How to Motivate Your Sales Team? 8 Amazing Tips For You

Motivate your sales team c
Motivate your sales team

As I know there are a lot of struggles, Ups, and downs for a salesperson. It is very much important that you motivate your sales team on regular basis and keep their energy level high.

Every person is not the same. They have their individual personality and traits. You need to understand that only one factor can not motivate every salesperson.

Some will get motivated by money, some by recognition, and some sales team members may get motivated by some other factor. As a leader or organization, you need to identify all those factors that can motivate your sales team and boost their energy to do more and the right sales.

Here are some common factors that motivate a salesperson:

  • Money – Salary, Incentive, Bonus, etc
  • Promotion and Growth
  • Rewards and Recognition
  • Individual Importance and value
  • Trust factor
  • Motivational Talk, Good Communication, Good Behaviour of Boss.
  • Training and Development

Apart from the above, there are many things that can motivate your sales team. I am going to discuss 8 important topics that may help you to motivate your sales team.

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1- Connect With Your Team Members

When I was in sales, I experienced that if your boss has a good connection and bonding with you, there is a kind of good feeling and motivation from within.

If you want to motivate your sales team, you need to maintain a good connection with your sales team members. They should feel like they are valued and their boss understands them.

Here are some important points that you may also apply to build a good connection and bonding with your team.

  • Praise your sales team members publicly and let them feel valued, positive, and important.
  • Appreciate them frequently. Never miss a chance when your salesperson does something good or positive. Appreciate it, whether achievement is small or big.
  • Spend some time with your sales team and have fun also.
  • Be open and honest while having conversations with your sales team.
  • Have some humor when you talk with them. It will create a happy and positive environment.
  • Improve your bonding with each member of your sales team. Every team member is important and you should keep your bonding strong with everyone.
  • Understand their feelings. Reciprocation is natural but I would advise you that reciprocate only good things. Whenever any team member is sad or rude, you should talk to them and try to understand them.
  • Avoid being rude to them publicly. Try to always be polite and humble.
  • Keep your team united.
  • Be positive and happy, and keep your team also.
  • Build trust with your team.
  • Boost their energy through motivational talk. From time to time, you should have some motivational talk also. It will definitely help you to motivate your sales team.
  • Understand their day-to-day struggles in the field and try to resolve them.

If your connection is strong with your team members, they will share and will have an open talk with you. Without having an open talk, you can’t understand their real problems and needs.

2- Understand Their Problems and Opinions

After having a good connection with your sales team, now is the time to understand the problems and opinions of your sales team. Most of the time you can boost the motivational level of your team and boost your sales by understanding the real problems and by solving them.

There are a lot of if and but, ups and downs, and many struggles for a salesperson. Some salespersons will share them with you and some will not. Some salespeople are able to handle all of them and some may not be able to handle them.

You need to identify all those areas where your salespersons are struggling. You should talk to your sales team and ask them what support they want and how you can make resolve their problems.

This activity will help to solve their problem, makes it easy to do sales, and they will also feel motivated. They will feel that there is someone who listens to them, understand their problems, ask their opinions, and try to resolve them also.

In this way, you can help and motivate your sales team a lot and even you can give a good momentum to sales also. See, when a desire comes from within, it always works.

3- Individual Importance and Recognize Strength

There are two ways to treat your sales team. One is to treat them as a team and the other is to treat each salesperson as an individual. Both are very important and you can motivate them as a team and as an individual as well.

Give importance to each and every salesperson, whether a salesperson is performing well or not. Even you need to be more supportive when there is a downfall in sales.

No salesperson is happy when his or her sales number is poor. Every individual has some strength. You just need to observe and identify them.

If you got to know their individual strength, you can give a motivational push. And this motivational push will help them to enhance their other skills and strengths also.

Initially, it might look like it is not worthy but It is beneficial. And even the strength of a salesperson can be beneficial for other team members also.

