Newspaper Theme Review: Why it is the Favorite of Many Bloggers?

newspaper theme
Newspaper Theme Review

The newspaper theme is one of my favorite themes. When I started my blogging career, I purchased this theme without any doubt. Today I can say that I took a good decision of purchasing this WordPress theme.

I got each and every feature that I was expecting from the Newspaper theme. Even I got more than I expected. It is really awesome and full-featured.

It may seem that I am praising too much but it has fulfilled all the expectation which was required of me. And I make it clear that I am not here to influence you to purchase this theme only.

You must do your need analysis before buying a theme for your WordPress site. Your expectations and requirement may be different and you may need a different theme.

The purpose of writing this article is to just make you aware of the Newspaper theme and some of its features.

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Best Selling WordPress Theme

The newspaper theme is one of the best-selling WordPress themes. The newspaper theme was launched by Tagdiv in 2013. Tagdiv is Awarded by Envato WordPress Requirements Compliant Badge also. More than 100000 customers are using this theme in the world.

This is a responsive and beautiful WordPress theme. It may be the perfect theme for

  • Blog
  • News Site
  • Magazine Site
  • Publishing Site
  • Review Site
  • And Many More Segments

Either a fashion website or food or travel, this theme may be perfect. This is easy and simple. If you are not a very tech person then also you can optimize your site very well.

This is a next-generation theme and GDPR compliance theme. It supports videos from YouTube. This is a responsive theme.

Features of Newspaper Theme

The newspaper is uploaded with so many unique and beautiful features. Tagdiv composer, Cloud Library, Templates, Website demos, and many more features are available. One of the important aspects of this theme is that it is regularly updated.

This is one of the established and responsive WordPress themes. Whether I talk about a blog site or a magazine site, it can give a new height to the site.

Here are some of the important features and benefits of a Newspaper WordPress Theme:

Prebuilt Website Demos

There are so many pre-built website demos available in the newspaper theme. You can easily install a website demo and make a good website. There is a wide range of site demos like:

  • Pro Demos
  • Multipurpose Website Demos
  • Blog Site Demos
  • Magazine Site Demos

If you want to create a blog site or publication site or any other site, the demos can really help you a lot. You can find a wide range of demo sites that you can easily install and use it. You can download the demo in two ways:

  • Install Design Only: You download only the design of the site and you fill in your content. Your site will look exactly like the demo site.
  • Install Design with Contents: You can also download a complete demo site including content and edit the contents.

This may be the fastest way to create your site. If you create your site from scratch then you have to give it more time. However, the decision is up to you only.

Tagdiv Composer – Awesome Website Builder

Tagdiv composer is a content editing tool. This is a unique and awesome feature of the newspaper theme. You can edit your content, and the front end of the website very easily with this Tagdiv composer.

If you don’t have any coding knowledge then also you can make create a great site. This tool gives you a lot of control. You can easily drag and drop the design and customize the site.

You can also customize the template you download or import from the cloud library. With this editing tool, you can give a great outlook to the site.

Tagdiv Cloud Library

One of the great features of the newspaper theme is its Tagdiv Cloud Library. This is a collection of more than 1300 designs and layouts. You can import layouts or designs for your header, footer, contact page, posts, etc.

Whether you want to design the author page or search page you can import the design from the Tagdiv cloud library.

This is really a huge collection of good layouts and designs. You can search for the template you need and import it from the cloud library.

Awesome Theme Panel

This is my favorite. There is a separate theme panel for newspaper themes. You can do many settings from this panel directly like

  • Header
  • Footer
  • Ads
  • Template Setting
  • Categories
  • Posts
  • Blocks
  • Background
  • Theme Colors
  • Theme Fonts
  • Social Networks
  • Translation and More things you can do from the theme panel.

Inside the theme panel, there is an option for Google Analytics and JavaScript codes. You can easily paste your codes. There is the option of custom codes also.

Header Styles

The newspaper theme has multiple header styles which you can select from the theme panel. There are 15 styles in the header style section. Each style has its own look and settings with different header elements like logo, menu, search icon, Ads section, Topbar Etc.

