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Payment Gateways for WordPress

Before we go into the details of various payment gateways, let’s understand their importance. Did you know that the e-commerce industry is expected to increase by almost $11 trillion between 2021 to 2025? With the rising trend of digitization and the COVID-19 pandemic, the e-commerce industry saw a considerable surge.

If you have a WordPress website or blog and you want to sell online products, E-books, or ECourses, your foremost priority would be choosing the right payment gateways to integrate with your WordPress or eCommerce website.

While the trend has shifted from the option of Cash on Delivery to paying online instantly. Online payment through credit card, debit card, or newer options like UPI and third-party wallets are on the rise and needs integration with your payment option.

This is the time when a payment gateway comes of use to process these transactions with a simple setup. In this post, we’ll discuss some of the popular payment gateways which are compatible with WordPress sites and popular plugins like WooCommerce.

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1- PayU

PayU, formerly known as PayUMoney is one of the affordable payment gateway service providers. Currently, over 4.5 lakh merchants using it for payment. It is well known for its simple interface, and easy integration with WordPress, WooCommerce, and mobile platforms like Android, Windows, and iOS.

It has multiple plans and you can choose according to your requirements. For their starter plan, there is no annual maintenance fee or setup fee. Nowadays, PayU has become one of the most popular payment gateways.

Some of the key features of PayU include:

  • Multi-currency support
  • International payment support
  • OTP-based payments
  • Invoice creation facility
  • EMI support
  • Same-day settlement for select transactions done in India

PayU accepts a wide range of payment methods like Cards ( Visa, Mastercard, Rupay, Diner, etc), Netbanking, UPI, mobile wallets, etc. It is also highly secure with PCI-DSS compliance with 128-bit encryption.

2- RazorPay

Razorpay was founded in 2013. RajorPay is one of the most popular and free payment gateway solutions for small businesses, startups, and other website owners. Its products allow businesses to accept, process and disburse payments with transaction fees starting from 2% + GST.

It gives access to 100+ payment methods including all major Indian and International credit/debit cards, UPI, IMPS, and Mobile wallets. It is straightforward to set up the RazorPay payment gateway with minimal documentation and the process is an easy-to-navigate dashboard.

It also offers subscriptions, eCOD and ePOS options, instant refunds along with a customized checkout experience for the customers. It has led to a reduction in transaction failures and cart abandonments. Some of the popular features of RajorPay are as follows:

  • Support
  • Paperless Activation
  • Checkout JS
  • Mobile SDKs
  • Payment Gateway dashboard

3- PayTM

PayTM is a popular e-wallet service provider that also offers mobile payments, payment gateway, Nodal account, POS billing software, and more. It is one of the payment gateways which is popular and best suited for small blogs and websites.

The onboarding is simple with zero setup fee, and AMC fee. It integrates well with plugins like WooCommerce using robust APIs and custom SDKs. It is also available in the WordPress repository.

PayTM supports over 100+ payment sources including domestic and International credit or debit cards, net banking, UPI, PayTM wallets, etc. PayTM allows managing subscriptions to collect recurring transactions and extend bank offers to customers seamlessly.

It supports transactions from many countries with real-time bank settlements and instant refunds. It also supports QR codes and allows the creation and sharing of payment links, pre-authorization of transactions, and custom checkout options.

4- Instamojo

Instamojo is one of the highly preferred payment gateways for bloggers. It provides an easy way to create and share payments link. Instamojo provides a simple sign-up process with just a PAN card and Bank Account with zero setups and maintenance fees.

They also offer online stores and subscription options services that can be used by small businesses to sell products online. With over 100 major payment modes, it is easy to create payment links from the dashboard only.

It offers easy integration using SDKs with a free WordPress plugin and a private API key for secure integration. Instamojo also offers easy checkout for customers and fast payouts. It is also along with detailed analytics and insights for businesses to make better decisions.

5- CCAvenue

CCAvenue is one of the largest payment gateways in India offering over 200+ payment options including debit or credit card, Netbanking, EMI, and other Prepaid Instruments. It supports 27 major foreign currency and multilingual payment pages in over 18 languages.

It is easy to customize and can be integrated into your online store using the free API available for WordPress sites. The payments are enabled at the transaction fee starting from 2% + taxes as applicable.