For example, if your one salesperson’s dress sense is very good, you can appreciate it. Even you can show this to other team members to dress well like him. See, every little thing matters a lot and you can utilize it to motivate your sales team.

4- Incentive and fair Chance to Get Promotion

An incentive on sales is one of the best ways to motivate your sales team to do more sales. Everyone wants to earn maximum money, that’s why they are doing the job. Some salespeople may be exceptional but most salespeople love to earn more money.

You can offer them a particular incentive plan on a monthly and or quarterly basis. Or you can even have an annual bonus also.

You should have two types of incentive plans:

  • Short Term Incentive Plan
  • Long Term Incentive Plan

A short-term incentive plan like monthly or quarterly will motivate your sales team to earn more money and they will try to achieve a good number of sales.

A long-term incentive plan will motivate them to earn money and somewhere they will have the motivation to work long-term in the organization.

There should be a transparent HR policy and a fair chance for everyone to get a promotion. Your sales team should be aware of what they need to do to reach the next level. You should also guide them and help them to achieve success.

5- Reward and Recognition Programs

You should have some reward and recognition programs to motivate your sales team. Every salesperson wants to get recognized and wants to get some rewards and recognition.

Here are some examples that you can include for your rewards and recognition programs:

  • Achievement Certificates
  • Trophy
  • Coupon
  • Trip

You can organize it on a weekly, monthly/Quarterly, or even on annual basis also. There are multiple ways to motivate your sales team. You can design them according to your organization and sales team.

You can set several milestones for your sales team and put particular rewards on each milestone. This will motivate your team to achieve and get rewarded.

6- Support Them in Achieving Their Targets

Confidence comes from achievements. Whenever you achieve something, whether it is big or small, you feel a sense of confidence. You feel motivated.

The same is applicable to your sales team also. When they will achieve their task or sales target, they will have confidence and motivation.

support them to motivate your sales team
Help them to achieve targets and motivate your sales team

Your support can play a very important role. You should support all your salesperson to achieve their targets.

I am not saying that you do sales on their behalf. However, I am saying that observe, ask and find out the problem areas of your sales team and support them to achieve their sales number.

It will boost their energy level and motivate them to achieve the next milestone.

7- Out Door Activities and Fun

Some fun and entertainment are also important in life. You can organize indoor or outdoor fun and entertainment activities.

This plays a very important role to motivate your sales team. When you do some fun or entertainment with your team, it creates a happy environment.

There are multiple benefits of having some fun and entertainment:

  • It improves the office environment.
  • It helps to improve your connection and bonding.
  • Motivate and build team spirit.
  • Happy and Positive mindset.
  • Feel stress-free.
  • Boost energy and inner power.

8- Training and Development, Skills Grooming

Training and development play a major role to achieve something. Whether it is a sales target or any other goal. As a leader, you must focus to train and groom your sales team.

When your sales team is well trained and equipped, there is a chance they deliver good numbers. There are multiple areas of training where you can focus.

training to motivate your sales team
Training and development – motivate your sales team

Here are some points that you may consider in your training. However, your training and development should be totally designed according to your organization, products, and team.

  • Train about the organization and competition
  • Product knowledge
  • Communication skills
  • Personality development
  • Sales Process, Closure of Sales
  • Pre and Post-Sales Actions
  • Manners and behavior with customer
  • Documentation
  • Time management

You can organize training and development for your sales team on regular basis. See, it should be like a continuous process. You can use it as one of the best tools or methods to motivate your sales team.


It should be your primary focus and you should motivate your sales team on a regular basis. If your team is highly energetic and motivated, achieving sales numbers can be an easy game for you.

But in case your sales team is demotivated and their energy level low, the battle of sales is very tough. When people desire to achieve something from within, they mostly achieve it. That’s why you need to keep your team motivated continuously.

Big companies like Google and Accenture know that employee satisfaction is very important. That’s why they always try to keep their employees satisfied and motivated.

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