Small Business and StartUp: 10 Powerful Tips For Growth

tips for small business
Tips for small business and startups

Have you ever wondered why small businesses often fail to sustain themselves in the market? It’s not always the capital, competition, and business planning, sometimes even with the wrong choices and executions of the little aspects that cause a hefty price for small businesses.

You know that there is a lot of competition in the market. However, you also understand that there is a lot of business opportunity and potential in the market.

Here are 10 Powerful tips for small businesses to save you from slipping away from the track and gain better results for your small business.

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There are various reasons for a small business to fail. So, these tips are going to help you and uplift your small business or startup!

1- Pick the Right Niche

There are countless business options, and choosing the right fit for you is crucial. Picking a niche would be the first thing to do when you decide to start your small business or startup.

Firstly understand your interests, expertise, knowledge, and experience in a particular field and then try to intersect with the market demand. By this, you will be able to pick the perfect niche.

A few options go like this:

  • Digital Marketing
  • Dropshipping
  • Consulting
  • Online Coaching
  • Content writing & blogging
  • Handmade products / Customized gifts
  • Restaurant
  • Franchise Business

You might fail to sustain and build a profitable business if you fail to pick the right niche. Therefore spend enough time evaluating and researching before deciding on the niche.

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2- Build a Personal Brand

An individual starting a business or creating content online or anybody who aims to build a brand presence needs to build a personal brand.

Here is a list of some points which may help you to a personal brand:

  • Create realistic content for your business.
  • Engage with your audience and respond well. Support them when they are in need.
  • Build trust amongst your audience and you know it will help you a lot to build your brand.
  • Educate your audience about your products and service. Tell them why you are the best.
  • Sell quality, not products or services.
  • Share your real struggles and stories. Try to connect with your users.

For example,
You are starting a toy business and willing to make sales. Imagine you creating content that sticks in the audience’s mind while telling your struggles and stories. They gradually get connected with you and trust your product or service.

The next time they decide to buy, you will be the first choice to buy. By doing this, you can eliminate the competition from big brands and sell better.

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3- Choose the Right Platform to Market

Choosing every platform to market your products or services might pinch your pockets. Focus on the customers and choose the right platform to promote your small business or startup.

For example, if you sell aesthetic handmade jewelry, you must choose a platform where your audience is willing to buy your jewelry.

It might be Facebook, Instagram, etc. So try to build marketing strategies based on that. On the other hand, if you’re a finance consultant who wants to sell your services to B2B companies, focus marketing on a platform like LinkedIn. The decision-makers of the companies are approachable on that platform.

Here are a few platforms you can consider to market your products or services:

  • Instagram – B2C Businesses
  • Facebook – B2C Businesses
  • LinkedIn – B2B Businesses
  • Pinterest – Info products or designing businesses

Therefore, perform basic research about who you want to sell your products or services to before choosing the marketing platforms. You can choose the right mix between organic and paid ads.

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4- Create Original Content

Every business is trying to hope for marketing trends and strategies. Therefore it is important to be real and create original content. Your brand must have its brand voice and originality to stand out in the market.

Things to consider while creating an original:

  • Create content based on the vision of the business.
  • Find your brand voice to market.
  • Do not copy your competitors.
  • See what works for your niche.

Your small business or startup will be lost in the ocean full of businesses if it doesn’t stand out. And thus might run into losses.

5- Have Patience

“Trust the process. Your time is coming. Just do the work and the results will handle themselves.” says Tony Gaskins.

Creating a small business might sound very simple. But in reality, it takes a lot of patience to start from scratch and yield money from it. Therefore, be patient until you get results.

Your consistent efforts and passion for your business lead to growth in the long run. If you fear failure and rejection and not giving enough time to gear up the business you might end up quitting your idea.

Comparing your results with competitors will add more pressure and reduce your creative side. Therefore focus on your journey and be your competitor to get better results.

6- Build a Team With the Right People

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships, ” says Michael Jordan. Believe in teamwork work and delegate the work to your teammates considering the workload and skills needed to complete the task.

Choose the right people who can help you solve your problems and get better results. You can take interviews, and discovery calls before hiring them.

Also as an add-on bonus, you can have a virtual team if you are a service-based business and manage your team online. There are many tools that you can make use of to manage your virtual team and run your business smoothly.

7- Manage Your Finances and Taxes

Every business needs to focus on managing its funds and taxes for a smooth workflow. Mismanagement of finances and taxes can cause huge losses in the long run.

Therefore get consulted by professionals for a better understanding of it. You can use accounting software to raise invoices, manage inventory, record and analyze accounts, etc. for your convenience.

There is plenty of software like Zoho books, Profit books, etc. where you can handle your finances and accounting.

Remember, it is always recommended to take help from experts if you are not aware of the fundamentals. It might cost you a lot in case of mishandling it.

8- Time Management

Time management is one of the most important factors in running a small business or startup. Due to the resource crunch and lack of experience, it might eat up a lot of your time in multitasking.

You can consider dividing the tasks into smaller ones and focusing on them. Also, delegate as much as possible from your end.

Things to do to manage time better:

  • Use time management tools to set reminders of your work, deadlines, social media posting, etc.
  • Note down every task on a sheet of paper along with the deadline on your work desk.
  • Avoid using mobile phones for personal use at work timing

9- Customer-Centric Products or Services

The products or services must be sold or offered considering the customer’s pain points and needs. When customer-centric products and services are served your audience widens and impacts your sales.

For example, You are a marketing guy with 5 years of experience, and now you want to start your freelance business. You must consider social media marketing as it’s the burning pain point of every business online.

How can you choose a customer-centric product or service?

  • You must do detailed market research and what’s happening around you
  • List down your skills and interests
  • Match between both of them
  • Choose a hot-selling business and work on it.

10- Don’t Forget to Have Fun

Last but not the least, In the rollercoaster ride of managing a small business or startup never forget to have fun. The journey might cost you time, effort, patience, and consistency.

But at the end of the day, it’s all worth it. Try and explore as much as you can, you never fail, and you always experiment.

If you fail to have fun, the journey can never be cherished as a great part of your life. Your creative juices freely flow only if you have fun in what you do. Therefore face every challenge but have fun along the process.

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Although you read and hear plenty of tips and suggestions online, implementing the right ones can take you a long way.

Consider having a step-by-step route to achieve your business goals by adapting the above tips to your small business.

Maintain a routine, fix your tasks, manage your team, and have track of in and outs of your small business or startup.

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