Online Shopping Tips: 7 Steps to Save Money & Stay Safe

Online Shopping Tips for everyone
Shopping tips

In this article, we will cover some important powerful online shopping tips, that are going to be very useful for you. Most of us use smartphones and the internet. And shopping for products online has become more convenient and easy for people.

When you want to buy something, you can buy from your home online and you can get the delivery product at your preferred address according to your convenience. So, now you have two options, the first traditional way, and online shopping.

Online shopping is easy, convenient, and saves time also. But along with these, there are some opportunities and threats also. So, in this article, we will cover some online shopping tips that may help you to save money, and stay safe.

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1- Research About Seller, Check Seller Ratings

When you are shopping for anything from a new merchant online, take pause and give a few minutes to explore that merchant. It is not like a traditional store where you visit personally and check it. If you are very casual while shopping online, it might be risky for some time.

If you are buying something online, and you know the merchant already or have some previous experience, it might be ok but if the merchant is very new to you, you should research it. You should explore backgrounds, ratings, and other details of the merchant.

And You should make sure that you are buying products from a genuine and authentic seller. It will take only a few minutes only to do some homework to check about the seller. This is one of my favorite online shopping tips that I am mentioning here.


  • Do some research about the seller
  • Check the seller’s ratings
  • Check background

2- Check the Return Policy and Terms

A return and refund policy is important for sellers and customers both. As a customer when you order something, you expect the same product that you saw online. Right? But what to do, if the product you received was not as per your expectations or is already damaged or have some defects?

Among all the online shopping tips, this is the second most important online shopping tip. Whenever you are buying something, you must check its refund and return policy. And I would request you should go through the terms of the seller. So that you do not face any problems later.


  • Know return policy
  • Check refund policy
  • Read the terms and conditions

3- Read Product Reviews

If you go through the existing reviews of the product, you will have some ideas about the product. Not all the time but, most of the time, it may help you to make your decisions. If you are seeing that the maximum number of reviews of a product is negative, you know what to do.

But in case, most of the reviews are good or excellent, and only a few are negative, then chances are high that the product is good. I am considering this point in online shopping tips, because, product reviews are a very important factor in take a decision.

Product reviews - online shopping tips
Product reviews

If you will explore the customer reviews of a product and read some comments, you will notice so many things. And you will understand why checking customer reviews before buying online is good.


  • Read existing product reviews
  • Explore customers comments
  • Avoid if maximum comments are negative and negative reviews

4- Look for a Secure Website, Use Secure Internet

This is one of the most important online shopping tips that I want to mention over here. You must ensure that you are accessing a secure website. If you are shopping for anything through a website that is not secure, it will be risky for you.

When you open a website, check its web address in the browser. Ensure that the website address is starting from HTTPS: as you can see on our website. But if the website address starts from HTTP: only then avoid the site.

Second and most important, you must use a secure internet while doing online shopping. However, it is not limited to online shopping only, you should use a secure internet connection all the time when you use it. These two online shopping tips (access secure site and secure internet) are very important for everyone.


  • Use secure website
  • Check for HTTPS
  • Use a secure internet connection

5- Compare Prices, Check for Deals

It is true that you can save a lot of time and money while shopping online. But to get the maximum out of it, you may need to do some effort also. Now there are many e-commerce sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Etc, available where millions are products are listed. I can easily say that there is good competition in the online market.

Before you purchase something, you should try these two things. First, compare the prices of the products, and second, check for deals and coupons. You can compare prices, on two-three different sites, easily, and check for a better price for the same product.

deals - online shopping tips
Check deals

You should also check out if there is any discount and deals available on the product you want to purchase. Might be you have some coupons, and you should also look for the options if you can use your existing coupons and also get some new ones.

But make sure that you are alert and not getting into any spam. If you are getting something at a very low price, you should pause and research it. If you feel something wrong or suspicious, you should avoid the product. The above online shopping tips are important to consider.


  • Compare prices of the product
  • Check for deals
  • Check for coupons
  • Be alert and don’t get into spam.

6- Use Secure Payment methods, Protect Your Personal Information

While discussing online shopping tips, how can I forget to discuss this point? You know, using the internet and doing online transactions are very easy, and convenient but if you are not alert, there might be some mistakes also.

And a little mistake can be very harmful and wipe off your money in a few seconds. I would request you use a secure payment method all the time. As I above discuss, you should also avoid using the non-secure website.

When you do any online shopping and or transaction, make sure that you are giving only the required details. If someone asks for more details than required, avoid it.


  • You should use a secure payment method.
  • Don’t provide unnecessary details
  • Protect your personal information
  • Use encrypted method

7- Check Delivery Time and Other Details

You are shopping for something to save money and time but what if you don’t get your delivery on time or get it very late? To avoid unnecessary conflict and dispute, you must check delivery time/duration, and other related details before confirming your purchase.

You have certain expectations while shopping online, and it should not convert into a dissatisfaction mode. If you already know the expected delivery date and time, it will be good for you.

And if it is not delivered you can raise your concern to the merchant. Ensure you have given a proper address and contact detail to get your product delivered on time. This was one of the most valuable online shopping tips.

Conclusion – Online Shopping Tips

The above online shopping tips are very useful for everyone. It is good enough to shop online to save money and time but it is also important that you are alert and not take any risks. When I started to write about online shopping tips, I knew that people should be are of them. I hope this article is going to be helpful for you and other people. If you have any feedback regarding online shopping tips, you can write to us.

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