How to Write a Long Blog Post? 9 Powerful Tips for You

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Long Blog Post

You reading this article shows that you know the importance of writing a long blog post. And you are interested to know to some tips to write a long blog post on your site.

It has been observed that most of the blog posts ranked on the first page of Google are long content. However, it doesn’t mean that short contents are not valuable and not worth writing.

Both types of content have their own importance and depend on the topics and niche as well. For example, you are a news blogger. And you have particular news to write. Might be you write your complete information in 600 words count or 700.

It doesn’t mean that your blog post is not of quality and will never rank. The main purpose should always be:

  • Write purposeful content.
  • Quality content should be the primary focus.
  • Write Original content.
  • Your readers should like your content.
  • Your blog post should be engaging for your visitors. So that visitors spend more time and read with interest.

Still, we should not ignore the importance of writing content of 1500, 2000 words count or above. There are some important aspects of publishing long blog posts on your site.

But writing long content doesn’t mean that you insert unnecessary stuff to only increase the length of your content.

The main focus of writing any content, either long or short should be to provide complete information or solution to the visitors. Purposeful writing of 1000 words count is always better than boring content of 5000 words count.

If you write a long blog post of like 2000 words count or above, it might be beneficial for you. Here are some benefits of writing high-quality, original, and long blog posts:

  • Better chance to rank on SERP.
  • Chance to get more backlinks.
  • Visitors will have more content to read and spend more time on your site.
  • Better chance of a conversion.

In this blog post, I am highlighting some tips which may help you to write long content.

1- Pre Drafting and Resources

What do you mean by quality? In my case, I have only one definition of it and that is visitor satisfaction. If your visitors are satisfied with your content, nothing is better than that.

So, before you jump to start writing long content you should work on Pre-Drafting and Resources. It means you should be ready in all manners for the particular topic you want to write about.

You should make sure that you have all the resources that you might need during writing your blog post. It might be a computer, internet, research papers, documents, images, infographics, videos, and other required stuff.

And the most important part is pre-drafting. It means you should have an overview of your topic. You should have a clear concept and outline of the topic which you want to write in a particular blog post.

If you are ready with your pre-drafting and resources, there is a high chance that you write better.

2- Distribution in Subheadings

You should work on distributing your topics into several subheadings. When you distribute your topic in subheadings, you can explain your content better and in detail as well. For better understanding, let’s go through with an example.

Suppose you want to write a blog post on SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Now, you write two different blog posts on SEO.

  • First: You write a post and put only one heading as SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
  • Second: You write a blog post and put SEO as your main heading. And distribute this main heading into several subheadings like On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, and Technical SEO. Again you distribute these three subheadings into other multiple subheadings like Title, Keywords, Meta Description, Etc.

Now, please tell me in which case you would be able to write more content with a good explanation. I think you will choose the second. Right?

The most important part is, that your visitors will also prefer the second post. Why?

Because in the second post, you can explain every aspect of your topic in detail and in a well-structured way.

You have an opportunity to write more word count by providing an explanation under each subheading.

But you should add only relevant and useful subheadings. Avoid adding unnecessary subheadings for the sake of only increasing your word count.

Each head should be to write good content for your visitors only. So that your visitors can engage with your content and can understand it well without putting in any extra effort.

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3- Quotes, Reference, Research, Examples, and Data

Sometimes, you a have topic where you don’t have so much to explain. Still, you have an opportunity to write much more on your blog post.

You can add some useful and relevant quotes and references to your post. And you can explain them in the context of your topic. But here the most important point is, how you choose your quotes and references. And where you write it in between your articles.

You can also add some research and data facts also. For example, if you are writing about the top 10 social media platforms. You can add their history, growth, the volume of users, etc. You can use some research, data, or other facts to support it.

You can add some examples in your blog post. It will also help you to engage your visitors. If you use a good example and explain it well, it will help your users to understand your post well.

4- Add Images, Videos, and Infographics to Write a Long Blog Post

I guess that you know the importance of images, infographics, videos, etc. If you are adding these to your article, you are adding some visual content.

