Insert Headers and Footers BY WPBeginner Plugin – Review

Insert Headers and Footers Plugin by WPBeginner
Insert Headers and Footers plugin

If you want to insert codes, and or scripts to your website, the Insert Headers and Footers By WPBeginner plugin may be a good and easy option for you. Normally, when you want to add codes or scripts, you need to go through the theme editor option.

But for some people, it might be challenging to insert codes through a theme editor. And if you don’t have any idea about codes, a small mistake can damage the website or ruin the structure.

Normally, I don’t recommend using so many plugins on your website. But I found this plugin to easiest way to insert codes and scripts. That’s why I decided to share a brief about the Insert headers and footers plugin.

Let’s first understand the features of this plugin.

Features of Insert Headers and Footers Plugin

This is an easy-to-use and very simple plugin for WordPress websites. Here are some of the important features of the Insert Headers and Footers plugin.

  • Installation and setup is easy.
  • Add codes without any hussle. It is so simple to insert codes and scripts.
  • You can insert code in Headers.
  • You can insert code in Footer.
  • Add Google Analytics code to any theme.
  • Add Custom CSS.
  • Facebook pixel code.
  • You can add any code or scripts including HTml and javascrip.

Now let’s understand how you can install and use this plugin.

How to Setup Insert Headers and footers

You just need to click hover or click on Plugin on the left sidebar menu in your WordPress dashboard. Click on Add new plugin and search for this plugin.

You just activate and install the plugin. If you want to see more details before the installation of the plugin, you can click on more details.

If you want to know more about how to install a plugin in WordPress, you can read also this article How to Install a Plugin in WordPress?

Insert Headers and Footers
Insert Headers and Footers by WPBeginner

After activating the plugin, it is ready to use. To use, you just hover on Setting on the left sidebar of the WordPress dashboard. Now you will see an option of Insert Headers and Footers. Click on it and you will be redirected to the Plugin page.

Here you will have the option to insert your codes in Headers and footers.

Insert Headers
Scripts in Header

If you want to insert your codes in Headers, you just need to paste the codes in the header section. And after pasting the code, click on save. And it is done. It is so quick and easy.

Insert Footers
Script in Footer

If you want to insert codes in the footer area, you just need to paste the code in the footer section of the plugin and click on save.

Either you want to insert codes in headers, or footers, both have the same process. The difference is only, insert your code in the required section.


One of the best and easiest ways to insert codes in your WordPress website. And most important, there is no need to edit your theme files separately to insert codes and scripts to your website.

Insert headers and footers is the most popular plugin for WordPress websites. This plugin is useful, ether you want to add Google analytics code, Facebook pixel code, or custom code, etc.

Inserting codes manually into the WordPress site might be risky, especially for some beginners who don’t have any idea about codes. If something goes wrong in the manual process, it may damage the site.

It has more than 1 million active installations and it is a popular plugin also.

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