How to Organize WordPress Media Library – FileBird Plugin

WordPress media library management
WordPress media library

In this article, I will discuss, how you can organize the WordPress media library with the FileBird plugin. I can’t even imagine my website without media files. I guess you think the same way. Because, media files like images, videos, pdf, etc have a very important role.

They make your website, more engaging, interactive, and informative. We use many media files. Sometimes it also depends on what kind of website you have. If you have so many files, it might be challenging to keep them organized and use them in an easy way.

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Fortunately, there are some plugins that you can use on your WordPress website and organize your WordPress media library very well. However, if you are an expert, you may manage your WordPress media library manually also. So, without so much delay let’s discuss the steps to organize the WordPress media library.

Organize WordPress Media Library – FileBird

The FileBird – WordPress Media Library Folders & File manager plugin is developed by Ninja Team. It is a popular plugin to Organize WordPress media library. It has more than 100000+ Active installations.

There are two versions of it – Free and Pro. In the free version, you have some limited features. But if you want to have some more advanced features of this plugin, you can buy the pro version of it. In this article, I am writing about the free version of FileBird.

filebird plugin-Organize WordPress media library
FileBird Plugin

Through this plugin, you can organize WordPress media library folders simply by dragging and dropping features. The best part of this plugin is it allows you to create virtual folders. And you can create multiple folders and can categorize your media files.

And the best part is when you move your media files and or folders, it does impact your permalinks. To start, first of all, you need to install and activate the FileBird plugin. After installing the plugin, you go to Media>Library. You will have two default folders.

  • All Files
  • Uncategorized

The first “All File” will show all your media files. And second “Uncategorized” will have those media files which are not added to any folder. Now if you want to create a new folder, you just click on the New Folder button. Mention the folder name and click on Save. In this way, you can create new folders.

After creating folders, you can move the media files in your folders by using drag and drop. You can drag and drop the media file one by one. And you can also do the bulk selection of the media files. And you can drag and drop bulk media files in one shot also. As you can have a look at the above sample image.

If you want to change the folder’s name, you can do this also. You just click on the folder that you want to rename. When you select the folder, you will have the option of Rename and Delete. Click on Rename and change the folder’s name and click on Save. And in this way, your folder’s name will be changed.

In the same way, you can also delete the particular folder you want. You just need to select the folder you want to delete and click on the Delete button. A popup screen will appear, you just confirm to delete the folder.

After deleting the particular folder, the media items of that folder will move to the Uncategorized folder. To organize the WordPress media library in a better way, you can also create subfolders. You can simply select the folder, and right-click. And click on New Folder. You can create multiple folders and subfolders.

While creating a page or post, you can add media files Media library and or from your system as well. You can select a media file from a particular folder and add it to the post or page very easily.


If you are having a website, where you don’t need so many media files, it might be easy to manage them. But if you are having a website where you are using a lot of images, you need to organize it well. So that you can manage and use your media files in a better way and save time as well. I found the FileBird plugin a better option to organize the WordPress media library. This plugin is simple and very easy to use.

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