How to Get Customer Reviews For Your Products – 7 Tips

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Get Customer Reviews

This article is all about providing you with some tips to get customer reviews. When I purchase anything online or even from a local business shop, first I try to see the customer reviews. And I consider reviews for buying that particular product.

Like me, most aware customers check the products or service reviews before doing the final decision of purchasing.

In short, I just want to say that customer reviews influence the decisions of the customers. And that’s why it impacts your business growth and credibility also.

If you have a good number of good online reviews of your products, it is good for your business’s health.

Let’s first discuss the importance of customer reviews.

Importance of Customer Reviews

As I above said, customer reviews are really a very important factor for your business growth. And it is applicable to local businesses and online platforms as well. Let’s see how it can be beneficial.

Impact on Sales

Directly and indirectly, customer reviews can impact your sales. If you have a good number of good ratings, it will help you to improve your sales. But in case you have mostly negative reviews from your customers, it can also decline your sales.

We are living in an online world and everything is very easy and quick now. When a customer wants to buy something, normally goes to the internet and checks the rating of the particular product.

Online reviews help them to make their buying decision. If they see good reviews, the impression about the product and company looks good.

Influence Decision of Customers

Let’s see how it influences the customer’s buying decisions. For example, you want to buy a Laptop and you have a budget of Rupees one lakh.

You have made a list of four companies like APPLE, SAMSUNG, DELL, AND XYZABC and you want to buy from one of them.

You have short-listed one laptop within your budget from each company. Now you are checking the rating of all. You got that the Rating of the laptop from XYZABC company is very poor. Most of the customers have given negative reviews.

However, other companies have good customer reviews for selected laptops. Now my simple question is, would you buy your laptop from XYZABC company even if the company is a big and known brand?

I guess you would not prefer to buy your laptop from XYZABC. And you will exclude this company from your list. This is the impact of customer reviews.

Note: XYZABC is an example name only given to explain the concept. There is a relation with any company or individual.

SEO and Ranking

Customer reviews also help you to get a better ranking. Especially, if I talk about local businesses, if you have good customer reviews, there is a chance you have a better ranking on Google searches.

Normally, there are so many factors behind ranking in Google search. However, if have a good number of positive customer reviews and good ratings, you will have SEO benefits.

I would recommend that you should give your best efforts to get customer reviews.

Build Trust

Do you know, customer reviews can build the trust of your company among people? Yes, it is. And I guess, you also have experienced the same many time. when you check customer reviews of a product before buying it, what do you feel?

I think, if you find most of the reviews are good, you feel positive about the product and it builds a kind of trust in your mind. But if you see that most of the customer reviews are negative, you also be negative about the particular product.

If I exclude exceptions, then generally it happens with most people. In my opinion, customer reviews are one of the major factors to build the trust of the product and your company.

Customer’s Opinions

This point might not sound very good to you but I let you know it can help you a lot to build your business credibility. Every good business owner tries to build the best product for their customer.

But you should not ignore customer opinions because ultimately buyers’ opinions matter most. If your buyer is not happy, it doesn’t matter that your product is perfect or super perfect.

And customer reviews are a kind of opportunity to know what are the real experiences of your customers. What do they think about your product? It will help you to improve your products and sales process.

7 Tips to Get Customer Reviews

Here are the 7 most important tips that may be helpful to get customers’ reviews for your business and products.

1- Delight Your Customer to Get Customer Reviews

Normally, extremely happy customers and extremely negative customers do reviews automatically. Generally, there is no need to push them to review your products.

And it is very important, that you put your best efforts and or input to delight your customer. If your customer is happy. Your business will grow.

If your customers are delighted by your products or service, you just need to tell them how they can review them. In many cases, customers are not aware or need some help to review.

So, you just need to work on two points:

  • Just make sure that your customer is satisfied with the product and happy.
  • Guide your customer on how to review your product.

However, in today’s scenario customers are smart enough and know how to review a product on Google and social media like Facebook.

2- Support and Help

In many cases, you might not get any immediate customer reviews. It doesn’t mean that customers don’t want to review your product or have some problem in reviewing it.

