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Social media tips for beginners rw
Social media tips

Whether you are a beginner or already a social media updated person, these social media tips are going to help you a lot. If you follow all these tips seriously and implement them, you can establish yourself and your brand very well.

As you can see most corporates use social media to establish their brand and improve sales. Why? Because they understand the potential behind social media platforms and are trying to get the most out of it.

If you are a blogger or a business owner, you should also understand the power of social media. You should use platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc, and should make your brand more productive.

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In this article, I will explain about 6 social media tips. And these tips and tricks or you can say strategy can be a game-changer for your social media marketing strategy.

Social Media Tips

Commonly, there were a lot of things to tell you about social media but I have chosen these social media tips only. Because In my experience these are really very important to know.

It is very common that we are aware of so many things but in actually we don’t implement them and that’s is not good at all.

If you know something good and think that it can be good for you and your brand growth, you should focus on the action also.

Might be you are aware of some of these tips but you are not implementing them, then after reading this article, it might give you the motivation to use these tips purposefully and efficiently.

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I guess this is going to be good for your social media marking strategy and will be beneficial for you.

1- Quality and Quantity Both Matters

Might be you have listened many times that quality matters. I agree that quality matters and you must publish good quality content on social media platforms.

But I would add one more point here quantity also matters a lot. Maybe some people disagree with it. But if you ask me I would say quality and quantity both are required to grow on social media.

Let’s understand it with an example. Suppose, MR. Abhi has an account on Instagram and he publishes one or two posts per month. He produces good quality content.

And you are also having an account on Instagram. You publish 3 to 4 posts every day. You also maintain the quality of your content and publish good content.

Now you tell me who is doing better? Who is going to get more benefits?

I hope now you got my point that quality and quality both matter. I can give you so many examples to make this point relevant but then this post will be so lengthy.

2- Each Social Media is Different

If you want to improve your social media marketing strategy, I would suggest treating each social media platform differently. You should also try to experience what works for you on the platform you use.

Might be you think that each social media platforms are same then why should you have a different approach for them.

But I let you know that every social media is unique and they work on their own algorithms. If you have your account on Twitter and Facebook or any other platform like Instagram or Pinterest, You should understand, how do they work?

If you are publishing the same content on all social media platforms, I would suggest that you should understand the demand for the type of content on the social media platforms your use.

It is possible the content you publish on Twitter, may not give you the same results on Instagram. So, you should include it in your marketing strategies that all social media platforms are not the same and you may need to publish different content.

3- Activity and Consistency

Consistency and quantity are closely connected to each other. You can maintain consistency when you have a quantity of content to publish.

Whatever you do and whatever social media platform you choose for you or for your brand, you can not ignore being consistent.

Consistency Social media tips
Consistency on Social media platforms

Consistency is one of the major factors for growth. Without including this topic, my article on social media tips is totally incomplete.

There might be many dimensions of consistency. But the most important is that you publish content for people on regular basis. It helps to increase your fan following and also helps you to get engaged with them

I have one more suggestion for you that make a balance on publishing content on social media. Avoid publishing so many posts in a single day. As I above said quality and quantity both matter.

So, maintain the quality of your content and also maintain a balance on quantity as well.

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4- Optimize Profile and Bio

This is another most important thing that you must include in your social media marketing strategy. You should optimize your profile and bio very well.

You should clearly mention your name or brand name. Add a best-quality profile picture so that people can identify you easily.

Say something about you or your brand. For example, if you are a content creator or a content writer, then you should mention it in your bio.

So that when the audience sees your bio, they could understand who you are and what they can expect from you. If you have any blog or website, you should also mention it in the link space.

In simple words, it is a kind of brief introduction, so that people can easily know about you or your brand.

5- Engagement and Value Addition

Here, I am not going to talk about the engagement ratio or your performance on social media. However, I am going to talk about the effort that you put in to get engaged with your followers.

I am going to talk about what are the benefits of people if they follow you.

Value addition social media tips
Value addition and Engagement – Social Media

See, people follow you because of some reason, and that is value addition in their life. Might be you are entertaining them through your content or might be you are providing valuable information or knowledge.

Maybe you are spreading some happiness in their life. There can be any kind of value addition. It totally depends on the content that you publish on social media. There should be some good things in your content that your audience gets benefited from.

One more thing that I have added here is your engagement with them. Do you have any experience when you did comment on a post of another person and the person liked your comment or just replied to you?

How was your experience when somebody liked your comment or replied to you? I guess, it was a good feeling for you, and think of doing more comments on upcoming posts.

It is human nature, when you do something good for others, they have a good feeling. Whether it is a small gesture of like or comment on social media or something big in daily life.

Whenever you have good engagement with your audience, it motivates them to engage with you more. And it helps you to get more likes and comments on your posts and even helps you to increase your fan following.

6- Be Aware of Spammer

Preventing yourself from spammers on social media is most important. It might not sound important but I let you know that there may be a lot of spammers on social media.

You need to be aware of them and be careful. It can be risky for you and or your brand if you don’t handle it with care.

You have to be alert and aware. Whenever you feel that you are interacting with a fake account or spammer, you should block them.

identify spammer - social media tips
Be Aware of Spammers

You might get some massages in your DM with some links and offers. I would suggest that be careful if your get any free offers or links in your DM.

Avoid replying to them if you feel that it is suspicious or useless for you. You can simply delete them and or block the account.

See, you have to be very smart and should be able to identify spammers on social media. Your awareness and learning will be helpful to do this

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Knowledge is not enough if don’t know how to implement them into action. The above tips are very common and you might be aware of them also.

But it is more important that you implement those things on your social media which are good for growth. Social media can give you a lot, it is up to you what you achieve from it.

Each platform is different so you need to make a proper strategy to get the maximum out of it.

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