your social media account on regular basis is very important for you and you should do it to stay safe on social media.

Whether you are using Twitter, Instagram, or any other platform, a regular review of your account will be in your favor. It is a kind of regular health check-up for your social media account to stay safe on social media.

2- Privacy Settings

Whenever you start using any social media account, you must go through the privacy settings and should do the needful settings.

You should make sure that you have some control over your account. When you open the privacy settings of your account, you will have multiple options to set. You should optimize your account from a security point of view also so that you stay safe on social media

For example, if you don’t want to share your content with everyone in public. You should set your account as private. So that when you post your content, only your followers can see it.

It is up to you what you want to share in public and what is in private. You can set it accordingly. But you should make sure that you are not giving any opportunity to spammers to harm you.

You should also check your privacy settings from time to time and make sure it is optimized well and you are safe.

3- Strong Password and Regular Change of Password

The first and most important step to securing your social media account is to create a strong password. If you don’t have a strong password then you might not stay safe on social media.

If you have a password like 123456789 or ABCDE, or your phone number, your social media account might be at high risk.

create strong password and stay safe on social media
Create a strong password and stay safe on social media

Nowadays there are some spammers and or hackers who use advanced tools like robots, etc to put the most common passwords to hack your account.

So, it is always recommended that you create a strong password for all your social media account to stay safe.

One more thing is very important and that is you should change your password on after every few days or months. It will be safe for you.

4- Be Alert About Spammers and Fake Accounts

Another most important step to staying safe on social media is to stay away from spammers and or fake accounts. You should be able to recognize fake accounts.

If you are in the contact with a fake account, it will be risky for you. If you observe, the profile photos, bio, user names, and posts, there is a possibility that you can recognize whether the account is fake or not.

avoid spammers and stay safe on social media
Avoid spammers and stay safe on social media

If you find that an account is fake and you are in contact, get away quickly and block them. These types of accounts can be risky for you financially and socially as well.

Although it might be difficult to identify fake accounts, you must be alerted and should always try to be safe from unwanted people and unwanted activities.

5- Two Factor Authentication

If you are enabling two-factor authentication, it means you are adding an extra layer of security to your account. When you log in to your social media account, normally you enter your user id and password.

But after enabling two-factor authentication, you need another code also to access your account. It means, that now you need to enter your user id, password, and unique code.

The two-factor authentication process may vary from platform to platform. If you ask my personal opinion, I would recommend enabling two-factor authentication for your account to stay safe on social media.

For example, if someone guesses or steals your user id and password then also he or she would need that unique code to log in to your account.

Because only you can generate your unique code through your phone and the code is valid for a specific short period of time only. And you can use one code only once to access your account.


Apart from the above steps, you should take each and every step that may you need from time to time to stay safe on social media.

Your little mistake can be risky for you. That’s what you must be aware of and should take all the necessary steps to stay safe on social media.

I hope you like this article and it was helpful for you. You can also share this article with your near and dear to help them also.

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