CCAvenue also offers a convenient checkout experience along with PCI compliance. Some of the other features of CCAvenue includes a card storage vault, automated invoicing options, and smart analytics.

Furthermore, CCAvenue also offers a fully customizable storefront for free. And It is without the need for any website or technical expertise. It also offers a secure option to collect payments by phone. It also provides fraud identification and prevention.

6- PayPal

PayPal is one of the most popular payment gateways among WordPress users. It is available in over 200+ countries across the world. Due to its high popularity, merchants use it mainly to accept payments worldwide. PayPal also allows accepting payment directly through the PayPal wallet or by integrating the cards directly into the website.

Their transaction fee starts from 2.5% for local and 3.4% a fixed currency fee for international payments. PayPal also allows customizing the checkout process depending on the customer base. It is also known to offer expert customer support.

PayPal allows setting up recurring payments and customized reporting with APIs. Additionally, it is PCI compliant. It offers Basic, Advanced Fraud Protection and Authentication Services to protect against risks.

7- Stripe

Stripe is one of the global leaders in payment gateways. Stripe is available in 46 countries worldwide. It has recently become available for Indian merchants to collect domestic and International card payments.

It is widely popular for its easy-to-use and flexible platform. It makes integration easier with third-party applications and mobile platforms. Some of its best features are:

  • Fully customizable checkout flows
  • Hosted payment page
  • Smart authentication for revenue optimization
  • Flexible invoicing
  • Reliable support

Stripe supports managing subscriptions and recurring payments while reducing payment declines using its recovery tools. It also provides advanced features for fraud detection. It provides features like chargeback protection and sends automated email receipts after successful transactions or refunds.

8- NTT Data

NTT Data now owns the formerly known payment gateway Atom Paynetz. NTT Data accepts over 100+ payment options like UPI, IMPS Credit, debit cards, Bharat QR, etc. It is well known for its hassle-free setup, and good payment experience. Its low transaction rate starts from 0.75% for select transactions.

NTT Data also allows multiple currency processing, invoice generation, payment reminders, saved cards feature, and recurrent billing options to make payments convenient. The platform also promotes a high success rate with low reversals or failures.

It features an intelligent dashboard that allows monitoring transactions in real-time, capturing revenue, and creating invoices all in one place. This can be integrated easily with all major CMS systems and Android applications. NTT data is one of the well-known payment gateways with 100+ payment options.

9- Cashfree

Cashfree was launched in 2016 as a comprehensive payment option for accepting both domestic and International payments. It supports over 100 different currencies and more than 120+ payment options. This includes 65+ Netbanking options, UPI, cards, EMI, Pay-later options with quick settlement time, high-success rate of transactions, and auto-reconciliation for customers.

The centralized dashboard provides a detailed view of each transaction. It allows the creation of custom reports. Cashfree is easy to integrate through web APIs and a multitude of plugins. It is also easy to integrate with mobile platforms with multiple supported languages.

The transaction charges for major cards start from 1.9% + taxes. Cashfree also offers some advanced features like instant refunds, instant settlements, pre-authorization for transactions, and a token vault to save cards securely while being RBI compliant.

10- PayKun

PayKun is a bootstrapped Indian Startup founded in 2018 that offers a safe and reliable payment gateway with the lowest TDR of 1.75%. It offers an easy and fast onboarding process and hassle-free integration with websites and mobile apps.

PayKun platform accepts more than 120+ payment methods with its secure and customizable checkout. The powerful dashboard is feature-packed with various tools. It has good reporting functionalities that allow you to track and analyze your transactions from anywhere.

Some of the notable features include payment buttons, payment links, etc that can be helpful for instant transactions. PayKun offers security and protection to both Sellers and Buyers along with its PCI compliance.


We have listed the most popular WordPress payment gateways that are best suited for Indian businesses and freelancers. Whether you are an eCommerce business owner or a blogger who sells digital products and eBooks online, choosing the right payment gateways that support your customer base is very crucial.

Each above-mentioned payment has its own unique features and notable cons like affordable TDRs, multi-currency support, and integrated dashboards.

Before selecting any payment gateways, you must know your requirement and further you must research about features and charges of the particular payment gateway you opt for. You should keep in note that you are integrating a secure payment gateway for you and your customers as well.

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