How to Identify Which Font a Website is Using?

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Either you are a blogger or have a website, but you might have visited some other websites and you liked their font. But you don’t know what font they are using. And you may be curious to identify which font a website is using.

So, there is no need to worry about it. Because you can find the font details of the webpage very easily. There are multiple ways to know it but in this article, I am writing about “Inspect”.

Through Inspect, you can find about the website’s font and many other details also. Let’s understand how you can find a website font.

Steps To Identify Which Font a Website is Using

Open the website in the Chrome browser. However, you can check the font details in other browsers also. After opening the website, you just select the text that you want to identify.

As you can see the below image. Where I have selected the heading of one of my articles. After selecting the text, right-click.

Select font and Inspect
Select the font on the page and inspect

When you will do the right-click, there will be a popup like in the above sample image. And there is an Inspect option.

You need to click on the Inspect option.

Font information - identify which font a website is using
Identification of font

Now you will have a new screen on the right side of the page. Now you click on Computed and you may need to scroll down a little bit. And you will have the font details on the screen of your computer. As you can see in the above image.

You can select any text of the web page, either heading or body text, you can inspect it very easily.

Now as you can see how easy to identify which font a website is using. You can do it through the chrome extension also. There are some extensions available for this job.


Identifying which font a website is using, might be easy. But sometimes maybe you don’t get it properly. Because some websites may change their font’s details like name, etc in the database. And in that case, it might not possible to get the correct font details.

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