Visual contents are useful and user-friendly. It improves users’ engagement on your site and makes your article interesting and engaging also.

Apart from the above aspect, if you are adding visual content like images, infographics, videos, etc, you have much more to write in your article. By default, you will have more things to explain. You can easily increase your words and be able to write a long blog post.

5- Write in Flow to Write a Long Blog Post

This is really very important to be in the flow of writing. If you want to write a long blog post, you have to be in a flow of writing. If you take so many breaks during your writing process, it will distract you from your creative ideas.

When you be in the flow of writing, ideas and thoughts flow automatically and at that time you can write better.

Because at that time you have good focus and your mind is running around your topics and related information.

flow of writing
Write in Flow

I would like to add one more point here and that is you should write as you are teaching someone. Imagine that someone is listening to your writing and you are explaining to him.

It will make you be in flow and you would be able to write a long blog post with ease. It will also stop you to get distracted from your writing process.

6- In-depth and Complete Information

When you start writing any topic, make your mindset that you are going to provide in-depth knowledge or information to your visitors. If you want to write a long blog post, you should focus on writing your topic in detail.

If you are explaining your content in detail, you would automatically be in a position to write more word count. For this, your knowledge is very important.

You need to know your topic and related information well. So that you can explain your article in detail and provide your visitors with in-depth information.

Without having good knowledge, it might be tough to write an in-depth quality and original article. So gain as much as knowledge you can to write a long blog post.

7- Lists, Bullets, and Numbers

If you are the person who is not using Lists, Bullets, and or numbers in your article, then you are missing a lot.

In my personal opinion, you must use these in your content. It will help you to write more and will also give you a good structure for your article.

Bullets, numbers
Use of Bullets, Numbers, Etc.

If you are using lists, bullets, and or numbers in right place, it will help you to explain your topic in a good and structured way. And the best part is people like it.

For example, you write 400 words in one paragraph and you write the same 400 words in 5 or 6 bullet points or lists or under numbers. What do you think?

You also need to understand where you should use these tools and where not. Because the use of these in the right place is more important. I would say that you should use a list, bullets, and numbers to write a long blog post.

8- Love Your Topic and or Subject

I guess you know the punch line, “Love What You Do”. This is correct also. If don’t like what you do, it is very rare that you use your full potential.

If you want to write a long blog post, you need to love your topic. Because in this case, you would love to go in-depth about your topic and would like to tell your visitors the best.

There are two ways:

  • First, You love the topic whatever you choose to write. or
  • Second, You choose the topic that you love.

Both will work, it is up to you what is your thought process and what you do. But you need to pour your likeness and interest into the topic your select. After that, you will also feel that you can write a long blog post without putting yourself under pressure.

9- Ideas and Creativity

Ideas and creativity play a huge role in a writer’s journey. Writing a post of 2000 or 3000 words count is not very simple work. Apart from knowledge and writing skill, creativity and ideas play a big role to write good content.

Here are some points that may help you to be more creative and get more ideas:

  • Read about your niche or subject a lot.
  • Read books and magazines in different fields.
  • Do research on your niche.
  • Read others’ articles.
  • Improve your observation.
  • Try to do new things and learn new things. It will also improve your creativity.

There can be multiple ways to improve your creativity. I have written a few of them only for your understanding purpose. And definitely the above will be beneficial to write a long blog post and quality blog post.

Here are some tools which may help you to write a blog post:


Google Trends


Question Hub

Blog Ideas Generator – HubSpot

Google Docs


Writing a blog post might not be a challenge. But writing a high-quality and long blog post is no easy task for everyone. Most search engines like Google prefer in-depth, high-quality, and original content.

If you apply the above tips, it will help you to write a long blog post. Whether you talk about search engines or your visitor, quality content is always good.

If you want to write long content like 2000 or 3000 or above word count, then first you need to have a mindset that you can write a long blog post. And you are capable enough for this work.

Secondly, you need to work to explore yourself and your writing as well. If you want to know how to improve your writing skills, you can read my below article – How to Improve Your Writing Skills.

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