How to Find Post ID in WordPress? Why Should You Know?

Find Post id in WordPress
How to get Post Id in WordPress

If you are running a website or blog on WordPress, You should know how to find Post ID in WordPress. There are multiple methods to get a Post ID but in this article, I am explaining to find a Post ID from the dashboard.

You can quickly get it and there is no need to know coding to find out Post ID. It is important that you know it because in some cases you may need to put your post ID.

There may be a plugin or theme where you may need to put your Post ID in some options. But before going into detailed steps, let’s know – what is Post ID?

Post ID is basically a unique code of your post in WordPress. WordPress recognizes your post with this unique code.

How to Find Post ID From WordPress Dashboard

Find Post ID in WordPress
Find post id In WordPress

First, you log in to your WordPress dashboard. Go to your post section in the left sidebar menu and click on all posts. You will see a list of all your posts. Hover on a single post, for which you want to find out Post ID.

When you hover a single post, you will notice a URL in the below-left corner. In this URL, you will get the Post ID of that particular post.

It will be visible something like Post=

After the = there will be a number and that is the Post ID. You can see the above image for more clarity. Post id in the above image is 94 and showing like post=94.

Get Post ID from Edit Option

There is one more simple option to find out Post ID in WordPress. You just follow the above steps and reach the list of all the posts. Here you select a single post and click on the edit button of the particular post.

When you will click on edit, a post edit page will open and there will be a Post URL on the top in your Browser. You will notice that there is a post id in the URL. This is also a very simple step to know the post ID.

If you want to know the difference between and, you can read this blog also: or What are the differences?

Why Should You Know it?

When I started my first website, I didn’t have any idea about the Post ID. But when I was customizing my website, I notice that there is a need to put post IDs in some options if want to do specific changes.

Post ID is important for website customization and code customization as well. There might be some themes and plugins, where you may be required to put Post IDs to do the changes in your website.

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To find Post Id in WordPress is a very easy task, you just need to know the steps. In this article, I have explained it in a very easy way. And I guess, this post is helpful for you.

You can find Post ID from your database also. But in that case, you need to be more careful. There are other ways also. You can also install a plugin to find Post IDs.

But I would recommend, Use fewer plugins on your site. And make sure that plugins are safe and secure for your site.

Like Post ID, other content like Page, Category, etc, also has their unique IDs. Some beginners may face the problem to find the IDs but it is not so difficult. Just follow the right steps and you will get the ID.

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