8 Popular Photography Channels on YouTube in India

best photography channels on Youtube
Photography channels

In this article, I am curious to tell you about 8 popular photography channels on YouTube and you can learn much more from these channels. Photography is one of the most beautiful and creative fields. There is so much to learn and a lot of creative people are doing amazing work in the field of photography.

There are many photography channels on YouTube and thousands of videos and tutorials are available. We are living in an internet zone and learning is quite easy and affordable to most of us. The above channels are loaded with many aspects of photography and you can gain so much. So let’s start knowing these photography channels on YouTube in detail.

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1- Kunal Malhotra

Kunal Malhotra is a full-time photography blogger and influencer. He started his photography journey 10 years back. Kunal Malhotra started this channel in February 2013 and this channel is in the Hindi language. Mostly he publishes videos on this channel related to basic photography, tips, and tricks of photography, mobile photography, digital and smartphone camera reviews, etc.

Kunal Malhotra YouTube channel
Kunal Malhotra

Kunal Malhotra has conducted many webinars, photography walks, and workshops. Initially, after his education, he was doing a job as a digital marketing professional. But after working for 5 years, he quit and become a full-time photographer and creator. Let’s have a look at some playlists of Kunal Malhotra’s YouTube channel.

  • Photo Challenge
  • POV Photography
  • Behind The Camera With Kunal
  • Video Production Tips
  • Home Photography Ideas

Some of the popular and most-viewed videos of Kunal Malhotra are Massive 18x Lens For Your Smartphone, Creative Mobile Video Tricks With Editing, Mobile Photography Tips and Tricks, Best Instagram Exports Settings For High-Quality Photo, etc. This is one of the best photography channels on YouTube in India.

Total Subscribers on Kunal Malhotra1.08 Million+
Total Videos794
Total Views97 Million+

2- NSB Pictures

NSB Pictures is owned and managed by Neeraj Sharma. NSB Pictures YouTube channel was created in March 2021 and now in march 2023, there are 1.1 million subscribers on this channel. Here you can find videos on a wide range of topics including photography, video editing, reviews, tips, tricks, etc. Street Photography, Dope Portraits, Photography, Complete Photo Retouching, etc are some playlists of NSB Pictures.

NSB Pictures photography channels on Youtube
NSB Pictures

Some examples of popular videos of NSB Pictures are Complete Lightroom Mobile Retouching in 4 Steps, Pro Mobile Photography Secret Tips, Lightroom Mobile dark cyber Tone Photo Editing Tutorials, The Ultimate Secret of Posing For Photo, etc. If you are searching for some good photography channels on YouTube, you should explore this channel.

Total Subscribers on NSB Pictures1.1 Million+
Total Videos248
Total Views76 Million+

3- Saurav Sinha

Saurav Sinha is a photographer, YouTuber, and camera geek. He started this channel in August 2014 and he has 917K subscribers on his channel Saurav Sinha. This is one of the best photography channels on YouTube in India that I know. You can learn many aspects of photography, videography, and other related things on this channel. If you are a beginner photographer or curious to explore videos on photography, this channel may be good for you.

Saurav Sinha photography channels on Youtube
Saurav Sinha

iPhone Tutorials, Mistakes in Photography, Landscape Photography, Premier Pro Tutorials, and Photography Behind The Scene, are some playlists of Saurav Sinha. Some videos of Saurav Sinha are popular and have more than 3 million views on them. Some of them are 5 Mobile Photography Ideas and Hacks You Must Try, 7 Mobile Photography Tips & Tricks, 6 Portraits Photography Tips You Must Know, etc. This may be one of the best photography channels on YouTube for learning.

Total Subscribers on Saurav Sinha917K+
Total Videos197
Total Views53 Million+

4- Maneesh Saxena

Maneesh Saxena is the founder of M9 Studio which is situated in Maharashtra, India. Maneesh Saxena is a passionate and professional fashion and advertising photographer. He is into this profession for the last 23 years. Maneesh Saxena’s YouTube channel was started in February 2012 and this is one of the most popular photography channels on YouTube, especially for beginners. There are many photography tutorials for beginners available on this channel that you can explore.