However, many smart customers like to review the product after some time of purchasing. Actually, these types of customers want to be assured about the product or service before giving any reviews.

Now your role starts here. How? You need to put your positive gestures like:

  • Support your customer.
  • Offer good after-sale service if any.
  • Resolve query or problem if any.
  • Remove customers’ doubts related to the product.
  • Provide sufficient information about the product.

There might be many things you can tell and guide your customer. It totally will depend on the kind of product or service you sell.

However, your small good gesture can be big support or help to your customer. And anything can motivate your customer to give you a good review.

Every single review matters for the growth of your business and you should not let go of any opportunity.

3- “Thank You” Gesture is Important

I think you have listened to “Thank You” many times for you also. How do you feel when someone says Thank You or praises you?

I guess you feel good. Right? It is for everyone. Everyone likes thanks and praise. And it is applicable to your customer as well.

You should always gratitude your customer. It is a magic word and can do a miracle. Whenever, you gratitude your customer, do it from the bottom of your heart. And the more important thing is “Smile”.

Never miss having a cute smile on your face. A smile can create a miracle. “Thank You” and “Smile” are two different and powerful gestures and you should apply them in your business as well.

4- Ask to Get Customer Reviews

Sometimes, customers review your product without your asking for reviews. But it is not every time. And when a customer does not review your product automatically, you should take initiative.

You should ask your customer to review the product. If you are a local business and a customer purchases something. You can ask immediately after the purchase. or you can also ask later to get customer reviews.

However, if aks immediately, the chances of getting good reviews are high. Why? Because at the time of purchasing, normally customers are in a happy and positive mood.

And most importantly, you are available in front of your customer. And if you will ask your customer to review your product, chances are high that you get the review.

You need to remember the first point of the article and that is – “JUST DELIGHT YOUR CUSTOMER”. If your customer is happy and delighted, you will win.

Asking for a review is one of the important ways to get customer reviews for your product.

5- Send Email with Review Link

Sending an email to your customer for reviewing your product can give you amazing results. You can send a thank you letter for shopping for you. And you can add your review link with a request for it.

You can write a normal email also with a review link. But if you will write a well-crafted and impressive email to your customer, it may give you positive results. And good email can put an impression on your business and help you to get customer reviews.

6- Appreciation and Reminder to Get Customer Reviews

Might be possible that you don’t get customers’ responses to your first email. Some customers may respond to you on your first email and review the product as well.

But there are different types of customers and they have their own priorities. And some might skip your email because of their busy schedule or having some other priorities.

Send a reminder
Send a gentle reminder with an appreciation

Or possibly some customers have really forgotten to review. There might be any reasons. But you need to do your job and put your best possible efforts to get customer reviews.

You can send another email as a gentle reminder after a few days. And if can some appreciation of customer or good thing will be better.

Sending reminders will improve the number of total reviews you get.

7- Conversation While Closing a Sale – Build Connect

This is my favorite point in all of the above. Conversations with customers while closing sale matter a lot to get customer reviews. You can build a connection with a customer and make a good relationship. It is awesome.

I am introducing the “HAPPY MOMENT ASKING”. The timing when you ask your customer for a review is very important.

When your customer is very happy and you have built up a connection, getting a review will be easier.

If the customer is not feeling any excitement or happiness, or feeling bored, your request for review can be denied or postponed by the customer.

Here is a list of a few things which can help you a lot to get customer reviews in an easy way.

  • Build a connection and relationship with your customer.
  • Transaction and the total process should be easy.
  • Welcome your customer with a smile.
  • Understand the customer’s mood.
  • Understand customer requirements.


If you little bit focused, getting customer reviews are not very tough. Yes, of course, some customers might be tough and don’t give you review easily.

But most of the customers are soft enough and have a very kind heart as well. And everyone loves – WELCOME, APPRECIATION, THANK YOU, SMILE, HAPPINESS, GOOD PRODUCT OR SERVICE, HAPPY CONVERSATION, SMOOTH TRANSACTION, etc.

In today’s scenario, every review matters a lot. Either you are selling online or having an offline store. Now, people see reviews before buying anything online or offline. And your each and every effort to get customer reviews is important.

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