8 Top Qualities of a Good Salesperson – Let’s Do More Sales

Qualities of a good salesperson for you c
Qualities of a good salesperson for you

Have you ever noticed that some sales representatives do good sales and come in the category of a good salesperson? However, there is some set of salesperson who does only an average number of sales or the below the average.

It is because some salespeople have a set of good qualities and that’s why drive more sales. In the absence of these important qualities, achieving a good number of sales is quite tough.

Qualities like good communication skills, product knowledge, networking skills, understanding, etc are some of the basic qualities of a salesperson.

Here, I am writing about some important and top qualities of a good salesperson and I am sure it will help you a lot. So let’s understand each point in detail.

1- Self Driven, and Self Motivated

A good salesperson is always a self-driven person and self-motivated to achieve sales numbers. There are two kinds of salespeople:

  • First, those who don’t need a regular push and frequent motivation from the organization. They are always aligned with their and the organization’s goals and achieve a good number of sales. They are usually a self-driven and self-motivated person.
  • Second: They are another set of salespeople who needs regular motivation and push from the leaders to achieve sales number. Even after a lot of push and motivation, some achieve sale number and some do not.

Selling is a kind of job where most of the time you may get a negative response from the customer. And It is normal to get disheartened when you listen to regular negative responses from customers. A good salesperson always understands this and gets prepared to handle the situation.

In simple words, a good salesperson loves a sales job and always be passionate to meet clients and get the least affected by negative responses.

2- Knowledge of Products and Organization

This is one of the most important qualities of a salesperson. You must know about the product that you sell and about the organization that you represent.

commitment qualities of a good salesperson
Knowledge is key

There is a very rare customer who would not like to know about the product’s features and benefits. Whenever you do sales, you should have deep knowledge of products. So that you can explain the features and benefits of your products very well.

A good salesperson always knows why a particular product is most suitable for the customer. He knows why the product is better than others.

If a salesperson has multiple products in the same category, he understands which product might be most suitable for the customer.

The customer would like to know about your organization also. So as a good salesperson you should have a good knowledge of your organization also.

3- Good Communication Skills

From day one when you enter the sales job, you must work on your communication skills. If you already have good communication skills, it is great. Even I would suggest that you should have a good hold on communication skills.

This is a very important characteristic of a good salesperson. Your communication skills play a great role to achieve sales numbers.

Some people get confused and connect it with a particular language like the English language. But communication skills are something more than that.

It is important that you know the language which you speak. But communication depends on many things like:

  • What do you speak?
  • How do you speak?
  • How do you respond to your customer?
  • You react or respond.
  • Understanding with customers.
  • Verbal Communication.
  • Non-Verbal Communication.
  • Are you a good listener or not?
  • Ready to get the unexpected question
  • Product explanation
  • Voice and tone.
  • Expression and body language.

If you are into sales, you must sharpen your communication skills. For most of the sales you will do, your communication will play a very important role.

4- Networking Skill

If you are scared to meet new people, you must remove this fear as soon as possible. As a good salesperson, you should have networking skills. You should love to meet new people.

The sale is all about reaching new prospects and convert into customers. As many new prospects you meet, chances are you do more sales.

Ideally, when you approach 10 prospects, there would be 1 closure. However, the closure ratio may be different from person to person, industry to industry. The main part is meeting a maximum number of people can give you good sales results.

Networking is a very essential trait of a salesperson and every salesperson should work on it. If your network is big and has healthy relationships, you can achieve good numbers in sales.

5- Negotiation Skills

As a good salesperson, you should have a strong handhold of your negotiation skills. Maybe, You have done some sales where you get easy customers. But there are a set of people who will not get agree to your deal easily.

And this is the time when you need to show your negotiation skills. See, you have to be well prepared from the beginning and build a connection with your prospective customer.

Your negotiation may be on various things like Pricing, features, terms, conditions, etc. It depends on the customer’s point of view. Maybe, your customer thinks that your price is high or your competition is providing some extra features.

There may be anything and you need to be prepared for everything. When you sit at the negotiation table, your main focus should be on quality and value addition.

However, you should take your approach according to customer mindset and need. While having a negotiation, your behavior, voice tone, expression, etc should be aligned and good to the customer.

Here is a summary of some points that you should consider while negotiating a deal:

  • Understand customer needs/problems.
  • Understand customer mindset and requirements.
  • Be well prepared.
  • Build connections and relationships.
  • Value addition and qualities.
  • Your behavior, Expression, and voice tone.
  • Price, Features and Benefits, Terms and conditions.
  • Negotiate with the right person.
  • Build trust factor.
  • Why you are the best.
  • Listen to your customer.
  • Good presentation of your products and or services.

If you have good negotiation skills, that’s great. Otherwise, you should practice this skill and sharpen it as much as possible. It will help you a lot to close maximum sales deals.

6- Well Prepared – Pre and Post Sales

A good salesperson does three types of preparation: Pre Sales Preparation, Sales Preparation, and After Sales Preparation.

  • Pre-Sales Preparation: It includes basic groundwork, research, product knowledge, organization knowledge, competition, Dress sense, carrying required things, Sales Planning, Developing a customer-oriented attitude, etc.
  • Sales Preparation: It includes, your first face-to-face approach to a customer, smile, body language, communication, production product presentation, negotiation, sale closure, Etc.
  • Preparation For After-Sales: Asking for references, customer service, support, endorsement, relationship, cross-selling, etc.

A good salesperson believes in having a long-lasting relationship with customers. A good salesperson is always ready to help his customers.

7- Knowledge of Competition

This is one of the most essential elements of a good salesperson. When you have good knowledge of competitors, you have an extra advantage to represent your products well.

Your competition knowledge helps you so much to crack a deal. For example, your customer wants to buy health insurance for his family and he already has seen your competitor’s products. Now he wants to meet you.

Here you have an extra advantage to crack your deals. If you have the knowledge of your competition, you can plan your sales talk accordingly and offer a better deal.

8- Confidence and Good Dress Sense

Confidence and good dress sense are the two most important factors for a good salesperson. If you are into sales, you should know how to dress well and wear a good level of confidence.

These two things help you so much to close sales. I hope you have listened to the line – the first impression is the last impression.

dress sense qualities of a good salesperson
Good dress sense

In the first few seconds, customers notice your dress, your expression, how you initiate your talk, how confident you are, etc.

How confidently you talk to your customer and how confidently you represent your products, play a big role in the sales process.


Anyone can join sales, but only a few people give outstanding results. It is because of some good characteristics and skills. You can acquire all the skills any time and can do outstanding.

There are many platforms like YouTube, and Google from where you can learn a lot of things to get more productive in sales.

A good salesperson understands what is important and works accordingly. Love and passion to achieve success are also very primary requirements in this field.

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