Maneesh Saxena channel on YouTube
Maneesh Saxena

Some popular videos of Maneesh Saxena are 5 Creative Outdoors Photography Ideas, 4 Awesome Creative Ideas in Outdoor Photography Shoot, Wedding Photos and Videos Editing Lab Setup, Best Camera Settings Ideas For Portraits Photography in Natural Light, etc. If you are a beginner photographer and want to learn more about photography, you must explore this channel. Maneesh Saxena is one of the most popular photography channels on YouTube in India to learn.

Subscribers on Maneesh Saxena506K+
Total Videos900
Total Views44 Million+


If you are in the field of photography, quite possible you have heard the name GMAX STUDIOS. This channel was started in September 2013 and it is helmed by Gorky M. Gorky M is a director, photographer, and producer with many TV shows, music videos, etc. On this channel, you can get videos on several topics of photography, cinematography, shooting videos, etc.

GMAX STUDIOS photography channels on Youtube

Some popular videos of GMAX STUDIOS are Why is 50mm 1.8 The Best Lens in The World, Best Camera Settings for Photography, Hindi Video Shooting Tips – Follow Focus Remote Wireless, How to Shoot in Program Mode on Any camera, etc. You can explore more videos of GMAX STUDIOS.

Total Subscribers on GMAX STUDIOS416K+
Total Videos210
Total Views18 Million+

6- Sudhir Shivaram Photography

Sudhir Shivaram Photography YouTube channel was created in October 2014 and there are 365K subscribers on this channel. The total Views on Sudhir Shivaram Photography are also more than 10 million. Videos on topics like How to Get Amazing Rim Lighting Images, Autofocusing For Birds, Autofocus on Low light, and videos on various other topics of photography are there.

Sudhir Shivaram Photography chennel on YouTube
Sudhir Shivaram Photography

Some popular videos of Sudhir Shivaram Photography are Be a Better Photographer in 45 Minutes, 10 Most Important Camera Settings, For Beginners – All About White Balance in Photography, and Online Photography Tutorials For Beginners to Advance. In my opinion, Sudhir Shivaram Photography is one of the best photography channels on YouTube for beginners.

Total Subscribers365K+
Total Videos59
Total Views10 Million+

7- Sahil Dhalla

Sahil Dhalla is a professional photographer and he started this channel in December 2018. He creates and uploads many informative videos on his channel and these videos mostly are related to photography, video editing, photo editing, tech, unboxing, digital and smartphone camera reviews, etc. Sahil Dhalla YouTube channel is in the Hindi language.

Sahil Dhalla photography channels on Youtube
Sahil Dhalla

Basics of Photography in Hindi, Photography Tips and Tricks, Apps for Photography and Filmmaking, and Flash photography Tutorials are some playlists of Sahil Dhalla YouTube channel. This channel may be useful to learn several topics related to photography, video and photo editing, etc.

Total Subscribers on Sahil Dhalla252K+
Total Videos304
Total Views29 Million+

8- Photography Educators

Photography Educators YouTube channel is one of the most popular channels which was started in June 2020. This channel is in Hindi language and videos on this channel are simple and easy to understand. They publish videos every week and they focus on basic to advanced topics of photography. Photography Educators upload videos for basic to advance, wedding photography & cinematography, Types, and techniques of photography & cinematography.

Photography Educators Channel
Photography Educators

Some most viewed videos of Photography Educators are Candid Wedding Photography VLOG – Practical Training in Hindi, Free Masterclass on Camera Setting in Hindi, and How to Shoot Wedding Videography/Cinematic Film in Hindi.

Total Subscribers on Photography Educators238K+
Total Videos186
Total Views9 Million+

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