You can give a good style to your site header with the available header styles. You can also import the header template from the cloud library directly from the theme panel area.

This is one of the amazing sections in the newspaper theme panel. There are 14 footer templates available in this section. Each one has a unique and stylish view. You can give it a good look and set it to your footer.

There is a button to show or hide the footer. You can do a set as per your choice from here.

You can do the setting sub-footer setting from the footer setting section. You can show or hide copyright symbols.

Multiple Ads Spots

This theme has multiple ad spots in the panel. You can paste your advertisement code as you want to display the advertisements.

Currently, the Newspaper theme panel has multiple Ad spots like:

  • Header Ad
  • Sidebar Ad
  • Article Top Ad
  • Article Inline Ad
  • Article Bottom Ad
  • Custom Ad 1 to Custom Ad 5, Etc

Whether you are a beginner or advanced, this may be very used full for you. Ads setting in this theme is easy, and you can manage it well.

Smart Sidebar

The newspaper theme has the feature of a smart sidebar. You can enable or disable it from the theme panel directly. However, if you are using a sticky sidebar then please check the google AdSense guideline.

Before you place any google ad in the floating box/sticky sidebar, please read Google’s policy. If you are using Google AdSense then you should not enable the sticky sidebar.

Tagdiv Social Counter

The newspaper theme has a nice social media integration option. You can integrate your Instagram account directly from the theme panel. There is also a Tagdiv Social Counter plugin in this theme.

You can integrate different social media accounts within your site. You can add social sharing buttons on your site.

Post Setting

As you can see in the image, there is a lot of option in the post-setting area. There are 12 default site post-template options. you can set any one of them as a default template for your post.

You can do many post settings from this area like:

  • Show Author Name
  • Show Date
  • Show Posts Views
  • Show Comments Counts
  • Show Next and Previous Posts
  • Enable Comments on Posts
  • Show tags, Etc

You show related articles at the end of the post. If you don’t want to show related articles, then you can disable this option from the post setting area.

Apart from the above, there are a lot of post-related settings options available.


Newspaper comes with inbuilt translation features. You can translate all the strings which are present on the front end of the website. This feature support 90 languages.

There is no need for so much technical skill. You can use the translation very easily from the theme panel.

Mobile Theme

In today’s era, there are billions of mobile users in the world. The Newspaper theme is a responsive theme. However, this theme comes with two inclusive plugins, that can enhance the performance of your site on mobile devices.

  • tagDiv Mobile Theme
  • Official AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) for WP

You can enable these two plugins on your website and generate a highly optimized version of your website. These plugins are optional to use.

Customer Support

When you purchase the newspaper theme you get 6 months of customer support for free. However, you can enhance it for up to 1 year by paying some extra money.

They assist you to resolve any bugs or issues. They also assist you in answering your query regarding any related problems.

Recently I had an issue and approached them. They assist me on time and helped me to resolve my problem.

Regular Updates and Improvements

Newspaper theme is a very well-established WordPress theme they understand the importance of regular updates and improvements. Since I purchased the theme for one of my sites, I have experienced that they regularly update and improve the theme.

This is important that your theme should be compatible with the latest version of WordPress. Newspapers improve their features on regular basis also.

Reasonable Pricing

The newspaper theme is really a good theme and full of multiple features. After considering the features and function of the theme, I can say the price of this theme is reasonable. At the time of writing the blog, the price of this theme for one license is $59.

Six-month customer support is inclusive of your purchase of a license. However, you can extend the support to 12 months by giving an additional payment of $17.63.

Plugins Included in Newspaper Theme

The newspaper theme comes with a bundle of 8 plugins. These plugins are the following.

  • tagDiv Composer
  • tagDiv Library
  • tagDiv Social Counter
  • tagDiv Newsletter
  • tagDiv Mobile Theme
  • Official AMP for WP
  • tagDiv Standard Park
  • Revolution Slider

Some of the above plugins are options and you can install and as per your requirements.


No doubt that the Newspaper theme is one of the best available themes. If you are planning to make a content-rich site then you may consider this theme.

If I talk about my personal experience with this theme then it is on my good list. However, every project and site may have its own structure and contents. You should always consider the theme as per your requirements.

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