How to Set target Country in Google Search Console?

set target country in Google search console
Sea Target Country

Let’s discuss how you can set target country in Google search console. Sometime Geo targeting may be very important for you. Suppose you have a website and and your users are in India or in any other particular country.

Then why you need to focus on whole world if you know your target audience are in a particular country.

You can do geo target a specific country where your target audience are available. Normally, there are two ways to target a specific country. First, you may have a country specific domain name like .in, .uk, etc.

Secondly, you can also use search console to target a specific country. Google search console is a very good tool and you can use it for geo targeting. I am writing about this in the context of Google search console.

Now let’s see how you can set target country in Google search console.

Set Target Country in Google Search Console

I assume that you have already added your website in Google search console. First, you need to open your search console account and select your domain name.

May be you have added a multiple domain name in your search console account. That’s why you need to select your particular domain name for which you want geotargeting.

international targeting-Set target country in Google search console
Legacy tools and report>International Targeting

You just need to click on Legacy Tools and Reports on left side bar menu. Now you will have multiple options including International Targeting below legacy tools and reports.

You just click International targeting.

Set Target Country
International Targeting – Select Country

After clicking on International targeting, you will be redirected to a new page. You will have Language and Country option on this new page.

Click on country and you will have option to select your specific country. Now you just select your specific country and tick on Target users in.

As you can see in above image where I have selected India as a specific country. In this way you can set target country in Google search console.


  • Open Google search console account.
  • Select your domain name.
  • Click on Legacy Tools and reports.
  • Click on International Targeting.
  • Now click on Country.
  • Select country hat you want to target.
  • Tick Target users in.

Complete process is very easy and you can set target country in Google search console easily. In case you want to make your website presence in a particular country, geo targeting might be a good decision for you.

Let’s understand with exapmle.

Suppose, I have a blog in Hindi language and my target users are available in India. Should I target to only India or users globally?

In my opinion, I should go for geo targeting and set my target country as India. Because, I know I am having content for Indian users only. There is no need to target globally. I should focus on to increase my presence in India for my Hindi Blog.

In this way I can focus on my real users.


Sometime geo targeting might be very important part of your users targeting strategy. If you content, product or services on your website is a country specific, geo targeting may be good strategy.

It may be good for raking of your site in Google search also. There might be many other benefit for geo targeting.

However, it is depends on your website and its content. It may also depend on the products and services you are promoting on your site. You should take your decision for geotargeting after analyzing pros and cons.

I hope you like this article and provided you satisfactory knowledge about targeting a specific country.

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