How to Read Blogs Online? Is it Free or Paid to Read?

Read Blogs Online b
Read Blogs Online

If you want to read blogs online, I must appreciate you. Reading is a good habit. Either you are reading books, blogs, or any other good material. There is a huge number of blogs are available on the internet.

But still, some people wonder whether they can read it for free or not. So I let you know that you can enjoy reading a lot of content online for free. There are some blogs that have their pro versions as well.

And if you want to read their pro version then you need to take their paid subscription. But in case you want to enjoy only free blogs, then don’t worry.

There is a lot of good and variety of content available on the internet. You just simply search your topic in a search engine like Google and find the content. You can read them and gain so much information and knowledge.

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Read Blogs Online

You can read blogs online directly from the blogs that you want to read. But in that case, you need to have the URL/Domain address of the blog.

For example, if you want to read a blog on, then you can directly type this blog site address in your browser. Or if you have any post URL of this site then you can type it in your browser and open it to read.

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If you know the URL address of the blog that you want to read, you just open it on the internet and read it.

But in case, you don’t know the domain/URL address of the blog, you can search the topic in Google or another search engine.

You can search the blogs according to your niche or topic you want to read. Or if you want to know the solution to particular information, you can search for it accordingly.

For Example, You want to read about – changing a cartridge in a printer.

So You can directly search it on Google. Google will display multiple results related to the topic. you can click on any result and read the details of the topic.

Some blogs have Mobile apps also. If you want to read blogs online, you can install some good and useful mobile apps of your choice. And read the blogs on particular topics on mobile apps.

For example, I am using Feedly mobile application. I read blogs related to digital marketing, technology, and blogs related to some other topics.

Read Blogs Online – is Free or Paid

You can enjoy reading bogs for free. There are millions of blogs and websites available that you can enjoy reading without paying any fees. You can also search your topics or information on Google and other search engine and read them for free.

But there are some, blogs and or mobile apps that provide pro plans also. They provide monthly or annual subscription plans to read and enjoy the pro features.

Benefits of Reading Blogs

If you are reading blogs online often, you are doing a great job because you get so many benefits when you read blogs online. Let’s have some overview:

  • It improves your knowledge.
  • It improves your language and vocabulary.
  • Learning benefit.
  • You can find so many solutions while reading blogs online.
  • It is a good habit that you invest your time in reading.
  • You make yourself updated on particular subjects that you read.


If you want to know something or learn about any topic, reading blogs online can be a good idea for you. Nowadays, blogs are famous and millions of blogs are available online.

You can simply search your topic in any search engine like good and open the search result of your choice and read it.

There is unlimited content on the internet. You can read and enhance your knowledge. Do you know reading is one of the best habits? If you have this habit, I appreciate it.

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