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Writing a wonderful blog post is the wish of every blogger. Some bloggers are doing excellent in blogging and writing awesome content. The main reason behind every successful blogger is the quality of content.

Whether you talk about or any other successful blog, the main reason for their success is writing good quality content. However, the success of the blog site depends on many factors like speed of the site, SEO, consistency, etc but the top point is the content.

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In this blog, I will share some tips to write a good-quality blog post. I hope this post may be helpful for you.

Why You Should Write Quality Content?

Writing an engaging and quality blog should be the main objective of every blogger. Because writing a post without quality may not solve the purpose of your audience and may not engage them with your content.

The word “Quality” can not be defined in single words but I think a quality post means:

  • Content should be relevant.
  • It should provide sufficient knowledge for which users come to your site.
  • Language should be easy to read and understand.
  • There should be proper information and or solution.
  • It should have the ideal font and size.
  • Content should be engaging and interesting to users.
  • The content main focus should be on the topic.
  • The audience should be the priority while writing the blog post.

In my opinion, these above are the bare minimum requirement of good content. However, there are many other things that we should take care of while writing a blog post.

Definition and metrics of quality content may vary from person to person, topic to topic but the ultimate objective of quality content should be user satisfaction. The following things may be directly related to the content:

  • User Satisfaction
  • Search Engine Ranking
  • Low Bounce Rate
  • Traffic on the blog post
  • Income

The content of your blog post is directly related to your success. If your post is written superbly then the chance of success is high. But if your content is not good enough or poor then the chance of success may be less.

In my opinion, here are some of the following tips to make your blog post good:

1- Goal or Purpose of Your Blog Post

What is the purpose of writing your blog post? The answer to this question is very important. If you know the purpose of your blog post, and the ultimate goals then you will have a proper direction.

Let’s understand with this example:

Suppose, you are playing football in a football stadium and there are two scenarios:

First: You are playing football very well but there is no goalpost in the stadium. If you don’t have a goal post then how will you do goals? where will you do goals?

Second: You are playing football and there is a goal post. Now in this scenario, you know what you need to do maximum goals. You know that where you will kick the football and do goals.

In blogging also you should know the objective. Why are you writing? For whom you are writing? What will you write? etc. Your purpose may be anything like this:

  • Writing a post for the public interest.
  • Earn Money
  • Get Recognition
  • Writing as a hobby

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You may have your own reason and purpose. If you know the main goals of your writing then you will be understood and track your achievements from time to time. Your progress will motivate you as well.

2- Your Audience

Ultimately it is all about your audience who is going to read your blog post. I think you should have some idea that who is going to be your audience. Maybe you are writing for a specific set of people.

For example, if Someone wants to write about agriculture then most probably the audience should be farmers. However, anyone can read the agriculture blog post but in broad words, farmers are the main audience.

If You know the target audience then it is possible you do some research and get some understanding that what they want. What they are searching for? If you have an understanding of your audience then you can produce better content and get better results.

3- Your Personal Interest in the Topic

I have listened to these two sentences many times from many people:

Do what you Love

Love what you do

I believe in both the line but if you ask me to choose one of them then I would like the first – Do what you love.

Before you start writing your blog post, I would like to advise you that please identify your own interest areas. It will give you a lot of advantages. Suppose you are a person who is very computer savvy and you like computer technology very much.

Then I would say that you should write about computers and related subjects because blogging it may be your strength. You may already know many things about the computer and related to it. With less effort, you can gain more and more knowledge.

You can perform better because you like it and have more knowledge.

Let’s suppose you started writing about insurance but you don’t have any knowledge. Even if you are not in touch with the insurance industry and you don’t like it. If you start writing about this subject then I can guess, you have to so much effort to learn about insurance.

You have to go through from basic to advance about insurance to put good quality blog posts. And if you don’t like it then it may be more challenging.

Yes, I understand that everything is possible but commonly people perform better in their own interesting fields.

4- Knowledge of the Topic

Knowledge plays a very important role in writing. It not only builds confidence, but it helps to provide correct and complete information to the audience. Writing one, two, or a few blogs may be ok for anyone.

But if you want to write a blog on regular basis then gaining more and more knowledge is the key. Read about your niche as much as possible. It will help you to gain more knowledge.

5- Responsibility

A sense of responsibility is always associated with writing. If you are writing and publishing a blog post then you don’t know who is going to read this. Anyone can read it. You have to write your blog post with responsibility.

Providing the correct information is one of the major responsibilities. Any incorrect information may damage anyone’s assets or life. Your blog post should not harm anyone.

6- Heading and Subheadings

Heading and subheading of your blog post matter a lot. Generally, whenever we read something like a newspaper, magazine, or even a blog post, first we go through the heading or title.

In most cases if people like the heading then they read further and if they don’t like they avoid reading.

You should write a unique, attractive, and relevant heading and subheading. You should also use your keywords in your title and some of the subheadings. But all this should be natural writing. You should avoid filling in unnecessary keywords.

Heading and subheading also matter in ranking in search engines.

7- Content-Length

I have listened to and read many statements about the length of the blog post. Some say it should be around 1000 words, some say it should be 2000 words and even there are statements that blog posts should be around 3000 or 3000+ words counts.

All these statements may have their reasons and research behind them. But if you ask me then I would say focus on your topic. First, you write your blog post and focus on what you want to write.

Write the stuff and information which you want to provide in your blog post. Write what is good for your audience. Your content length may depend on the topic. Some blog posts may be lengthy and some be short.

Always keep in mind that your readers are the ultimate king. They are going to like or dislike your content. Filling unnecessary stuff may not be a good idea. If the content is good then the user will like it.


Interest in the topic, Good Knowledge, the right efforts, and dedicated time are the basic requirement to write a good blog post. If you are able to write and publish good content then there is a very fair chance that you get success.

After writing your blog successfully, you should do one more thing which is proper formatting of your blog post.

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