How to Generate Leads For Your Business? Sales Methods

Tips to Generate leads f
Generate leads

If you closely observe, you will find that there are so many ways to generate leads for your business. Might be some of them you are applying and possibly you are not using some good methods in your business.

You can divide these into two segments – Traditional ways and advanced ways. Traditional ways like telemarketing and cold calling methods.

Advance ways like content marketing, blogging, SEO, Etc are some most effective methods available that you should also use to generate leads for your business.

Ways to generate Leads

Generating leads is not enough for the business. It should be cost-effective and leads should be of the right segment or customers. Let’s understand with this example:

Suppose you are selling a Mercedes car that cost 1 crore rupees, but you are approaching lower-middle-class people to sell your car.

Do you think you are approaching the right segment? Do you think you will generate the right and enough leads for your product?

I don’t think so. Methods are important to generate leads but it is also important that you are approaching the right segment of people.

Here are some of the important ways to generate leads for your business:

1- Free Trial

2- Discount Offers

3- Cold calling

4- Tele Marketing

5- Reference From Existing Customers

6- By Getting Customer Reviews

7- Blogging

8- Email Marketing

9- Social Media

10- Paid Referrals

11- Content Marketing

12- Events and Workshop

13- Paid Advertisement

14- Guest Blogging

15- Groups and Forums, Communities

16- Offer free Ebooks, Tools, Etc

17- Webinars, Live Events

18- Conducting the survey

19- Ask for customer feedback and cross-sale

20- Send newsletters to your subscribers


As there are several ways to generate leads for your business. But it doesn’t mean that you use all the methods to get leads.

You should make proper planning and should use a combination of methods that is more profitable and suitable for your segment.

Bogging is one of the best methods to generate leads that I know. You can create a blog related to business and do SEO (Search Engine Optimization) on your site.

There are many blogging platforms like, Medium, Etc available. You can choose any one best and most suitable platform for you. If you don’t have any idea about blogging, you can learn about it.

Email marketing is one of the most effective methods to generate leads. You should use this method effectively, it is favorable to your business.

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