How to Remove URLs from Google Search Engine? Guide

Remove URL
Removal of URLs

There may be many scenarios when you want to remove URLs from Google searches. Maybe you have some pages or posts, and you don’t want to index them on Google. But it is Indexed by Google because you didn’t disallow it.

Or might you have some poor-quality content and want to remove it from Google search?

There are multiple methods to remove URLs from Google searches. But in this article, I am discussing Google Search Console Method.

However, in this method, your URLs will be removed from Google for six months only. If you want to remove it permanently, you can block your pages for indexing. or you can also delete it from your site after removal from Google.

Remove URLs from Google Search

If you want to remove URLs from Google through the Google search console, first log in to it. Select your domain property where your URLs exist. You can select your domain name from the left sidebar top corner.

You just click on Index on the left sidebar menu. There will be an option for Removals. you just need to click on Removals.

Removals of URL
Removals option in Google Search Console

When you will click on removals, a removal page will appear. There will be three options.

  • Temporary Removals
  • Outdated Content
  • Safe Search Filtering

You need to click on Temporary Removals. Normally, it is already selected. On this page, you just click on New request.

Remove URLs from Google Search Console
Removal Request

Now, a new request page window will pop up, where you can paste the URL to remove it. Here you will have two options.

  • Remove this URL only
  • Remove all URLs with this prefix

You need to select the first option. That is: Remove this URL only.

Remove the URL
Enter URL

And paste your URL into the given box. After it, you just need to click on Next. After it clicks on Submit Request. If you are not sure whether to remove URLs from Google search, you can click on cancel it.

After submitting the request, your URL will be removed from Google. After a few days you should cross-check, whether is it removed or not. This is temporary removal and it will be removed for six months.

In this way, you can remove URLs from Google searches. Now if you don’t want that Google shows this page again after six months, then you can block the URL. So, that Google doesn’t index it again.

Remove all URLs with this prefix: If you want to remove multiple URLs with the same prefix and you don’t want to remove them one by one. In that case, you can select the second option.

Please perform all the processes carefully, so that it doesn’t hamper the SEO and ranking of your site. Take your decision wisely to remove URLs from Google search results.

Removal of low-quality content or unwanted content may be good practice but it should be done carefully.


Whenever you install WordPress, you should do all the settings. Initially, you can discourage search engines to index your website. You should allow search engines when your site is ready.

Because, in starting, you may do some tests and trials. And you may create some testing pages or posts. If you don’t want that Google to index all these then initially, you can off the indexing from the settings section in WordPress.

However, it is up to you whether you want to allow the search engines to index or not. You can do this setting from the Reading Settings page.

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