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Fitness YouTube Channels

As I know there are 3 most important dimensions of life and we can’t ignore any one of them. And these are Health, Wealth, and Relationships. You might have listened to this line “Health is Wealth.

Considering your health and fitness, I am writing about some good fitness YouTube channels that are very popular in India. See, learning and motivation can be important tools for everyone to achieve goals.

These fitness YouTube channels not only will motivate you, but even you will also have so much to learn from them. If you watch some of these channels, definitely you can have so much learning to make yourself fit and healthy.

However, there are a lot of YouTube channels on health and fitness and you can watch as per your choice and suitability. But sometimes it becomes very difficult to find the right one. I don’t know if these fitness YouTube channels are best for you or not but I have tried my best that I can include those names only that can contribute some good learning and motivation in your life and give a direction to move in the right direction.

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You might have the following learning and motivation from these channels:

  • Motivate you to keep yourself healthy and fit.
  • About Six-packs and a dashing personality.
  • Healthy diets and routines.
  • Different Exercises.
  • Benefits of going gym.
  • The motivation of having a good body.
  • Know about exercise mistakes.
  • Better results for your health and fitness.

And much more guidance and learning are there on Fitness channels on YouTube. Now without so much delay, let’s have the introduction of all these 5 popular fitness YouTube channels in India.

1- Rohit Khatri Fitness

Rohit Khatri Fitness
Rohit Khatri

Rohit Khatri is from New Delhi and He has good popularity on YouTube. He started his YouTube channel in 2016 and in within very little time he had a good number of views and subscribers.

Currently, this channel has around 4.8 Million subscribers. Apart from Rohit Khatri Fitness, he has two more channels on YouTube. And these are Rohit Khatri LifeStyle and Rohit Sonia Vlogs.

I have watched many videos on Rohit Khatri Fitness and I can say this is one of the very popular fitness YouTube channels among those people who are passionate to build a good body and have good fitness.

Rohit Khatri started his fitness journey with nothing and with his consistent effort and hard work, he achieve a lot of things. In the last few years, he also participated in some competitions related to fitness and bodybuilding.

His YouTube Channel: Rohit Khatri Fitness

2- Yatinder Singh

Yatinder Singh
Yatinder Singh

How I can forget Mr. Yatinder Singh while talking about fitness YouTube channels? He is one of the best and most trained bodybuilders. He has owned many national and international competitions and achieved many milestones. He is a famous name among fitness lovers.

Titles Mr. India 2016, Talwalkar Classic Winner 2017, and Mr. Asia 2018 are some of the great titles that Yatinder Singh has owned.

And if I talk about his YouTube channel, it is going awesome and has a huge fan following and subscribers. I am also a fan of this YouTube channel. Currently, this YouTube channel has 3.58 million subscribers.

YouTube Channel: Yatinder Singh

You can find a variety of videos and tutorials related to health and fitness on the Yatinder Singh channel. For more detail about Yatinder Singh, you can also visit Yatindersingh.in

3- Jeet Selal Aesthetics

Jeet Selal Aesthetics
Jeet Selal

Jeet Selal is a fitness influencer and has a good fan following across India and even worldwide also. He is a graduate of sports science. And have a double degree in sports management.

Jeet Selal is the Founder and CEO of Himalayan Stallion. It was founded in the year of 2016 with the objective of creating awareness about health and fitness among Indian communities.

He has good experience and knowledge of health and fitness. You can have great learning from the videos he has uploaded on his YouTube channels.

Jeet Selal Aesthetics is one of the most popular fitness YouTube channels among youth. Currently, this channel has 3.58 million subscribers and huge views.

Even I have watched many of them and this channel has good content regarding health and fitness.

Visit Channel: Jeet Selal Aesthetics

4- Ranveer Allahbadia

Ranveer Allahbadia
Ranveer Allahbadia

Literally, I am a fan of his smile and charming personality. If you will watch his videos, many of his videos will automatically influence you to be happy and fit.

Ranveer started these channels for health and fitness. But After some time of the success of this channel, he started uploading videos related to many other fields also. But all of them are very helpful for self-improvement.

This fitness YouTube channel is basically a self-improvement and self-help channel. You may watch videos related to the following categories on this channel:

  • Fashion
  • Grooming
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Personal Finance
  • Communication Skills
  • Etiquette
  • Heath and Fitness
  • Mental Health

Currently, there are approx 3.11 million subscribers on this channel.

Ranveer Allahbadia

5- Guru Mann Fitness

Guru Mann Fitness
Guru Mann

Guru Mann lives in United State and has a huge fan following. He is a very popular and demanding fitness influencer. Guru man has a good audience in India.

Guru Mann has launched more than 50 free complete fitness programs with exercise and nutrition videos on the internet. These fitness programs also include Medical condition programs like Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, etc.

Here is a list of some of his programs:

  • Muscular 8 – Fat Loss Program
  • Muscle Size 5*5 – Size gain Program
  • Cholesterol Diet (Medical Condition Program)
  • Pure Mass – Muscle Building Program
  • MASS UP – Mass Building

Here you can visit his channel: Guru Mann Fitness. This channel is very popular among Indians and is one of the best fitness YouTube channels.


If you want to achieve something in a field, the best way is to follow some people who are already achievers in that field. It will give you a lot of motivation and learning which will help you to get success in that field.

If you take it seriously, then health and fitness are also important aspects of our life where we all want to be an achiever. And these fitness YouTube channels can contribute a lot to your life.

At the current time, we have a great source of learning and that is YouTube. You can watch a lot of videos of successful people and inspire yourself.

You can set proper goals and plans for yourself and achieve your all milestone with their motivation and learnings. I hope you like these fitness Youtube channels and this article also.

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