What is Loss of Personal Belonging Cover in Car Insurance?

Personal belonging cover
Personal belonging cover in Car Insurance

Does your basic comprehensive motor insurance policy include personal belonging cover? Would you get the claim if your personal items are stolen from or with the car? Generally, your basic comprehensive insurance policy does not cover it, however, it depends on your car insurance policy.

Normally, you need to buy an additional add-on for personal belonging cover in car insurance. There may be some companies that may provide you with inclusive coverage. But there are many other motor insurance companies that provide it as an add-on cover.

In this article, I will explain certain things regarding personal belonging cover and after reading this article, you will have so much idea about this important factor of car insurance.

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What is Personal Belonging Cover?

The personal belonging cover is an add-on cover that provides you with the cover for your personal items like mobile, laptop, bags, clothes, etc in your car. Some of the motor insurance companies are providing this add-on cover in India. You can opt for this cover by paying an additional premium.

Every insurance company may have its own plans and guidelines for personal belonging coverage. You may see multiple plans in some companies. Different plans may have different coverage and terms. You need to select the best suitable for you.

Benefits and Exclusions of Personal Belonging Cover

If you are opting for this cover, please don’t assume that it will cover the theft of all your personal items from the vehicle. Every plan covers some limited items and has some exclusions and certain limits also.

Some plans cover only personal items like – clothes and the same nature of products, audio, videotapes, etc. Some plans also may cover your mobile and laptop also. You need to check your coverage list, inclusions, and exclusions, in the car insurance policy plan before opting for the policy.


Your insurance company may have the following exclusions for personal belonging coverage in car insurance. However, you may need to check them from your policy document for better detail.

  • Usually, your plan does not cover cash, securities, cheques, bank drafts, Credit cards, Debit cards, jewelry, lens, travel tickets, watches, paintings and similar items, valuables, etc.
  • Any trade or business items.
  • You will not get the claim if the item is stolen because of your negligent behavior. For example, you left your door open in the parking, etc.
  • Any theft from the vehicle when you parked it in the no parking zone.

How to file a claim for theft of personal belongings?

If your vehicle or any item from your vehicle is stolen then you should report it immediately. First of all, you need to do FIR and report it to your insurance company. You should not delay in intimating the claim to the insurance company.

Normally you should report it within a few hours of the theft of the item. Submit the required documents and claim forms to the insurance company. You may also need to submit bills or receipts of the item to support the claim.


In my personal opinion, personal belonging cover in car insurance is an important factor to consider. If you are getting it included with the policy that is good. But in case your insurer doesn’t have it inclusive then you should buy the add-on cover for it. And most important you understand the terms and conditions of it.

Because if you are not clear about your policy and have certain expectations regarding your claim but if it doesn’t meet at the time of claim, you will get dissatisfied. So be clear from day one which coverage you are getting in your car insurance policy and which not. You should check whether you are purchasing a policy from any company like Oriental, Iffcotokio, Etc.

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