How to Overcome Fear of Writing? 7 Supporting Tips

Fear of Writing
how to overcome fear of writing

Self-doubt and fear of rejection are very common in most people. Everyone has their own kind of fear and doubts. There are many people who have fear of writing.

In blogging also, there might be some people who want to write a blog post but they are not doing. And it is due to the fear of writing.


I would say, this is not a big problem and it can be overcome. If you want to write, you can write. There is no need for any rocket science.

Here I am discussing 7 tips that may help you to overcome your fear of writing and you can write well.

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1- Why Writing (Know Your Goals)

Goals are very important either you are writing or doing any other work. First of all, know your ultimate goal. Why do you want to write? What do you want to write?

If you are aware of your goal to write, you would have the purpose to write. Your purpose may be anything like:

  • You want to be a blogger.
  • You want to be a book writer.
  • You want to write to be famous.
  • You want to earn money from writing.

Your purpose may be anything but the main thing is if your goal is clear, you have a direction, you have a motivation to write.

2- Read as much as Possible to Write Well

I would suggest that you read as much as possible. If you want to be a good writer, you should be a good reader. If you do reading often, your knowledge, your thinking power, and your creativity will increase.

If you have good knowledge and a creative mind, it is easy to write. Let’s see an example, Suppose, you say me to write about the Taj Mahal. How can I write, if I don’t know about the Taj Mahal?

3- Start Writing from Anything

To overcome your fear of writing, first of all, don’t wait to be perfect and start writing. Just start it now. Start writing anything, take any random topic and write on it. Start from you. Write about yesterday – how was it.

First, write 300 Words, then after some time write 500 words, then slowly and gradually, increase word counts.

For few days, just choose the topic you like and write about it. Slowly and gradually, you will feel confident about your writing.

After few days of practice and writing, you can start on the main topic. And have a feeling that you can do it.

4- Write Daily and Make it Habit

Good writing comes from habit. Try to write on daily basis and make it your habit. After few days of daily writing, you would feel that your fear of writing has gone and you can write well.

You just focus on Writing

Perfection comes from practice. So, you should never think that you are not perfect and you can’t write. As much as you will write, your writing skill will improve. That’s why it is important that you do writing practice regularly.

5- Avoid Procrastination and Distractions

Some people have fear of writing because of procrastination only. Procrastination is a big problem in writing. Might be you feel like:

  • I will write it later.
  • I will write it after some time.
  • Let’s first watch TV or a movie and do writing later.
  • Let’s first go to market and will write later.

There may be anything that comes to your mind and avoid writing. If you really want to overcome the fear of writing, you have to overcome procrastination.

You should set a proper timing for writing. Whatever timing you feel suitable for you, morning or evening or any other, you just make it happen. Set your schedule of writing and write as per schedule.

Avoid distraction and focus on writing. There may be many things like movies, social media, friends, or other things which may distract you. But you should be stick to your writing time and do it.

6- Don’t Think Your Writing is Bad

If you think that your writing is bad and nobody would like it then I would say just change this thought process right now. And start thinking that you can write and if there is any problem in your writing then you can learn and improve it.

Nobody is perfect. And anyone can do mistakes. Important thing is to improve and improve your writing continuously.

Most of the time fear of writing comes from negative thoughts like:

  • My writing is not good.
  • I have poor knowledge.
  • People will not like it.

There may be any kind of negative thoughts that may come to your mind. You just need to overcome these thoughts. Start thinking positive like:

  • I can write.
  • My writing is good.
  • People will love it.
  • I have good Knowledge.

I can understand, that it may not true but you just have your mindset positive and write often. You start doing the writing, learning, and gaining knowledge. After a few days or months, you would surely feel good enough in writing.

7- Take Help of Tools like Grammarly

Sometimes, we avoid writing because of language. If you think that you do grammatical mistakes and spelling mistakes, not worry. There are many tools and software in the market which may help you to correct your grammatical mistakes, spelling mistakes, etc.

You may use tools like Grammarly or any other tools of your choice to correct your writing. If you don’t want to use any tools then you can learn the language. It is not a big deal. You just need to be stick to your goal of writing.


When you want to achieve a goal, you have to start working on it. If you want to write something, you should make a proper plan and a deadline to complete it. But if have a fear of writing then starting may be tough for you.

But I would say, the first step is very important. So, it is important to start writing. Maybe, the first step, you write few words count only but if you would focus you can write better in the second step.

Reading, Learning, Practice, and Knowledge are the most important pillar in writing. If you work well on these pillars, writing is super easy for you.

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