Originality.AI: What is it and How Does it Work this Tool?

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In this article, I am going to introduce a unique tool that may help you to identify AI-generated content. Its name is Originality.AI. If you are a blogger, content creator, or website owner, you understand the importance of original content. In the current scenario, there are so many AI tools in the market by which anyone can generate articles, blogs, or other content in a few minutes.

Now there is a big challenge for bloggers, creators, and or website owners, how to identify AI-generated content. Because if you hire writers to write articles but what if they don’t produce original content? How would you be sure the content given by the writer is original or generated by any AI tools like ChatGPT?

In this scenario, Originality.AI, A plagiarism checker and AI detector tool can be a game changer for you and may help you to identify AI-generated content. So, without so much further delay, let’s understand what is it.

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What is Originality.AI?

Originality.AI is a plagiarism checker and AI detector tool and it was launched a few months back. This tool is developed by a team of content marketing and GPT-3 AI experts. At this time, I know the only tool which can detect AI-generated content.

They claim that they have conducted several tests on the content generated by GPT-3, GPT-3.5, and ChatGPT, also and the tool is able to detect AI on the text generated by all three different OpenAI models. To check more about performance-related detail you can visit Originality.AI.

Now let’s understand how you can signup for it and start using this tool to check plagiarism and detect AI content.

Pricing and Signup Process of Originality.AI?

Generally, anyone can use it. However, most bloggers, website owners, and creators may be regular users of the tool. As of now, there is no free version of this tool. You can use this tool in the premium version only. There are multiple plans of Originality available. Normally, it cost $0.01 to scan 100 words.

Basically, it works as a credit system. It is like $0.01 per credit, and 1 credit can scan 100 words. And the starting plan of this premium tool is $20 for 2000 credits. You can signup for it within a few clicks. You just need to enter your full name, and email id, and create a password.

Originality.AI Signup
Originality.AI Signup Process

After that accept the terms and conditions and continue. Now you need to enter your card details and choose the plan, and signup to start using Originality.AI. The complete process is very easy and you can start it quickly.


After the launching of ChatGPT and other Ai tools, it has become important to have a tool that can detect AI-generated content. I am not sure but in the coming future, you may see many other similar tools in the market to identify AI-generated content. Because the demand for this kind of tool may increase in the coming future.

I don’t know what would be the policy of Google in coming future but as of now if you publish copied or AI-generated content on your site, Google may penalize the site. And bloggers, site owners, and creators understand this guideline. The tools like Originality.AI may be game changers in the coming future to detect AI content and plagiarism. I hope you like this article and will be helpful to you.

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