How to Increase Productivity in Study? 6 Powerful tips

increase productivity in study
Study Productivity

Guys, today I am going to discuss a very important topic how to increase productivity in study. If you are a person who is searching to improve study and be more productive, then this article is going to be very helpful for you. If you are facing some challenges in your study and have distractions, you are not the only person.

There are so many students and youth, who have some productivity issues but the good thing is they want to increase productivity in study. And You know where is a will, there is a winner. So, don’t worry, I will tell you 6 powerful tips which may help you to increase productivity in study.

Social media, television, movies, web series, unhealthy routine, poor management, and many other things may be reasons behind your poor productivity. Self-control and discipline, are the two most important aspects in life to achieve anything. Now let’s discuss, what are those powerful tips that may help to increase productivity in study.

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6 Tips to Increase Productivity in Study

I can understand you have multiple subjects and a lengthy syllabus. And sometimes you feel like you don’t have time to complete your tasks. This is not a very new problem and many are facing the same. But after reading this article, and following these tips, you can increase productivity in study, and be an achiever.

1- Have Friends Who Are More Productive

Do you know this line “You become the average of five people you spend your most time with”? I don’t know who said this line but totally agree with it. Whether you are a college student or a working person, your surrounding people matter a lot. My first tip to you is to make friends who are already good at their studies and are good people.

If you have your surrounding well, you will notice that it is working by default. You will start thinking like a productive student, and you will have an automatic push to be productive. And the good part is, you will not feel any pressure, however, you will like it to be productive.

Your discussion, and your activities, will be more productive most of the time. Maybe some people don’t agree with it but for me, it is one of the best ways to increase productivity in study.

2- Reduce Screen Time & Avoid Digital Distractions

My second most important suggestion is to reduce your screen time and avoid digital distractions to increase productivity in study. Many people spend a lot of time scrolling social media platforms and watching web series on OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon, etc. If you are doing the same and spending many hours on your mobile or on television, it is not good for you.

If you want to increase productivity in study, you have to stop spending multiple hours on your mobile screen. I am not saying that stay away from it permanently. But I am saying spend a few minutes only on social media, television, OTT platforms, etc.

To understand the difference practically, you can do an experiment for a few days. Here I am listing a few important actions, you just do it for 10 to 15 days only, and you will notice a good difference and it will help to increase productivity in study.

  • Reduce your screen time by 50%. If you are spending 2 hours on social media, just reduce it to 1 hour.
  • Avoid using a mobile phone, TV, social media, etc in the first half of the day. You don’t use them before 2.00 PM (Except for any essential things).
  • Stop scrolling your mobile, and watch Television for at least 1 hour to sleep before. If you sleep at 10.00 PM, stop it at 9.00 PM.

Just follow them for 10 to 15 days only, I am sure you will notice a good difference and you will feel that you are doing good. And day by day you will be more productive.

3- Healthy Routines and Healthy Diet Are Important

What if I don’t do servicing of my car timely or I don’t put the required fuel in my car? What if I never wash my car or clean it? I know what would be your answer. We are human living being, it is also important that we take sufficient food, and nutrition, and do servicing of our body and mind on a regular basis.

Maintaining a healthy routine, and taking a healthy diet should be your utmost priority. If you are not eating healthy, how can you expect to be productive? So my third tip to increase productivity in study is to have a healthy routine and healthy diet.

If you have a very casual routine, no discipline, no determination, and taking unhealthy and insufficient diets, you would not feel energetic and your mood may also be dull. So, it is very important that you maintain a good daily routine and take a healthy diet.

4- Set Your Goals and Track Your Progress

If I don’t know my goals, how can I expect to achieve them? If I don’t know whether I want to go to Mumbai or New Delhi, How would I reach there? Without having proper goals, it is very tough to plan and achieve them.

I know you might have multiple subjects and you need to be multitasking. I have also done my studies and I can understand how a college student may feel. Setting goals, and tracking them should be there to increase productivity in study.

5- Avoid Procrastination

One of the major problems of students is procrastination. Many of us have a high level of procrastination but we don’t realize it. Procrastination is very dangerous and it makes people very less productive and a big hurdle in life. If you want to increase productivity in study, you have to stay away from procrastination.

In simple words, when you postpone your work again and again without any specific reasons, this is called procrastination. Determination is a very essential factor and you should not postpone your work. If you postpone your study once in a while is ok, but if you are postponing your study multiple times in a day or multiple times in a week, is not good for your study.

If you are facing the problem of procrastination, you can read the following article. And If you follow the tips written in the article, it help you to remove your procrastination.

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6- Create a Good Study Environment

This is one of the most important tips to increase productivity in study that I want to mention here. Your environment plays a critical role in your study. I would suggest being excited about your study place and making it good. Use your creativity and make your study table and room beautiful.

Choose an open and airy place to study. You can also paste or stick some good motivational quotes, posters, keep your parent’s photos, or anything that you like and get motivated when you see them. See, your good mood and motivation are very good to increase productivity in study.


I can mention a number of good tips to increase productivity in study. Apart from the above, you should plan your day and week ahead, take healthy sleep, use time management tools, etc. My core objective to write this article is to motivate you and help you that if you follow some tips, you can increase productivity in study.

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