How to Improve Writing Speed and Write Faster? 7 Tips

tips Improve writing speed f
Improve writing speed

When you do a particular task many times, you move toward perfection. But the way you perform your task, your actions, learning, and improvement is crucial. If someone wants to improve writing speed, it is quite possible. Just need to work on it.

If you are a person who wants to improve your writing speed and want to write faster, this article may be very helpful for you. Because in this article, I am sharing some good tips which will really make help you improve your writing speed.

Your speed of writing depends on many things:

  • You are focused on your task or not.
  • Are you using all the fingers on your keyboard?
  • Your knowledge or awareness about your topic.
  • The way you sit or your posture.

There are multiple areas that I can discuss to improve my writing speed. In this article, I am going to discuss, 7 important areas which may really help you to write faster.

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So let’s have a detailed look.

1- Know Your Keyboard to Improve Writing Speed

You might be thinking about why I am discussing this point. But I really tell you, knowing the keyboard is very important. Even you can say this is the factor where you start your writing.

While writing, you might use most of the keys. And if you are not aware of your keys on the keyboards, you will search for them while performing your writing.

know keyboard improve writing speed
Know your keyboard properly

It will consume a lot of your time. To perform better and save time you must know about your keyboard properly.

You should know, where is your Backspace, Enter, Delete, Shift, CapsLock, Functions, Ctrl, Alt, All the Numbers, All the letters, and other keys.

If you are aware, of all of them and have a clear picture of your keyboard in your mind. And simultaneously, you should also know the meaning of all the keys and their uses properly.

You should not be in the searching mode like where is K or P or any other particular keys you need. You should click on the required keys automatically and will also be able to use all the tabs on the board quickly.

2- Place Your hands Properly and Use All Your Fingers

The second most important factor that I know to improve your writing speed is, to place your hand properly and use all your fingers. Before starting your writing task, place your hand and all your fingers in the correct way.

To my knowledge, these are the correct way to place your hand and fingers:

  • Place your hand in the middle of the keyboard
  • The little finger of the left hand over “A”
  • The ring finger of the left hand over “S”
  • The left middle finger on “D”
  • Left index finger on “F”
  • Place your left thumb on the left side of the “Space bar”
  • Put your little finger of your right hand on the “Semicolon” sign
  • Ring figure of the right hand on “L”
  • The right middle finger on “K”
  • Place your right index finger on “J”
  • And the thumb of the right hand on the right side of the “Space bar

If you will do so, you will use all your fingers on the keyboard. You will be able to write faster on your computer. Initially, you might feel some difficulties while doing this. But after doing some practice, you can become familiar with it.

Using your hands and all your figure in an optimized way will automatically improve writing speed.

3- Improve Typing Per Minute

How many words your write in a minute is also very important to improve your writing speed. You need to know what is your current rate of writing. I mean how many words do you write in a minute? Now you need to set a task for yourself and write more words in a minute.

For example, currently, you write 10 words per minute. Then take a task to write 12 or 15 words per minute. Everything is mindset and practice.

If you will increase your writing per minute, it will improve your writing speed. But you have to mind two main important aspects also:

Do not compromise the quality of writing for the sake of increasing writing speed. You just need to move in a forwarding direction not reverse.

I mean, if in the current scenario, you do 10 mistakes in 1000 words, then after improving your writing speed your number of mistakes should not increase.

Writing speed is important to write articles/blog posts within a particular time but accuracy is also important. You might edit later and correct the accuracy but it will consume your time.

Improve writing speed per minute but also maintain accuracy. It will be very beneficial for the productivity of your writing.

4- Look At Your Monitor While Writing

When you look at your monitor while writing, you write faster. Actually, when you have eyes on your keyboard while writing, you be slow.

Look at monitor

But if you are new or don’t have a habit of it. You will have to do practice and might take some time also. To become confident in it, you need to know all these points and implement them.

  • Be aware of your keyboard and all the functions of the keys on the keyboard.
  • Place your hand right and in the proper way.
  • Use all your fingers.
  • Proper placement of your keyboard and monitor.
  • Your sitting posture should be proper.

Initially, it might be problematic to look at the monitor and type on the keyboard. But once you get this mastery, you will be able to write faster and better.

If you regularly practice it, you can get this mastery easily. Practice can make you perfect in anything.

5- Create a Writing Environment

Environment plays a vital role, whether you are doing preparation for your examination or writing an article on your website.

Whatever you do, if your surrounding is good and positive, your productivity can be at the next level. I would recommend you create a good writing environment when you do any kind of writing task.

Block all the distractions like TV, mobiles, friends gossiping, social media notifications, and other temptations which may impact your writing.

Completely be focused on your topic and writing work for till you complete your task. I am not saying that you just complete all your writing tasks within one shot.

I am saying, you should not get distracted while writing. If you are so much focused, you will notice that you are in a flow. And when you be in a flow state, you will be able to write more and faster.

You can experiment with it by yourself also. Just assign a writing task to yourself. In the first phase, write for two hours on your topic in an environment that is full of distractions.

In the second phase, you just write for two hours in an environment where you have no distractions and you are well-focused. You will automatically notice that you have written better than in the first phase.

Witting is something different and it needs your attention and focus. Your environment is an important factor to improve writing speed.

6- Know Your Productive Timing

You can write better when you are less distracted and have good energy. Your brain is the main part when you write something.

When you are focused, have a good energy level, good willpower, and fewer distractions, or no distraction, is the best time to write.

Normally, people suggest you should write in the morning. Because in the morning we are fresh and have fewer distractions.

I don’t know what is your favorite time. But I would suggest that you just find out when you can write better. It is not mandatory that you must write in the morning.

It might possible that you can write better in the afternoon, or evening or at the night even. Everyone has their own environment. You know yourself better and you need to find out your productive time.

If you know your productive time, you can utilize it better. And definitely, it is important to improve writing speed.

7- Outline, First Write, and Edit Later

If you want to be a champion in writing and want to write faster, you should not do all these three tasks at a time. These are:

  • Create Outline
  • Writing
  • Editing

These three factors are important components. You should go in a sequence. First of all, you should create an outline for your content. You must know your headings, subheadings, and other areas of writing.

In the second phase, you should write your content. When you write, you should not get distracted to create an outline or involve in editing work as well.

It will unnecessarily break your flow state and writing rhythm. Editing while writing will take a longer time to complete your blog post/article.

I would recommend that before you start editing, complete your writing work. It will help you to optimize and you will be able to write more words.

Grammarly is one of the best writing and editing tools that I know.


If you are a slow writer, don’t worry. You are not the only person who writes slowly. Nothing is impossible and you can also achieve good writing speed.

It is just a matter of practice and implementing some habits. There are multiple ways to improve writing speed and I have discussed 7 important aspects of writing. I am sure it may help you.

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