How to Index Blog Posts Faster in Google? 2 Best Methods

Index Blog Posts faster in Google ou
Faster Indexing

Do you know how to index blog posts faster in Google? If your answer is yes, it’s good. If you don’t have any idea about then this blog post be helpful for you. In this blog, I am sharing two methods to index your blog post faster in Google.

Sometimes you may have noticed that you have published your blog post. But even after a few days, your blog post is not showing on Google. What is the reason behind it?

The most possible reason for it is that your blog post is not indexed by Google till this time. There might be many reasons for it.

Normally, the frequency of crawling and indexing your blog post mostly depends on your working on your site.

  • Are you publishing content regularly?
  • How many blog posts do you publish?
  • When do you publish your blog post?

If you are not consistent then might be a crawler who does not visit your site regularly. But if some of your blog posts are not indexed by Google then you can request the indexing of your blog post.

Through Google Search Console

The first method, which I like the most is to submit a request in Google Search Console. First of all, you open your Google Search Console. I assume that you have submitted your domain in Google Search Console.

After opening the Google Search Console account, you just need to select your domain name. And click on the URL Inspection tab on the left sidebar.

There will be an option to paste your post’s URL at the top. Just copy and paste your Post’s URL in the option and press enter.

After it, a URL inspection detail will display. If it is not indexed, the page will be shown and there will be an option for Request Indexing. You just need to click on this option to request indexing.

When you submit your request, you will notice the details like the above sample image. There is no need to submit your request multiple times for a single post. Submitting once is ok.

Now you need to wait for some time. It may take for few hours or one or two days. After a few hours, you can check your indexing through URL Inspection.

If your blog post is indexed by Google the details will show on the page. You can see two main points:

  • URL is on Google
  • Coverage – Submitted and Indexed.

This is the most common way to Index Blog posts faster in Google. Normally, I use this method.

Use Social Media to Index Blog Posts Faster in Google

Another best method to index blog posts faster in Google is Social media. I assume that you have a social media account for your domain. Ideally, you should have social media account.

It is very useful to promote your blog and establish a brand. Whenever you write and publish a blog post on your site, share it on social media like Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Normally, Google crawlers visit some social media account frequently. And if the crawler finds your URL on social media, your blog post gets indexed. It is because the crawler visits your site through your link and indexes it.


There are other methods also to index blog posts faster in Google. But the above two methods are my favorite. However, the most important point is consistency.

If you are consistent on your blog and publish content regularly then it is very rare that your post is not indexed by Google.

Whenever you publish any blog post, you should cross-check the indexing status of it after some time of publishing.

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