How to Reduce Bounce Rate? 7 Important Suggestions

How to reduce bounce rate
Bounce Rate

I guess you have a basic understanding of bounce rates. If the bounce rate of your site is high, it is not good. If the bounce rate of your site is low, it is good for your site. You should always monitor your site and keep working on it to reduce bounce rate.

If most of the visitors leaving your site from the first page and or not doing any other activity, the bounce rate will be high.


In this blog post, I am writing 7 important suggestions, which may help you to reduce bounce rate.

1- Find Reasons for High Bounce Rate

The first and most important thing is to understand the reasons behind the high bounce rate. If you know why visitors are leaving your site after viewing only one page, then it may be easy for your to work on it.

Normally, visitors leave website immediately because of some of the following reasons:

  • Poor speed of the site
  • Content is not engaging
  • Content is not related to user’s needs – Misleading Title
  • Poor site navigation
  • Site is Not Responsive
  • Technical errors

There might be some other reasons also but the above are the most common reasons. You should make a list of the reasons for the high bounce rate of your site and work to reduce bounce rate of your site.

2- Understand Your Visitors

target Audience - Reduce Bounce rate
Target Audience

The second most important thing is to understand your audience. You should know who is your target audience. You should write content for your target audience. Understand the requirement of your target users.

Try to understand what kind of content they like and what they don’t like.

For example, you have so many popups on your site and popups are annoying your users. Then there is no reason to having popups on your site. The main priority should be user satisfaction.

3- Site Structure and Navigation

Site structure and navigation play a very important role. Your site structure and navigation are poor then it may be one of the reasons for the bouncing of your visitors.

You should make your site structure and navigation menu as best as possible. It should be like, your visitors can access the content on your site easily. It can help you a lot to reduce bounce rate.

4- Internal Links

Putting internal links can also help to reduce bounce rate. If you have internal links in your content, users will have more information to access while reading the content. When users see other links in the content, usually there is an opportunity to click on it.

You should do internal linking in every article. Internal links should be related to the content or beneficial to users. An internal link should be relevant also.

5- Improve Site Speed

Poor site speed is one of the main reasons for the high bounce rate. If your site speed is good, it will be very helpful to reduce bounce rate. You can optimize your site to boost up your site speed.

Normally, users don’t like slow speed and exit the site. But site speed is good then they stay and spend more time.

You can go through this below article. It may be helpful for your to reduce site speed

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6- Engaging and High-Quality Content

The biggest reason for the high bounce rate on site might be poor quality content. If the content is not useful for the users then the user will leave the page. You can improve your content to reduce bounce rate.

You should write content that is engaging and solving the purpose of the users. Your content should be easy to read and simple. It will help to stay your users long time on your site.

You should also use images in your content. It will make your content more interesting if you add some relevant images. You can also add video and other media files to engage your users.

If your content is well written and well organized, users may spend more time on it. And it will help you to reduce your bounce rate.

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7- Related Posts

If you want to reduce bounce rate, you should place some related posts at the bottom of your article. When users will visit your page, there will be more related content.

When users will see the related articles, may go and read them also. Placing related articles may help you to reduce the bounce rate on your site.


Maintaining bounce rates low is very important for you. If it is going high you need to plan a proper strategy. You may also do a SWOT analysis also.

We are living in the world of competition and we have to work best to be in a higher position. If a lot of visitors are coming to your site but leave your site immediately, then it not fruitful for you.

It will impact your conversion. Your ranking on Google may also be down. So, find out all the ways and work on them to reduce bounce rate on site.