How to Join Amazon Affiliate Program? A Brief Overview

Join Amazon Affiliate program b
Amazon Affiliate program

This article is about, how to join an amazon affiliate program. Amazon affiliate program is one of the largest affiliate marketing programs. Amazon is a well-established brand in the world. It is one of the best affiliate programs for creators, publishers, and bloggers.

Many creators, publishers, and bloggers have already joined the amazon affiliate program. And they are monetizing their traffic and earning money. Some of them are earning very good amounts also.

The number of earnings may depend on:

  • Total traffic on your site or mobile apps that you have associated with amazon.
  • How you promote products.
  • How do you place your Ads?
  • The products you choose to promote.

There might be some other factors also which may impact the total earnings. Like, as in which country you are promoting the products.

Now let’s have a look, at how you can join Amazon Affiliate Program.

Join Amazon Affiliate Program

You can directly open the Amazon website of your country and click on Amazon affiliate. Or you can just search in Google for the Join Amazon affiliate program or only the amazon affiliate program.

Normally, you will get it on top of the Google search result page. Just click on Amazon Associate central.

Now you will have been redirected to the Amazon affiliate program page. As you can see in the sample image above. You just need to click on signup.

Now you will have a page like the below image. If you have already an account on amazon, then simply fill in the detail and sign in.

Amazon Affiliate program - Sign in
Sign in or Create your amazon account

But in case, you don’t have an Amazon account, you can click on Create your Amazon account.

When you will start the process to join the Amazon affiliate program, the first page will be of account information.

Account information for Amazon Affiliate
Account information amazon associate

You just need to fill in the Payee Name, Address, and other details on the page. As you can see in the image above. Be careful while filling in all the information and filling in the correct information.

After filling in this page, click on next. Now, you need to add your websites and or mobile apps on which you want to promote the products.

You should also read the instruction before filling out the form.

Websites and Mobile Apps
Your websites and mobile apps

You can just copy the URL of your website, Apps, paste in the particular option and click on Add.

You can add up to 50 websites and mobile apps. After adding the details, click on the Next button.

Profile Amazon Associate
Profile details

Now you will have to fill profile page. Where you have multiple options to fill and select. You need to provide some briefs on your websites and apps also. You also need to select, which products you want to promote, etc.

There is a need to fill in your preferred associate id. It is the first option on the profile page to fill.

Traffic and Monetization Amazon Affiliate program
Traffic and Monetization

There are some questions regarding traffic and monetization also. You need to select your answers.

Finally, after filling in all the details, you have to type the captcha and tick the terms and conditions option.

But before you finish the process, you should read the terms and conditions of the Associate Program Operating Agreement.

After reading the terms and conditions, you just tick it and click on the Finish button. Now you will have a final page, where your unique amazon id will be displayed. You can note down your amazon associate id.

There will be an option to Enter Your Payment and Tax information on the page. You can fill it out immediately or click on Later.

In this way, you can join an amazon affiliate program. You can join amazon affiliate programs in your country and another country (Where it is available) as well.


If you are running a blog, website, mobile apps, etc, you can make this program a good source of income. Many creators, publishers, and bloggers are earning a good amount of money.

Amazon is already a known brand and people know it well. There are a lot of products category on amazon. You can choose products to promote which is best suitable for your niche.

Before you join the program, you must read the terms and conditions, payment terms, etc.

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