How to Grow Your YouTube Channel? 5 Powerful Tips

grow your YouTube channel tips
Tips to Grow Channel

Do you think publishing good-quality content is the only way to grow your YouTube channel? Of course not. If you are running a YouTube channel and or want to start a new YouTube channel, this article is going to be very useful for you. Because, In this article, I will tell you some powerful tips that would be very helpful in growing your YouTube channel.

I hope you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine on the web and millions of creators are publishing their videos on different topics every day. This is one of the best platforms to make awareness about brands and products and share different knowledgeable and informative content.

It is one of the best platforms to make active and passive income both and millions of creators are already making good money. But of course, you have to do some effort and have to be consistent. So, now lets towards those powerful strategies that would be helping you to grow your YouTube channel.

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1- YouTube Channel Settings and SEO Optimization

Creating a YouTube channel is not enough to get good views and subscribers. Many people do this mistake and do not update their channel settings and ignore the SEO optimization of their channels. However, when you start a YouTube channel, your first work should be to complete your channel customization and settings. Here are some of the important settings that you can find in your Channel Customization section.

  • Layout
  • Branding
  • Basic Info
  • Advance Settings
  • Feature Eligibility

Open all available settings on your channel and optimize them carefully. And you should make sure that you have done all the settings well and that you are on to grow your channel.

If You optimize your channel well, it will help you to reach more audience and will also be helpful to brand your channel. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) optimization is very much important because YouTube is also a search engine and it may help you to grow your YouTube channel.

2- Use of Smart Growth Tools

I am the person who always favors growing your channel organically and it is good also. But as you know competition is very high and thousands of videos are published daily. To grow your YouTube channel, it is very important that you be smart enough to create high-quality videos, market it well, and reach the target audience.

There are several YouTube tools like TubeBuddy, VidIQ, etc in the market that may be very helpful to grow your YouTube channel. They are loaded with multiple features like Schedule Videos, Analytics, Keywords Research, Hastings, Thumbnail generators, Video topic planner, etc.

And it can save you a lot of time and can do a lot of tasks within a few minutes. If you have a very new channel and not having a budget for the premium tools, you can start using their free versions also. You can find out the best suitable tools which may be good to grow your YouTube channel.

You can explore TubeBuddy Pricing, and features, and can install its free chrome extension very quickly and integrate it with your channel. For more detail, you can read the below post or can visit the original site.

What is TubeBuddy and How Does it Work to Grow YouTube channel?

3- Interaction with Audience – Live Streaming, Reply Comments

As a creator, you should focus on two important things. First, new visitors keep coming to your YouTube channel. Second, your audience watch videos on your channel again and again. So basically, there are two aspects, first, you are attracting a new audience on your channel, and second, you are trying to retain your visitors.

And to grow your YouTube channel, both are important. After publishing, your videos, you should give some time to engage with your audience. You should reply to their comments, and have some question-answers, also. There are multiple ways to engage with your visitors.

If you are interacting with them, some of them will keep coming to your channel again and again. And it is really a good thing to grow your YouTube channel and build loyal visitors. You should have healthy interactions. Apart from replying to comments, and emails, you can also do live streaming, etc.

4- Create High-Quality Videos and Series/Courses

Whether we talk about watching a movie, buying a product or service, or watching videos on a YouTube channel, everyone prefers quality. Creating quality videos should be your priority. Because, if your visitors would like your videos, they would like to see more from you. And if you keep publishing good quality videos, this will be good for the health of your channel.

You can also create a series or a course also. However, it may depend on your niche or topic also. For example, if you are running a dance channel, you can create a dance tutorial series for beginners. It is just an example, you can create a series of videos, courses, and tutorials according to your niche/topics.

It will encourage your audience to keep coming to your channel. And will be good to grow your YouTube channel and will reach the maximum number of people.

5- Encourage Views to Like, Subscribe, and Comment

Speak up, yes if you are running a YouTube channel, make it your habit. When you say, please like, subscribe, and comment on the videos, some of your audience consider it and they do the same. So, never shy to encourage your audience to engage with your videos/channel.

I have seen many YouTubers who say it 4 to 5 times in their videos to like and subscribe. They motivate their viewers to comment and ask questions so that they have the opportunity to interact with them. Not only in the starting phase of your YouTube channel, but however later also, you should also have a focus on Like, Comment, Share, and Subscribers.

Conclusion – Grow Your YouTube Channel

Apart from the above powerful tips, there are multiple things that you should consider. You should maintain consistency. Without consistency, it really very tough to grow on any search engine like YouTube.

You should do proper keyword research and should publish good-quality videos on regular basis. And it is really very important to grow your YouTube channel. Attractive titles, good designs, attractive thumbnails, etc, are also equally important to grow your YouTube channel.

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