SiteGround: is it the Best Hosting for Your WordPress Blog?

SiteGround WordPress Hosting

I purchased Siteground hosting in the year 2019. At that time I purchased the GrowBIg plan. After a few months of my hosting plan, I have also upgraded it to a GoGeek plan. In my opinion, SiteGround is one of the best hostings.

But why is it one of the best WordPress hostings? Should you really buy hosting for your site from this company?

SiteGround was founded in 2004 and has data centers in multiple locations. Company dedicatedly focused on high-quality service and customer satisfaction.

When I purchase my first hosting service, I was very confused. I shortlisted some hosting providers. I make a list of the final four service providers: SiteGround, BlueHost, Kinsta, A2 Hosting

Kinsta was costly for me and my budget was not matching Kinsta’s price. That’s why I dropped the idea to purchase it. After lots of study and homework I make a list of the final two:



After some other research and review checks, finally, I purchased SiteGround. Yes, the price of this company may be high but they provide good service. BlueHost is also one of the best hostings. Recently, I purchased it for one of my sites.

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In this blog, I am sharing some important points about this hosting service provider. I will try my best to explain as much as possible.

Awesome Customer Support

This is my favorite one in SiteGround hosting. Its customer support service is good. You can raise a ticket for your problem. You can also chat with the customer support team to resolve your query.

The chat system is very nice and mostly they respond very quickly. My experience with them is very nice. They are very polite and user-friendly.

When you purchase a hosting service, you must review customer support. Why I have put this feature on top of this blog?

If you are running a site and you may face a challenge at any time. It is very important that your site runs smoothly and visitors do not face any bad experiences. That’s why it is very crucial that you resolve the problem of your site quickly.

Unlimited Website

You have the option to create unlimited websites in Sitegroud hosting (GrowBig and GoGeek Plan). If you are a blogger or you want to create multiple sites then it is the right hosting for you.

Free SSL Certificate

You should not imagine your site without an SSL certificate. The security of the site is very important and you should take all the required measures to protect your site. Search engines also prefer sites which are having SSL.

All Siteground hosting plans provide a free SSL certificate. There are Let’s Encrypt standard and Wildcard SSL certificates. You can set up your SSL by clicking on the SSL manager in the site tool option.

Free CDN

SiteGround has a tie-up with Cloudflare. It provides free Content Delivery Network (CDN) Services. You can set up it very easily from the control panel. It may help you to boost your page speed and enhance the security of the site.

To set up it, you just click on Speed, and after that click on Cloudflare. After that connect your site and configure the setting as per your requirement.

Free Email

SiteGround hosting provides you with free email features also. You can create a professional email account for free. You can create an unlimited number of professional business emails.

It is important that you have a business email id. Normally if you put a normal personal email id on your website then it doesn’t give a good impression to your visitors. Ideally, you should put a professional business email id on your site.

Friendly Site Control Panel

The Control panel of SiteGround hosting is very good. When I purchased SiteGround hosting, I was very new to the control panel. I was very worried that how it would be. But its control panel is easy and makes my work very easy.

It is a very user-friendly control panel and easy to understand. I like it.

PHP Version

The performance of your site also depends on the PHP version. Currently, SiteGround hosting provides PHP (7.3+) version. There are very few hosting service providers which provide the PHP (7+) version.

Ultrafast PHP: In GoGeek and the above plan they are also providing ultrafast PHP options.

SG Optimizer Plugin

SG optimizer is a plugin developed by the In-house team of SiteGround. It has multiple optimization features and techniques. You can do the following setup through the SG optimizer plugin:

  • Super Cacher Settings
  • Environment Optimization
  • Frontend Optimization
  • Media Optimization
  • Performance Test

SiteGround provides Speed Boosting caching features in GrowBig and GoGeek plans. By default, they enable NGINX direct delivery to all the sites.

Daily Backup

SiteGround hosting provides daily backup features. They do a daily full backup of the site. If something goes wrong with your site and then you may restore it. Siteground hosting also provides backup on-demand in GrowBig and GoGeek plans.

SiteGround Plans and Pricing

Basically, there are three hosting plans under the shared hosting category. StartUp, GrowBig, and GoGeek. If you wish to have SiteGround shared hosting in the future, I will suggest you go for GrowBig or GoGeek option.

Some features are common in each plan and some are unique for a particular plan.

Those who want to create a single site and want a basic standard shared hosting plan then can prefer a startup plan. However, if you want to create multiple sites and want some extra features then you should prefer GrowBig or GoGeek plan.

Totally, it is up to your requirement. You must check and analyze all the features and benefits before you signup for the SiteGround hosting plan.


The above is only a general overview of SiteGround hosting based on my experience. This is not conclusive in nature. I have written this blog to help you to know about one of the best hosting providers.

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