How to Start a Digital Marketing Agency – For Beginners

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Digital marketing agency

The Digital revolution is on high in India and in the world as well. And now business owners understand very well that the use of digital marketing is very important in their business. Whether, the business is big or small, or of medium level, they can’t ignore the importance of digital marketing. That’s why we can’t ignore the importance of a digital marketing agency.

Every business owner is the master of their own field and can’t give so much time to learn every aspect of digital marketing and implement it in their businesses. That’s why they need a person or digital marketing agency who can solve and fulfill their digital marketing solution.

In this article, I will discuss, how you can start a digital marketing agency as a beginner. Even, If you don’t have any prior knowledge or experience, then also you can start a digital marketing agency.

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Yes of course you have to give time and effort. Before we go into the details steps of it. Let’s know what kind of services comes under a digital marketing agency. Here is a list of some digital marketing services:

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Social Media Marketing, Eg Facebook Ads
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Writing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • PPC
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Lead generation
  • Video Marketing

There are many other minors and major services that may come with a digital marketing agency. However, I have listed some of the important terms only. Now, Let’s know, the main steps to starting a digital marketing agency without having any experience.

1- Skills Development to Start a Digital Marketing Agency

Without having proper skills, we can’t perform well mostly in any field. Even if you need to cut a tree, you need to know which tool you should use for a particular tree and how to cut it. If you want to start a digital marketing agency, and if you don’t have any knowledge and experience, then you have to start from the base.

The base point is to get the proper knowledge and digital marketing skills first. Because it might be your long-term career option and you should not take it lightly. If you want that you serve your client the best service, then you need to learn about digital marketing services like SEO, Social media marketing, PPC, Content Marketing, and other services of a digital marketing agency.

The good part is, you do not need to know everything in your beginning phase. Give yourself 1 to 3 months and learn some basics of digital marketing. And learn one or two skills in detail. I mean you should know at least 1 to 2 fields like Facebook Ads or SEO or anything of your choice in detail.

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Skill Development

Because if you know some field very well, you can start giving services to your clients well. After learning for 1 to 3 months and developing some skill set, you would be able to give your services. And simultaneously you can learn more topics in your field to enhance your knowledge.

As you might know, learning is very easy today. There are platforms like YouTube, where you can find videos on any topic of digital marketing. Or you can search articles on Google and other search engines to learn. If you want to do self-education, you should explore videos and articles both.

You can also search for ebooks, and tutorials, and also get knowledge. If you don’t have any budget problems, then you can also join a digital marketing course to get a better understanding. There are multiple ways to learn digital marketing. It is up to you which platform you select and how much time you give to learn

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2- Build Your Website and Portfolio

The second and most important step is to build your own website and portfolio. You are going to start a digital marketing agency, and first, you should have your own site and portfolio to show your prospects.

Everyone would like to know what about your service and expertise. And if you have a good website and portfolio of your own, it will be impressive for your prospects. There are multiple platforms, where you can create your blog or website. Here are a few examples:

I know in the starting phase, you might not have any work experience to mention but still, you can represent your list of knowledge, expertise, list of services, specialties, contact number, email id, and other details that your clients may need.

If you give some good time and create a very well-designed website and portfolio, this can be a big asset for you and help you a lot to get new clients in starting and later also.

In the starting phase, you can run your digital marketing agency as a freelancer kind of at your individual level. And after some time when you be confident then you can set up a structure and you can register your business.

3- Target Niche and Competition

Knowing your niche and competition will be crucial for you. You should know to whom you are going to serve and what kind of services you are going to offer. As I earlier said that you must have a good hand holding on to at least 1 or 2 digital marketing fields. Now, it is time to know who is your completion but before that, you get to know who are your customers.

Find a niche for you. Normally it can be anything but I would recommend selecting this field according to interest. For example, you might have good knowledge of the motor vehicles and or motor industry. You might have good knowledge about the hotel industry or fashion.

It can be anything. Normally you can target any new client but the main point is if you have some interest or knowledge of any particular segment or industry, it will help you to optimize your productivity. You will be more confident while talking to new clients and giving your digital marketing services. You can rock if you have digital marketing knowledge and knowledge of a particular industry.

4- Pricing and Business Structure

You are thinking to start a digital marketing agency, and I hope you would like to run it with profitability. Pricing and your expenses are very important factors for your business growth and profit. So set up a proper pricing structure for your services.

pricing digital marketing agency

You should know your market and know your competitors so that you can offer your services at competitive pricing and also be profitable. Your pricing should be win-win for you and your client as well. You can charge your clients in multiple ways. It is up to you and the kind of project you perform:

  • On Hourly Basis
  • Monthly Basis
  • On the basis of a project or service
  • Profit Sharing Basis

There might be your own model. However, you should know about the industry. You should know how other digital marketing agencies are charging. You should contact some other existing digital marketing agencies and should understand their pricing structure. So that you can have a better idea.

5- Your Branding and Socal Media

If you start a digital marketing agency, you make sure you have social media accounts on some good platforms. After creating a profile on some social media platforms, start your branding.

You can start your branding through your social media handle and start engaging with target audiences as well. Your social media activity can play a good role for a digital marketing agency.

It can also help you to generate leads for you. Slowly and gradually you should also focus on increasing your followers to brand your digital marketing agency. List of some popular social media platforms:

6- Prospects and Lead Generation

From this step, you are in the phase of generating prospects and leads. At this stage, you need to open yourself. Because at this time you need to communicate with the people and offer your service. You may have the following options to start getting new clients:

  • Family, Friends, Relatives, Etc
  • Local Markets
  • Online Platform like
  • Niche Based Clients
  • Other Clients

You might have the whole world to get a new client. But at the early stage of a digital marketing agency, you can start it with your family, friend, and relatives. And very easily you can get two to three clients to give your service. But I would suggest being professional and never mixing your business with relations.

Give your best service whether they are your known people or unknown people. Be the best and deliver the best. Whoever the person is, if you will give productive results to your client, you will have more chances to get other clients through references.

There will be mouth word publication and your branding automatically. In the beginning, you might have some struggles to get clients but it is not impossible.

After delivering some service, you can add your best performance or some top performance to your portfolio as well. Sometimes, you should start approaching your local market and client from other areas as well. There are multiple online platforms as well, from where you can grab business.

7- Get Your First 5 Clients & Delight

The first few clients are crucial for your newly launched digital marketing agency. Give your best to best service with reasonable pricing to your all clients. If you will start on a good note, it will help you in the long term. If you can deliver some outstanding results for your first few clients, getting new customers through reference will be easy.

Your client automatically can give you more business and some references as well. I would say one thing, whether your agency is one month old or ten years old, give your best services. Because your good work will build your brand and you will have goodwill in your industry.

8- Team Building and Scale-UP Your Agency

In the beginning, you can work on an individual level for your agency. But after some time when you get the experience of your services, knowledge, and some expertise in your field, you can start to scale up it. You can set up a proper digital marketing agency and hire some expert employees for your agency. Running a proper office needs some extra management that you need to work on.


A few years ago there were only traditional ways to promote products and generate leads, etc. But now there is one more way which is digital marketing. Today most businesses understand the importance of digital marketing and they are using this to promote their products and services.

There is a lot of work for digital marketers but it is up to you how you grab that opportunity for you. As a proper digital marketing agency, you have to understand all the aspects of it to compete and perform in multi-dimensional areas.

You can start a digital marketing agency at a small level but you can grow it into a big digital marketing agency. It is totally up to your expertise, capability, management skills, your performance, etc.

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