How to Schedule Pins on Pinterest? Step By Step Guide

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Schedule pins on Pinterest

You might know that Pinterest is one of the best social media platforms for your brand. If you are aware that how you schedule pins on Pinterest, it is good and exciting. But in case, if you don’t have any idea about it, then this article is very helpful for you.

This is an amazing feature of this social media platform and you can utilize it to plan your future posts. I have used this feature many times and it is amazing.

Currently, this scheduling feature is available for only business accounts. By using this feature you can save a lot of time and enhance your productivity.

Most people miss being consistent on social media and do not publish content regularly. But after having this feature, you may be consistent and schedule your posts in advance.

Benefits of Scheduling Pins on Pinterest

If you utilize this feature properly, you can have multiple benefits for your business account. You can manage your time and organize your social media productivity.

You can do long-term content planning on Pinterest. And the main thing, there is no need to open your account every day and publish the content. For example, if you schedule pins on Pinterest for one week or two weeks. You will save a lot of time.

Here is a summary:

  • You can maintain consistency on Pinterest by scheduling pins in advance.
  • Long-term content planning is possible and you can schedule up to 100 pins for two weeks in advance.
  • Organized representation
  • Time management for posting – you can manage the time and date of publishing.
  • Time-Saving

Steps to Schedule Pins on Pinterest

The process to schedule pins on Pinterest is very easy and simple. Login to your business account and click on Create. After that you will have two options – Create Idea Pin and Create Pin. You need to click on Create Pin.

Create Pins on Pinterest
Create Pin

Now you just upload the image or video that you want to schedule. You can drag and drop also. After uploading your image or video, write your Title, Meta Description.

In the description, you should write a minimum of 100 characters. You just need to write something about your pin. After it, you need to add the destination link for the pin.

steps to schedule pins on Pinterest
Create and schedule a pin

Now, you also select a board for your pin. You can select a board from your existing boards or you can also create a new board for that particular pin.

At the bottom of the page, you will have two options:

  • Publish Immediately
  • Publish at a later date

To schedule pins on Pinterest, select – Publish at later date. And put the date and time that you want for the pin. Note that you can schedule only one pin at a time. After completing all the details on the page, click on Publish.


  • Log in to your Pinterest business account
  • Click on Create
  • Click on Create Pin
  • Upload image or video
  • Add Your Title
  • Write Description for Pin
  • Add Destination link
  • Select a board for the pin or create a new board
  • Select Publish at a later date
  • Put time and date
  • Publish

In this way, you can schedule pins on Pinterest. But what if you have changed your mind after scheduling your pins? Don’t worry, you can change it or publish it immediately. Even you can delete it. There is a feature that you can update after scheduling it.

How Many Pins Can You Schedule on Pinterest?

Currently, it is available only for business accounts. You can schedule pins on Pinterest through desktop and iOS. Currently, you are allowed to schedule up to 100 pins for the future. The good thing is that you can schedule your pins two weeks in advance.

Here is a brief summary:

  • Available for business accounts
  • On desktop and iOS
  • Schedule up to two weeks in advance in your current time zone
  • Schedule up to 100 Pins for future
  • One pin at a time

Where to See Your Scheduled Pin on Pinterest?

If you have scheduled your pins and want to view them or edit or delete them, it is possible easily. To view your scheduled pins, you just need to go to your profile and click on created Tab.

In a few moments, your scheduled pins will appear. And sometimes it may take a few minutes for schedules pins to appear on your screen.

Might be you need to refresh the feed or your webpage to see your schedules pins on Pinterest.


Having a business account on Pinterest is very beneficial and you can utilize this platform for the growth of your brand. Pinterest was launched in 2010 and now it has a huge audience.

You can also view your data and analytics on this platform. You can check how your pins are performing. This might be one of the best platforms to get traffic to your blog or website.

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