How to Schedule Posts in WordPress? A Guide for Beginners

Schedule Posts in WordPress SIte
Schedule Posts

If you are aware of how to schedule posts in WordPress, it is exciting. But if you don’t know it, then this post is for you. Scheduling a post in WordPress is an awesome feature. You can utilize it in many situations.

Let’s first understand why we need this. As we know consistency is very important in blogging. So you can use post scheduling to maintain your consistency also.

Situation1: Suppose, you have written 3 blog posts today but you don’t want to publish all the posts on the same day. In this case, you can schedule articles for future dates and timing.

Situation2: Suppose, next two to three days, you are out of station for family or some other occasion. In this case, you can write multiple posts and schedule posts in WordPress for the future dates you want.

There may be any other situations also where you may need to schedule your post. And by this way, you can maintain your consistency.

Schedule Post in WordPress

After writing and completing all the settings in the post, now you may need to schedule your blog post. To schedule, your blog post just clicks on the Post option on the right-hand side at the top.

There will be a Publish option below the Status & Visibility. By default, it is selected Immediately. But you need to change by clicking on it to schedule posts in WordPress.

Schedule Posts in WordPress
Schedule Your Blog Post for the future date and timing

You just click on the Immediately option. After clicking on the Immediately option, a calendar will open. Now you just need to put your inputs in the calendar. Select your date and the timing for the post to schedule it.

And I assume that you have already done your time format set up in the WordPress settings. If it is not done, you should do it.

Schedule Post - Date and Timing
Setup date and Timing of the Post

When you complete the details in the calendar, a schedule button will appear on the top. Normally, there is a Publish button on that place where a schedule button appears after the selection of date and timing in the calendar.

Shedule blog post in WordPress

You will also notice the date and the timing below the Status & Visibility option. These are the date and timing which you selected in the calendar.

Now you should cross-check the date and timing which you selected. If it is ok for you that is great. You just need to click on the schedule button. Your blog post will be scheduled for that particular date and the timing.

But in case you are not ok with the date and timing you selected then you can reset it. and schedule it.

Schedule posts in WordPress are easy and you can use this feature for your blog well. You can also utilize save a draft to save your post if you are not sure to publish or schedule it.

Here are some benefits of scheduling blog posts in WordPress:

  • Help to maintain consistency
  • Time management
  • Helpful in Long-term content planning
  • Advance content writing


As a blogger, I know the importance of scheduling posts in WordPress. Readers expect new articles and if you don’t publish posts for many days, your readers may be gone to other sites.

Schedule posts in WordPress can help us in many ways. As I discussed some situations at the start of this post. However, situations may be for different people. And it is up to you how you utilize it.

I hope this article helped you.

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